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  1. Has anyone seen/heard the results of the autopsy? Friends in the medical profession have said that, although definitely toxic, blue green algae does not cause kidney failure.
  2. That's so sad, but you weren't to know the circumstances and tried to do the right thing. Maybe you could report him to RSPCA for putting dog in back of ute on a hot day. Can you go back to the beach? He might be there again.
  3. Lol I actually like the stuff you post about dog training. I also recommend trainers I've seen linked from here - most of them don't post here at all. I keep a list mostly based on customer recommendations... and those customers - they have to be regular posters here, and I have to like what they say about training too. And from time to time I update the list I've got based on what people say and what I've experienced. I don't know all of them face to face, but I know some of them face to face. This particular company - there's no customers posting about them here, the website isn't r
  4. Have a look at the Turmeric Users Group on facebook - a lot of people swear by 'golden paste' for arthritis in themselves and their dogs. I have a 7 yr old Newf who had a tplo and meniscus removed a few years ago and Augustine's Superboost has seemed to make a difference to her (it also has turmeric in it). She's also on Natural Animal Solutions Joint and Ligament Support, their Vitamin C and Omega Oil. A lot of people swear by Rosehip Vital too. I would try some of these things and see if they help. There's also another product called Glycan Aid, I think. It's available here under anoth
  5. Obedience review has been a complete waste of time and money IMHO, every review dumbs it down Everyone seems pretty excited about the new rally rules, judging from comments on facebook and here. It will be fun to have some new challenges. However it does seem like such a waste of time and effort for the few minor changes to the obedience rules. I'm curious as to where you consider it has been 'dumbed down' though.
  6. How much are you asking for them? disregard that - I just looked in off topic.
  7. Mine has scratch marks on it too, but I think they become less noticeable with more use. I have Newfoundlands and a Border Collie but haven't noticed fur sticking to it. I have a few wooden steps up to a verandah, so I put the ramp onto the first step and rewarded them walking up and down, then the next step and so on and then they were fine going in and out of the car (an X Trail).
  8. I have this ramp for my Newfoundlands and it's great. I stand it up behind the passenger seat and attach it to the head rest with a velcro strap.
  9. Have a look at the Turmeric User Group on facebook. A lot of people seem to be getting great results with golden paste - a mixture of turmeric, coconut oil and black pepper.
  10. Try Underdog - www.underdogtraining.com.au Friendly, knowledgeable trainers.
  11. I have the Ruff Wear ones for my dogs. They are probably the most expensive but they are really good quality and fit well.
  12. 'On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals' by Turid Rugaas. The book is very good and easy to read. She also has a DVD and I think has a clip from that on You Tube. Search 'canine body language' and you will probably fine it and more. Sarah Kalnajs two DVD set 'The language of Dogs' is also very good.
  13. Susan Salo's 'Foundation Jumping' and 'Advanced Jumping' DVD sets are very good. They teach dogs to read distances and to lengthen and shorten stride as needed. She runs workshops at Susan Garrett's place.
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