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  1. We use to go to obedience classes.. but since i moved i am nowhere near any obedience clubs (within 40kms)... ill just keep up what i am doin (with herr rotti's advice) and see how it goes
  2. Changes in lifestyle for him and I include... moving out of home where i lived with my parents and 3 sisters to a colder climate country area with just me and him... that was 4 months ago....
  3. Oh I am sure Aunty Dawn would love to have him... and im sure he would love to be spoilt by aunty dawn OK... have started NILF seems to be going ok... he walks up and automatically sits for pats now.. but when he does that i make him drop or stand stay or something first.. ;) is that right?? also took his toys out of the backyard and replaced with a kong that he gets when i go to work and i bring it in after i finish work.. then i have a game with his dumbell for a while and than i take that off him for bed times.. he is still sleepin inside tho the pulling on the walks is still a prob.. to the extent of i get half way down the street, he doesnt listen, i go home again... hes too strong.. thought we had gotten out of his leash pulling but behaviour around the house has gotten better
  4. ;) can i give him away till he gets out of it?? OH WAIT.. SHIT ALMOST FORGOT!! MALES NEVER GROW UP!!
  5. Ali, dont be silly Honey my dramas are nothing compared to yours at the moment He is 22 months old, entire has had a stud and is on the upper limits of size.. is also the only dog in the yard and i live on my own with just him.. he is basically lead pulling again ignoring my commands, has started chasing the flies and butterflies in the yard and will NOT come when i ask him to whilst he is chasing, he almost knocked me over numerous times on the weekend when i was at mum and dad's trying to get at their cats (he will usually still heel, but will watch them) and he didnt listen to me once whilst the cats were around... dominance i think is the problem here.. something i thought we had sorted out.. but i also think there is some drive issues going on too
  6. OK I am ready to send Axel away for a few weeks for a break from him he isnt listening at the moment.. usually he is a well behaved and obedient dog who does everythign i ask of him without a fuss.. but lately (last 3 or 4 days especially) he is not doing a thing i ask on the first instance, is even challenging at times.. its mainly when there is something there for him to chase... we had heeling on lead, sits and stays and drops etc.. down pat, even under distraction.. thats all gone out the window now whats going on????
  7. Hi Chris, welcome to DOL I am no expert, but i would take a wild guess at pack structure problems?
  8. i picked up 10kg box of carcasses for $10 at leanards... there were heaps in it! the place i use to live near in Sydney use to sell me 30kg bags of kennel mince (chicken carcass, puppy mince, pet mince, bones etc all mushed) for $23.... was great! now I get roo meat, lamb bones for nothin here tis great living in the country
  9. have tried all types of dry food, and found the best one for Axel was Pro Plan.. i get the breeders packs for a 22kg bag i pay $90, and he gets about 4 cups of it soaked.. it lasts me over a month, but i only have him to feed
  10. Most of the people around here where im living now go roo shooting every night (roo's are a pest in this area, and there are 10000000's of them!) they cut the legs and tails off the roo's they shoot and feed em to their dogs.. I asked about the worms too, and they said only time you gotta worry about worm is when its dry. Apparently when the area is nice and lush with plenty of vegetation the roo's arent infected by worms... these guys have been doing this for years and years and all their dogs have never gotten sick by it..
  11. I am pretty sure my friends will be at Blacktown this weekend, I usually go and help them with the horses etc.. but i will be moving to Oberon... they have the big (16.3hh+) anglo gelding 'the imprezza' and an anglo mare.. if you see em, go up and say hi to em, they are lovely people... good luck at the show Karen
  12. I use it in every feed i give my dogs.. i always wet it and make like a soup out of it then pour it over the food.. dogs love it, its great for their coats and i found moods are better and brighter, weight is easier to control as well with it... i give Livamol the Karen
  13. You say your neighbours dont like animnals? any chance they could be popping something over the fence your unaware of??? its a little weird considering nothing has changed other than the neighbours, to have such severe symptoms. only other things i can suggest it might be (hard without pics) would be have they swabbed for mange or mites? and has the dog been getting wet and not dried off properly?? could be a type of wet dermatitis (?sp?)
  14. hi guys, the GM who is helping to organise this from Karen Pryor has gone on a 2 week holiday so am waiting for him to get back before i can get anymore info on this! Karen
  15. i wouldnt feed a 7 week old puppy chicken necks.. i would be more inclined to feed the pup wings (cut off the pointy sharp bit) because they are shaped funny and the pup cant swallow them whole like they can a neck.. JMO
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