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  1. Well I have met him several times and seen him interact with his own dogs and with my dogs...very impressive...he has a soft, calm manner and reads his (and other dogs) really well. I haven't used his services professionally, just happened to run into him from time to time. I am way more impressed with the way he handles dogs than other, more high-profile 'professional dog trainers' I've also seen.
  2. Has this poor dog turned up yet? I feel so sorry for her and for her family.
  3. We/ve also stayed at the Grand Manor and agree with all your comments. It was a very pleasant stay - the room really nice and clean and the people so friendly. We had a very old, blind dog at the time.
  4. I have just sent an email to Channel 10 expressing my disgust at the show and at Dr Chris and to tell them the Oprah Winfrey did a really heartwarming story about some shelter puppies and pointing out that animal rescue makes good television. Also, Dr Chris is on Twitter, so anyone who's on Twitter can "tweet" their disgust to him!
  5. Great story. Thanks for posting it.
  6. I've just been to the site and posted a comment. Maybe your comment was too long?
  7. Great response. Very well put. I hope you are able to get it through to him somehow. Ironic really that this dog owner is so concerned about the native animals (totally justifiable) but couldn't care less about the probably sorry end for his own pet dog. Sounds much more like a 'noble' excuse for conveniently getting rid of a dog he's decided he can't be bpthered with. Some people are extraordinary with the lengths they'll go to to justify their own reprehensible behaviour.
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