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  1. Same! Very fast delivery!
  2. I'll have to look at the sensible one tomorrow
  3. Just curious about these harnesses, do they all work stopping the dog from pulling? How does it stop them? Do dogs just not like the pressure on their chest or something? ETA dont worry just got on my laptop to have a look properly
  4. How Did Your Dog Get It's Name?

    Gus was always going to be gus. Maple is coningsburgh maple syrup because I wanted something that resembled her colour. Floyd is so named cos the litter were all named after pink floyd albums/songs and he is Obscured by clouds.
  5. Yep I have seen Blair, Matt and Amanda and they are just like the above poster has said, no nonsense, no overcharging but are very good... Very happy
  6. Yep totally agree... They took excellent care of my old man when he was sick last year... But PLEASE do your research into how you want to train your pup before you go to their puppy preschool, it is total chaos with pups of all ages let to run around and barrel each other over and very "old school" methods of teaching pups how to do things. I would NOT recommend it. ETA- the puppy preschool isn't run by a vet or vet nurse, but by one of their clients.
  7. Interstate Transport

    I had one of my Labradors flown up from Melbourne to Sydney when she was 8weeks old. I think I used dogtainers. They collected her from the breeder in Toolern Vale and put her on the plane and I went to the airport to pick her up. I could have got them to deliver her to me, but I wanted to be there at the other end to smooch her! She was absolutely fine, it's a short flight and I think most pups at that age are fairly oblivious to things... Well mine was anyway! Lol
  8. Some Like It Hot

    My black and white gsp pup always lies in the sun, he must get so hot! I don't get it, give me air con any day!
  9. Skin/coat Help

    Thanks Sheena :)
  10. Skin/coat Help

    Hi ladies, I finally found some coconut oil for Gus, and I just wanted to ask those that have used it, how much do I give him? He weighs about 30kg at the moment. Ta
  11. Skin/coat Help

    Where would I find that?
  12. Skin/coat Help

    Thanks so much for your suggestions everyone. I might try the OMega Care or Coconut Oil first because of course we have just started a big bag of food. I will also give him a good wash this weekend with some moisturising shampoo like suggested. Will let you know how he goes...
  13. My 12yr old choc lab is really struggling coat condition. He has fully recovered from his "gut" infection/inflammation, has put on weight and is back to his normal goofy self. I am currently feeding him pro plan senior with a tin of sardines or raw eggs, but his coat and skin are still horrible. His skin is really dry when you brush him he has flakes of "dandruff", and his coat is really really wiry and coarse similar to a wire-haired terrier, it isn't at all soft and lab like. His coat colour is pretty good now that he has dropped most of his winter coat but its just the texture of his coat I'd like to try and fix if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions?? TIA
  14. Highly HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the puppy preschool at concord animal hospital! Absolutely fabulous positive reinforcement based training, lots of info for new parents. Run by a lovely lady called Sine. I travelled from western Sydney to attend this class
  15. Bulldog On A Trampoline

    What a nutter!! :laugh: