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  1. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Oh that's terrible about Quinn...hope he recovers quickly. CD - Aria ia gorgeous!!! :D Rusky your puppy is adorable
  2. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    It's been FOREVER since I've visited - not that I haven't wanted too - just so busy busy like everyone I guess. Hope everyone is fabulous and well with their gorgeous Goldens. Humphrey is the sunshine in my days - I absolutely love him to pieces. Here is a little shot I took a few weeks ago - I sent it to Mollipop (his birth Grandma haha) Sorry for the link I can never get images to upload on this forum. Keren & Humphrey xx
  3. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Thanks so much GG and Mollipop Awww Humphrey's hole hehehe thats was so cute. Will take some pics of the bootiful boy and post them :D ;)
  4. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Hi Everyone It's been a while!!! Just wanted to pop in and say hello from Humphrey and me. The Humphrey is perfect in every way and full of joy and love, I adore him so so so much. I've been missing in action again from the forum. After shattering my wrist in May last year (some of you may remember) when Humphrey pulled me over on the wet grass, I copped another bad trot on December 15th when I slipped at the front door trying to close it from a storm and shattered my ankle this time. Lots of plates, screws, rods etc, 10 weeks in a wheelchair, more surgery last week and I am starting to hobble around now. It's been a HORRID few months to say the least. Actually last year was the worst year of my life apart from the arrival of Humphrey he was the best bit by a thousand miles. Anyway I'm hoping to be here a bit more now that I am feeling a bit more like a human. Just got a fair bit of physio and rehab ahead but I'm over the worst of it now. Hope all your gorgeous puppies are well and I look forward to reading and hearing all about them. Keren and Humphrey xxxx
  5. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Helloooo everyone Hope you and your poochies are perfectly well and enjoying Spring! Gosh I've been a bad DOLer these past few months!! I finally got the OK from my surgeon yesterday and he is very happy with how the smashed wrist has recovered YAY. So I decided to get straight back into it and take some gorgey photos of my big bootiful baby Humphrey. OK I give up I've tried everything to get the photos in here but here's my flickr link:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/meg_and_fred/
  6. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Hi Everyone Hope you are all well and puppies and pooches are happy! I've been missing in action, the wrist is coming along and I got the OK to drive finally last week - that was like torture not being able to get around Still got months of therapy ahead of me but it's going well YAY. Humphrey is perfectly beyond gorgeous and perfectly cheeky he loves socks and shoes and is super quick at finding them! Oh I love him so very much. I still thank MP everyday for breeding such a bootiful boy We are off to exhibit at a trade fair next week in Melbourne for a week, biggest one of the year so it's been frantic getting ready for it. With my wrist being out of action for so long we were a LONG way behind but have finally caught up and are all packed and ready to go. Our stock gets sent today and we leave on Thursday. Actually looking forward to a week in Melbourne, not that I get to shop or look around I'm working the entire time but it's still fun. Now that the wrist is more useable I should be back here more frequently and will take some photos this weekend of the precious bundle of love Humphrey. He is due to have his 'little boy operation' so I will be booking him in when we return from Melbourne, hope he does ok. Question about the choppy chop - does it help calm them down at all? My bouncy boy gets a tad over excited and hypo :D Will have to go back through the thread and catch up on everyones news.
  7. Curash For Hot Spot?

    Goldengirl - Humphrey has had two so far and I've noticed it when the fur is 'wet' in a small patch. The first time I thought it was water until I went to touch it and he cried . Once you pull the fur aside you will see it as horribly red raw, open, weeping and just downright awful things. He has had one on his rump above the tail and this one just below his neck toward his back. They literally appear within hours and spread so so fast. Yesterday he wouldn't let me near it so I just squirtd the Curash on and tried to get as near the wound as possible - it must have worked because by late afternoon it was dry and he let me pull the fur apart to get closer, redid another application last night and this morning. He seems a happy camper now
  8. Curash For Hot Spot?

    Lynda - its a dermatitis type sore - open, red, itchy, usually round in shape and weeping - horrible nasty painful things! Can be caused by anything like a mozzie bite, flea bite, excess fur, humidity and a bunch of other things that once the skin is open bacteria gets in and it spreads like wildfire, within hours. THE CURASH WORKED A TREAT - Thank you so much everyone. It literally dried up in hours, I'm thrilled
  9. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    MP - YAY for Evie! YAY for Humphrey too - the Curash worked an absolute treat - literally dried it up in hours - so no vet visit, trimming or shaving of the fur. I'm so happy for my little man Thanks for the tips!
  10. Curash For Hot Spot?

    Thanks Wuffles - it might be too far gone, it is weeping ;) The good thing is he can't reach where it is, so he can't make it any worse by scratching or licking. Will see how I go, otherwise it will be a vet visit, poor baby!
  11. Curash For Hot Spot?

    Thanks so much everyone - will give it a shot!
  12. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Goldengirl - no that was done a few weeks ago so it's not that.
  13. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Thanks CrazyDaisy - yes I'm pretty sure it's a hot spot. It's round, red, open, moist and weeping - my poor baby boy I guess it's just on his back ie not right down is back but more toward his neck - around where you would squirt the flea control - does that make sense?
  14. Hi everyone My little Humphrey (6 month old Golden Retriever) has a Hot Spot, this is his 2nd one I read in an earlier thread about Curash being used. Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to do with this? Do I wash the Hot Spot first or just put the Curash on? Any other process I need to know? I've got cortisone cream from the last Hot Spot he had and I used that last night as that's all I had when I discovered it. Just wondered what else I can do to help my little boy Thank you!
  15. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Wow so much has been happening in here. Loving the photos of Mav, Axel etc in the ring - too gorgeous :D MP- love love loving the trial photos. So sorry to hear about your BIL, very sad. Cornell - Hudson looks totally adorable. Archie- Happy Happy belated birthday :D Nadine - Can absolutely 100% recommend Mollipop as a breeder. My bootiful Humphrey (almost 7 months old) is from Mollipop's kennel Kenzanne and he is perfection overload on every level. MP is also such a wonderful person and was so giving with information about my little bundle of love's puppyhood journey right up until he landed in my arms and beyond. My wrist is progressing - SLOWLY and FRUSTRATINGLY! Got the flu and asthma too boot - the hits just keep on coming!!! My baby boy has another Hot Spot - discovered last night on the back of his neck- I almost cried . I've been reading up on them and I can't figure out why he has it. He is clean, flea free, it's not humid because it's winter, no matted fur (eeww never ever would he have that), its not in a place where he can reach to scratch or bite, I just don't know??? I feel so bad like I'm doing something wrong I had the cortisone cream left over from his last one so I've put that on it but he won't let me get near it now so that I can try to trim the fur or even look at it. He keeps rolling over so I can't see. Must be so sore and I feel so bad for my baby I think I will need to go to the Vet. It bothers me though that they shave the area - will his fur grow back funny?? I just keep telling him 'Mummy knows it hurts'