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  1. Hi everyone! I know these topics have been done to death, but I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good agility club in the Newcastle area?? I have one aussie who is trialing level, but a younger girl who hasn't really done much (except the basics that i'm teaching at home :) ). Thanks in advance for your help!! Beth
  2. Two Labs And A Schnauzer

    What lens have you used for these pics CC?? :)
  3. Monkey Face Dog

    :laugh: this little face cracked me up!! What a cutie!! :D
  4. Two Labs And A Schnauzer

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! (and gorgeous subjects as well!! :D )
  5. Aussie Pics

    Ohhh how exciting LP!!! :D :D
  6. Aussie Pics

    Thanks Toujour!! :) And congats on your new baby, she is just gorgeous!!!
  7. Thank you everyone!! I can't wait to actually sit down and have a proper play with it - these were all just point and shoot and hope for the best! And yep, it's nice to have such a good looking, willing model on hand :p (And excuse poor Lotties long toenails, as was pointed out in another thread with nothing else said about the pics, I promise they were done only 2wks ago, but they've now been redone :laugh: )
  8. Aussie Pics

    Unfortunately it's too late Elise, I did them last night after seeing the photos, hahahaha!!!! It's so annoying not ever walking her on cement etc... I only did them 2wks ago when I trimmed her feet for her photo shoot
  9. Aussie Pics

    I haven't been on for so long!! Welcome to all the new aussie owners, it's so great to see lots of people on here :D All the photos are stunning, and all the puppy photos are making me VERY clucky :D Congrats to everyone who has done well in the show/performance rings lately with their aussies - we really do have the best breed :p Finn - hopefully once exams finished, me and Lot would love to catch up for a playdate if you're keen?? And Elise - we should try and catch up as well while you're up here!! So, I got a new camera lens, and thought i'd share a couple of photos of my girl, Lottie :) My little hippo....
  10. Thanks MnDM!! I'm LOVING this lens, but because i'm in the middle of exams, i'm making myself not go out and take lots of photos, but I've taken a few (mainly of Lottie :p ) So - here are a few of my first pics with it - did I say I LOVE this lens :D My gorgeous girl, Lottie... And again..... And again :p (my little hippo...) And just some bird ones (which are all cropped - just can't get over the quality of this lens!!)
  11. Luka

    He is stunning Congrats on your gorgeous new edition (sorry - i'm a bit late :laugh: )
  12. Yep you can!! :laugh: Thank you, I need it - I think the buying of the lens was the best procrastination i've done in 6 years :p
  13. Thanks Snook - i'm soooo excited, and because my nifty fifty has been broken for quite some time (focusing issues - all my pics are blurry), I really haven't taken many photos at all lately!! And I have to get through 6 exams first, so fingers crossed, haha!!
  14. Yep - I'm very excited, that's for sure!! And yep Kirislin - it'll be a massive step up, but I was looking at other lenses for around the $400 mark, then I thought, for a little extra i'd like to get an L lens, and then this one popped up and it sounded perfect - oh, and it's in the mail as we speak :D And I will indeed - 3 weeks and i'm finished uni FOREVER and i'll be a vet :D wahooooo - so after 3 wks i'll be out there really getting back into it!!
  15. Thank you everyone!! Looks like i'm the proud new owner of it - it was a gift in March to the seller (comes with all paperwork etc), and is practically brand new, so I think it's a nice step up from my broken nifty fifty - can't wait to be back out there taking photos, i'm so very very excited :D