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  1. Agreed. Rescues should do their own marketing and branding. If your worried people won't make the distinction, make it yourself! Rescues are the frontline speaking directly with adopters. When you recieve an enquiry through petrescue, make it clear that the animal is with x rescue group, explain what you do, link to your website and how people can help you. Provide excellent customer service and then people can donate to whomever they wish. In all honesty, PetRescue is a FREE service for rescues, if the 'donate now' button takes away a few dollars from your group every now and again I don't think it would equate to how much value you are receiving from being a member. Rescuing and rehoming in a regional/rural town over 50% of our adoptions were due to PetRescue! It would have been very difficult to rescue and rehome without their services! Of course, PetRescue like any other organisation can always improve and constructive criticism is required. However, IMHO PetRescue has responded to all enquiries regarding the placement and why. If you still aren't happy with it look at other ways you can increase your own donations or ensure you make a clear distinction between x rescue group and PetRescue or promote your own website/Facebook or come up with your own free national website for rescues to advertise on...
  2. Thank you for you response and explanation Shel! I personally do not have any problems with the marketing and donate now positioning. PetRescue is an amazing service for all animals and rescue groups. It is also extremely user friendly and it is great that people can go to one place to search for animals and rescues. It also needs to be a sustainable service and just like rescue groups it requires donations to do this. Ultimately money donated to petrescue assists all rescue groups and all rescue animals. Keep up the good work!
  3. Great initiative! Will email tomorrow :)
  4. Kikopup (aka Emily Larlham)

    Ooh yes I quite like her videos. Do you have link for seminar?
  5. French Bulldog Thread!

    Well I follow you on Instagram for Frenchie updates. You follow my little Ody too. I only occasionally check here as I can't upload photos from my phone ;)
  6. Pet Rescue

    I had that problem last year too... Emailed several times to close WAR account and then wanted to donate some of our excess funds to them. Never had a response so donated to another local rescue.
  7. Community Dog Event

    Bumping this old thread up as Ku-ring-gai Council will be hosting a Dogs' Day Out Event - Sunday 30th March, St Ives Showground, Sydney. If anyone is interested in becoming a stallholder please email [email protected] - rescues, breed clubs, businesses, etc. Some details on our website, should be more soon. It should be a really fun event!! Thank you everyone for ideas and suggestions!!
  8. Should be on there website, just google division local government. Otherwise I think email is [email protected]
  9. DLG can provide a comprehensive spreadsheet on all NSW council impound facilities data. It is broken down by council facility, month, number arrives, number leaves, adopted, euthanised, etc etc. I obtained a copy whilst doing my honours and would have looked at seasonal differences but ran out if time. They do publish a summary of this yearly. Otherwise you may have to email and request it.
  10. Oh yeah that's way too late to get a car spot :laugh: I'm lucky I live right in the heart of Teggas, in the "bowl" as we call it behind the Crowne Plaza so I can walk to the main street in a couple of minutes. Would love to catch up with you hankodie, Bellyfish is my favourite dog friendly café, we've had up to a dozen greyhounds laying around the tables there :) We'll organise it after school hols ok? I've never been to that Cafe. But count me in for after holidays as well. Will be nice to finally meet :) I don't know many dog ppl on the coast yet either :)
  11. I've only been to Haven once and yep way too many ppl letting there dogs run everywhere. I love Avoca or Umina Beaches :) I moved in Wahroonga (Syd) in April as working in Gordon now. Then we moved to Kariong late October. So haven't been on Central coast long. But every weekend I take my little girl to a different off leash area or beach!! We should all get together one day. I love exploring the beautiful coast. :)
  12. What a lovely gesture!!! I am also on the Central Coast but work in Sydney so happy to help transport it to the rescue if needed. :)
  13. I'll be going for work, looking forward to it :)
  14. Transport Issues

    When I ran a rescue in Wagga we always used Dogtainers to fly. I also found that crate hire from the company was roughly the same as buying the crate outright. So I would buy the crate and just charge that money to the adopter. If flying doesn't work there is also a road company - Pets2u. They drop to Melb and Sydney and are great!!
  15. Need Video Of Rescues!

    Head to Wagga for the day, I'm sure there will be lots lol Tegan and Simone both adopted through WAR and would speak on camera. Otherwise they know lots of local adopters :)