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  1. Thank you. I haven't seen her get cold from the air con - her breathing issues are helped with the air con. I don't have it too cold - just a nice comfortable room temperature. I will keep a watchful eye on this.
  2. Thank you. I know what I will do. I will make the call tomorrow.
  3. Hi All, I haven't been on this forum for quite a while, but was hoping for some guidance. My rottie x dobe was diagnosed this week with a pathological fracture in her shoulder due to osteosarcoma. She started to limp about 6 weeks earlier but seemed very happy enough. I rested her for a few days thinking she may have a bruise or pulled a muscle. The limp continued. I took her to the vet and they could feel arthritis in her wrist and she was put on a course of Zydax injections - after the 3rd injection I told them to stop and x-ray her as there was no difference and the limping was getting worse. My worst fears were realised. She turned 9 in August 2017. She also has laryngeal paralysis which is slowing getting worse as well. The vet is very concerned about the fracture as it could displace causing her a lot of pain - she said amputation isn't even an option given where the fracture is and I'm not sure I would put my girl through it anyway even if it was an option. She is currently on pain relief. I am on annual leave for the next week but my fear is when I'm back at work, if she displaced the fracture and I wasn't here to assist her. The vet has suggested putting her to sleep sooner rather than later. My girl Rosie is also very stoic What kills me is she looks perfectly normal. Her limping is almost gone (due to the pain relief) and she is still eating and seems to be enjoying herself. She sleeps alot and is inside with the airconditioning. I know what I have to do, and it needs to be done before I go back to work. My other dogs that I have pts have all looked sick and you could see it was the right thing to do, but with Rosie, she looks so normal. A friends rottie also had osteosarcoma in the shoulder (was diagnosed just before Christmas). She also looked good and you couldn't tell my looking at her, she was 8. She was pts on boxing day. This is the tough side of owning our wonderful dogs.
  4. Santa's looking very um... laid back :laugh: Was thinking the same thing - very laid back indeed. :laugh:
  5. Love the facelift photo - what a crack up!! Rotties are really the all-round versatile dog. Gorgeous photos as always
  6. All I can say is "thankyou" - makes my day seeing these gorgeous little bundles.
  7. The photo of the sleeping babies is just so adorable. I love the upside down one. Pure heaven.
  8. After a tough day at work, there is nothing better than logging on to see gorgeous rottie puppies. Puppies make everything better :laugh:
  9. Wow such big babies. Nova is doing a fine job indeed. I wouldn't get anything done at all if they were at my place - I would spend all day watching them. :laugh:
  10. Simply gorgeous - I love brown boy's shiny little pads on his feet - and those little tiny ears. They are certainly a picture of health with those shiny glossy coats. Keep the photos coming :D
  11. Congratulations. Wow 10 shiny squidgy babies - just gorgeous.
  12. Any news yet on the puppies? Can't wait to see the photos.
  13. Just loving the gorgeous rottie photos - the best dogs in the world in my opinion. I have a cross Rottweiler (x dobe) and she is just the most wonderful dog. Keep the photos coming. Such gorgeous misunderstood dogs. :)
  14. Hi Snippy, I've been with Bow Wow for about 6 years now - never had an issue with them. The times I have made claims, they have paid promptly. They sent me a text to say the received the claim(s) and advised payment would be in my bank account with 4 working days - and they were. I've always had a good response from them when speaking over the phone and they have provided good customer service. I haven't been able to fault them. Hope this helps.
  15. Thanks everyone, it's so good to have a place like DOL to get feedback - the good, the bad and the ugly - lol. Much appreciated.
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