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  1. How To Make Puppy Relax

    hmm rachiie well the thing is his coming back tomorrow, i wont be here. i told him to just come in the side (my adult dog should be fine he was good with him today) but now i think about it i dont know how marny will react to him without me here i might reschedual she was dirty on him today lol yeh isnt it amazing i believe that to be true aswell, but its a matter of training myself to keep the consistency. Iv been getting better though. Im glad its been working for you with your pup ! Oki dokes well im in contact with K9 force now, just have to work out the appointment time. I'll probly go for the training session + consult package to start with, all positive steps and all thanks to this thread for putting the idea in my head, thanks guys
  2. How To Make Puppy Relax

    ok i had a read of k9force' material. im trying to book an appointment to see him i think everything will go great when this guy teaches me a few things. shes at an influential age right now. unfortunatly, the biggie with her will probly turn out to be the fact that her litter was broken up at 4 weeks, but thats the past we have to do the best we can for her now. she is showing everyone how shy she is at the moment by guarding me from the pool guy for the last 2 hours lol
  3. Puppy Biting Older Dog

    sounds like a happy puppy to me. when she gets a bit older and he figures out that shes a she, he will most likely start playing with her instead of "tolerating" her. I wouldnt interfere if i were you, all she thinks shes doing is playing.
  4. How To Make Puppy Relax

    yes sas i think the reason is that im not a dog.
  5. How To Make Puppy Relax

    yeh rachii it does make sense good advice thankyou. i dont fuss over her, sometimes i try and play with her though but i can see thats wrong because she is too focused or should i say not focused on her environment gawd know look who dosnt make sense lol max spots ofcourse he does have some great info on his site. yeh i read somewere that pups go through different phases while there developing .. crikey ill read it asap before more months pass of me doing things wrong ! thanks guys awesome
  6. How To Make Puppy Relax

    This is with regards to my puppy, who is 8 months. She is fine at parks or quiet neighbourhoods, but when we go walkies in busy streets, lotsa people, traffic, noise, she goes all alert at everything kinda like a freak out. Actually not that bad, but yeh not very relaxed. She pulls on the lead really hard, sometimes to get to something ie a tree, rubbish on the floor, a baby (she loves prams) ect, but alot of the time she gives me the impression she is pulling to get away, you know, get away from all the scary people and the noise. Recently, i have started walking my dogs seperatly (i also have an adult). She is fine when with him, she feels like his the big boss that shes safe with and just follows his lead, she only gets like this on her own, so i decided she needed to learn to be relaxed on her own. I am not saying "well she dosnt like it, i wont take her to those places, ect" instead my attitude is "its good for her she'l get used to it in a few weeks" Anyone have opinion, or pointers for me ? Obviously i dont want to be making the problem worse, but i dont believe i am. Does anyone think that teaching her to "heal" would benifit this situation ? thanks
  7. Delivery Of New Pup

    it sounds like you have made so much progress thats fantastic news congratulations. his tempermant is about to start to move into the maturity phase over the next few months, toughen up to indicate adult tempermant, so all this great work youv done will be complemented by nature and he could be a normal happy dog ! i agree with the others, i want to see photos now now now lol why not try photobucket.com. it is free to register. once you do, you can upload a photo, and they will provide you with a link which you can copy and paste when your composing your post here in dol. its easier than i make it sound trust me. edit: use the link when you do. oh and also might i add, i WISH i my dogs would enjoy the bath and not move heaven and earth to try and get away !! how the heck did you manage that ?
  8. Outside

    that problem might be improved once you adress the first point, ie, making her feel like outside is a fun place to be.
  9. Outside

    instead of just plonking her outside, take her outside and play with her, feed her, play with her some more, sit still with her, then go inside without fanfare or "saying goodbye". that might help. i learned that kind of thing works when i tried to change my pups sleeping area (from backyard to laundry). You have to make them feel like its thier habitat out there, that they safe. some pups are more timid than others though, but be patient. what breed is it ?
  10. Need Some Advice

    do what cavNrott said. dont worry, your not teaching the pup any bad habits. puppy needs to sleep with its pack, shes scared and confused she has just been removed from her litter mates. dont forget these early days are the most influential in the dogs development. once shes a bit older gradually enforce the rules you want for the future.
  11. Biting Again

    i think that the teeth are only part of the reason pups bite. id say its got more to do with the dog learning about its surroundings and feeling its way around, they dont have hands after all. i let my girl bite as much as she wants while she was little. i felt as though its important to let them do that, and that they will stop as they reach adolescence. she is 8 months now, and she scarcely bites anymore, and when she does its gentle. actually since she got her adult teeth, thats when she started learning to inhibit her bite pressure. like you, i make sure shes got plenty of stuff to chew. and i dont muck around with bones, the beauties i give her take half the day to get through !
  12. 1 On 1 Time With Puppy

    Thankyou to everyone for your help on feeding some months ago, its worked great for us. moving on though my girl is 8 months now. her name is Marny. My older dog, whose name is Puppy, is about 7 years old. Up until recently, i have been taking them both out together whenever we go places. For example walking around an urban area, or to parks, rivers, and so on. I found that Marny follows Puppies lead with everything. She does what he does. In a situation were there is other dogs, Puppy tends to rush in and dominate everything, and Marny hangs back because she dosnt want to get mixed up in it. In short, I figured that its time now to socialise her on her own, so she can develop independently, and stand on her own 4 feet Im already seeing improvements in her behaviour with other dogs, her initiative out and about generally, ect. Is this the right strategy for adressing this problem ? Please ask more questions if you are unclear about the situation. At first i felt a bit harsh toward Puppy, but i have to do what i have to do, its only for a few months until she develops further toward adulthood.
  13. Feeding Quantity For Very Hungry Pup

    heres one from another thread, i might start a thread in photo section tomorrow the one on the right is also puppy, by name, but his my 7yo staffxrotty.
  14. Feeding Quantity For Very Hungry Pup

    i used to feed pet mince in the past, indeed it did seem as though it was cost effective and good for the dogs. Given these posts, i think from tomorrow ill sit down a re-evaluate what im doing with her feeding, try and include alot more fresh chicken, meat, and bones in her diet. As with what showdog suggested, the last thing i want is for an ill-advised or incomplete diet now to affect her condition when she is older. The reason i was/am feeding milk for the calcium content, and because ofcourse it makes the dry food more appealing. Also ... ummmm.. my ex girlfriend said it was "cute" so we fed the little tiny puppy milk out of the saucer, now the pup is big, shes gone, and the pups still drinking milk lol pics ? um i have some pretty ordinary ones on hand ... i guess i may aswell most them lol thanks everyone the advice is invaluable
  15. Feeding Quantity For Very Hungry Pup

    i have spoken to my vet, who iv been with for several years and is great, but with this puppy she dosnt appear to be very helpful, she appears to not believe me when i advise her of her "pedigree". anyway .. yes, i feed her 2 times a day, a small(er) breakfast, and dinner. When she was younger i was feeding her 3 times. I think what im feeding her is pretty good, other than the occasional treat ie chicken wing ect, she eats pal pedigree, which i feed her with milk and or eggs. at her rate of consumption, i cant afford to buy the super coat puppy food, which i prefer (not for myself, for the dog that is lol) warley, your right about the growth spurts, i think thats something thats confusing me aswell ! thanks guys. in that case i might just keep going how were going and keep an eye on her. with the skin over the ribs thing, thats exactly her condition atm. her physique resembles a working dog more than a bull breed, i guess my eye just needs adjusting to a different type of dog