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  1. Does anybody on this forum know how to contact the person who runs Whelping Supplies. I ordered the puppy ID collars through the on line site and had to make payment through Bedigo Bank which took me a few days organising time away from small puppies. Paid the money on the 4th Feb sent email again from their on line site (supposed to respond in 24hrs) Nothing. Any ideas please. Really need these collars as the ones I am using have been washed so much they keep coming off. Advice would be appreciated.
  2. 99.9% of my litters have been by frozen semen commencing in the early 90's. In the last few years I have been doing the following and have had 100% success. Lost a complete line because I waited until day 5 and the bitch was out by then this happened over a 2 year period. You need a good repo vet. As I am in Sydney use Robert Zammit. He is excellent at predicting when mating should take place. Please note every season is different. Firstly have your girl's thyroid tested. Usually done a month before expecting bitch to come in season. If any problems can be treated. I do this every time I want to mate one of my girls. As soon as I see blood my girls are very clean straight to the vet for progesterone testing. This usually happens on Day 2. Progesterone test every 2 days. Once mated I then progesterone test again. Using this protocol I have had litters of 12, 10, 8, 7. Also I always use maiden bitches and my girls are always over 3 years of age. My belief is they are not mature enough in my breed. I want them to have a life too. The litter of 12 was the 3rd litter for this girl she only cycles once every 12 months and she came in unexpectedly and my daughter wanted a pup. As she was nearly 7 though okay she will only have a couple she had the last laugh 6 boys and 6 girls. She is an excellent Mum and has passed that onto her daughters. Good luck.
  3. I have my semen stored with a vet in Sydney and form many yeas has been insured by the vets insurance company. Have just been advised they will no longer insure it. Does anybody know of a company who will insure frozen semen? Many thanks for any information. Sheila Innins Schwarzbear Rottweilers
  4. Hi Partipaws, One of the reasons bitches not conceiving is thyroid problems. When I want to mate my girls every time I have their thyroid tested. If there is a problem easy to fix with tablets. I always do this a month before I want to mate my girls. Most of my litters are by frozen semen and I start progesterone testing from Day 2 (as soon as I see blood) and continue every second day until my vet says the time is right. Did this even for my last litter which was a natural mating. Lost a bitch line because I used to wait until Day 5 (which was recommneded by vet) and that girl was out by Day 5. Also have a vaginal swab done just to make sure the bitch has no nasties. Good luck
  5. Thank you so much for the link to Dr. Jean Dodds. I sent her an email last night and she responded this morning with several suggestions which I have passed onto my vet so keeping my fingers crossed it will help in finding a solution. By the way she was stunned that we vaccinated so early her recommendation for the first vaccination is 8.5 weeks
  6. Am wondering if anybody has experience with this disease. I posted about my puppies having an adverse reaction to their vaccinations. We are struggling with the surviving boy who is now 16 weeks. He is at the vets at the moment and has been for the last week. The vet is at a loss as to what is wrong with him. He goes for a week fine no vomiting no diarrhea a perfectly normal puppy. The next week he is vomiting and has diarrhea. This is what has happened now at the vets everything fine until Monday and he vomited, today he has diarrhea. A friend suggested Addisons so have mentioned to my vet and he is going to test him. His comment though is he has never seen it in a pup so young. Has anybody had this problem in a pup?
  7. Thank you everybody that has replied. Also I made a mistake in the date they were vaccinated in November. Have had no problems on my bitch line and as far as I know the father's is clear. Fortunately all the pups are in lovely pet homes so will never be bred with. If the boy makes it he will remain with me. It has been a real learning curve although rather painful.
  8. Hi Hilaryo, To anybody who is going to vaccinate I would contact a homeopathic vet or person and get an immune booster. The 4 pups that were released I got my homeopathic lady to make up an immune booster which I sent to them. What it is Human Transfer factor capsules and Thuja drops. They were put on these a week before their second vaccination and they continued for 2 weeks after the vaccination. If I breed again this is what I will do with all of my pups. To answer your question why I know it was the distemper portion is because my vet said so as did Camden University. Symptoms they are horrific. I truely believe that both girls died of distemper. For my pups it started with a rash in the ears then the pups became lethargic, progressed to neurological problems, diarrhea, pneumonia. I was either at the vet or the University nearly every day for weeks with these pups trying to save them. At Christmas because the Uni shut down and I was sick of all the chemicals I went the holistic way with my homeopathic lady and graduated to All Vets Natural for the homeopathic nosodes. By this time I only had Koopa (the boy). A lot of people would say why did I not put them down. These were beautiful pups with temperaments to die for the best I have ever bred. I decided I needed to try and save them. They were not sick all the time it would come in waves and they were such sweet pups. The girls one I was going to keep she was stunning and the other girl was going to my grandchildren.
  9. Thank you for your replies much appreciated. The vaccine I used is C3. Did you know that the distemper portion is "live". I did not I thought all 3 were dead. What I am asking is if anyone knows if you can get in Australia the single vaccines. I know you cab get the parvo one but don't know about the other 2.
  10. Hi List, My litter of 7 pups were vaccinated with Canvac 3 on the 19th December at 7-1/2 weeks of age. A week after the vaccination 3 of the pups developed a rash in their ears. Took to the vet and he said a reaction to the vaccine. I released 4 pups who had no problems with the full disclosure to all owners. Well then the nightmare commenced for these 3 affected pups. The short story I lost the 2 girls and still waging the war with the little boy who is now 15 weeks old. I was not aware when I asked for a "dead" vaccine that in actual fact the distemper portion of the vaccine which is a combo of 3 vaccines is "live". It seems the 3 pups had an adverse reaction to the distemper part. Of course I have talked to many people and my question to my vet was if I breed again (who knows at this point in time) would I be able to give separate vaccinations with a week or more in between to not blast an immature immune system with the 3 combo. He said individual vaccines of the 3 where not available in Australia. I do know the parvo one is because the pup I am struggling with is waiting to have a dead parvo injection. Would appreciate any input from other breeders. These are Rottweiler pups. Thanks
  11. Hi Gayle, The answer is an electric fence. You just run a tape around the fencing and if the dog goes close it will get a zap. They soon learn to not go near the fence. You will probably only have to do this for a few months and your dog will forget about climbing the fence. I have a girl who would climb over a fence to get to another one of my old girls who she does not like. Well the electric fence soon fixed that. She has now forgotten about going over the fence. They are quite cheap to buy now. Good luck.
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