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  1. They heard you. https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/the-power-of-teamwork-creating-happiness-and-saving-lives https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/our-rescue-family-continues-to-grow Everything is fine. Nothing to see here.
  2. Celebrating themselves in a professional fundraising mag. No mention of the rescue groups out of pocket for Christmas donations earmarked for desexing - or the donors who gave $50,000 for this button to be "built". http://www.fpmagazine.com.au/petrescue-to-the-rescue-363213/ Image: made the front page!
  3. This grinds my gears. It would be different if everyone was thriving under this model. But if PetRescue know rescue groups are struggling for funds, how can they justify absorbing more and more financial resources away from these same groups. PetRescue took tens of thousands of dollars in donations from the public for "desexing", with the fine print that it wasn't for desexing at all but to build a "platform"... ... then didn't build the "platform" at all, but added a link to a third-party site that seems to have been available for little to no cost. How is that "supporting rescue groups"?
  4. In December of last year, PetRescue ran a Christmas fundraising campaign called ‘Desexmas’ ‍ Holiday adopters being told that a donation to PetRescue is the same as a donation to rescue groups. The campaigned featured cute images of pets in cones, clearly having just had surgery. It claimed a gift to the campaign would be helping “grassroots community rescue groups”‍‍. But the campaign also includes this fine print: So rather than donations to this campaign being for desexing, these funds were being directed into PetRescue’s web development and staffing costs. Their pitch video described how much money they needed; The organisation was seeking up to $100,000 to build a new platform for donations, and none of the money was going towards desexing pets (despite the graphics indicating otherwise). When rescue groups expressed their dismay at the fundraiser, PetRescue was quick to defend the solicitation and blame haters and "Christmas grinches" for the negative feedback. The campaign would raise just shy of $50,000... ... meaning we didn't have to see a "tasteful" video of JB (John Bishop) dunking his testicles in ice water. And the newly financially employed brother of PetRescue's Director (Michael Bishop) would be sent to pitch the new platform to rescue groups; ‍ Fast forward six months since the fundraiser and... .. PetRescue announced their program late last week, making absolutely no mention that $50,000 of the community's desexing money from donors made the platform possible. Hangon - what was that again? A third party payment platform? Just what is Shout For Good and what does it cost? So this free third party platform was installed on PetRescue via a button. Signups are handled by Shout, donations are processed by Shout, and receipts are issued by Shout. Exactly how much it cost to build this "button" has not been specified, but it certainly isn't the $100,000 "hundreds of hours of planning and web development" used by PetRescue to justify this campaign. If it cost even $10,000 - which is a hella lot of money for a button, when whole websites get built for less - that's still $40,000 unaccounted for. Donors to this campaign should be asking PetRescue exactly how much of their money when towards their stated project and where the rest of the money went. While PetRescue is asking rescue groups to trust its judgement and hand their financial donors over to them and their new partner, the Shout for Good platform via the ANZ Bank. Which for groups, looks like this (lots of data being collected from your donors for uses you'll have no control over; so while the platform is "free", it's not without cost).
  5. Did you see the post about PetRescue's "helpdesk". The idea is, that they take some enquiries, redirect to rescue to do the heavy lifting, then claim the results as their own for the purposes of fundraising. "When pet owners and carers are in crisis, PetRescue is often their lifeline....Our amazing team got on the case, networked amongst our contacts, and found two wonderful foster carers for her little dog." You all work for PetRescue now.
  6. 'The Adoptables' is PetRescue's major fundraiser for the year. It features the stories of special needs pets who are without a home.In 2016 no donations went to the rescue groups who were caring for the featured pets.In 2017 thanks to community criticism of a campaign collecting donations for pets who did not receive any of those donations, 19 groups received about $3,000 each ($55,000) for participating.Rescue groups who did not allow their animals to be used for the purpose of fundraising for PetRescue, received no financial support.While PetRescue banked over $180,000 in donations for themselves. Recently, PetRescue has; Promoted pets as PetRescue 'success stories' which they played no part in rehoming, including Sandrino, Sketch and Steve. Built and launched a new, custom made portal to help them manage their donors. Given their two Executive Directors generous pay raises and wages of $140,000 each per annum. Won a fundraising award for their efficient donation acquisition efforts. Run a donation solicitation at Christmas asking for donations for desexing, while not giving any of the monies ($50,000) raised, to desex animals. Boosted their team to 15 full-time and part-time paid staff. Run a national media campaign based on a dare that the Executive Director would put his testicles in ice-water. Joined a corporate campaign featuring Dr Harry Cooper, a well-known commercial breeding advocate and patron of the Pet Industry Association of Australia. Claimed a donation to PetRescue was superior to a donation directly to rescue groups. Moved to a new office with an annual rental and expenses bill in excess of $60,000 a year. Changed their website's privacy policy so all adoption applications are automatically captured and put on a heavy donation solicitation schedule. Hired the Executive Director’s brother as their CFO and Bequest Officer. Emailed all rescue group members (on the eve of the Easter public holiday) detailing a list of complaints about their performance. Captured over $300,000 in animal care donations and redirected them into web development. And banked over $1 million dollars in revenue; while being over 50% donation funded. Allowing PetRescue to continue to swindle the public into believing that a donation to them helps save and care for pets, using your rescue group's animal stories for 'The Adoptables' campaign, is harming all rescue groups; you, your peers and the sustainability of rescue into the future. How will rescue groups continue to save the lives of pets, when donations are primarily going to PetRescue? See also: PetRescue addresses the concerns of rescue groups
  7. PetRescue's Annual Report submitted to ACNC said the two directors ("Key Management Personnel") - one full time, one part time - earned between them, $255,609 in 2016/17. (Probably) making their base pay rate $140k pa. We also know that in February of this year, JB hired his brother into the role of Chief Financial Officer/Major donor, bequest officer - which we can only assume is a senior management role with a similar pay grade. PetRescue is now over 50% donation funded. Meaning rescue groups are the ones losing the animal care donations which are now funding PetRescue's generous self-reward programs. But if you ask them, they'll tell you that the only problem here is that I keep talking about it.
  8. At Tax Time (June) 2016 PetRescue pitched to build themselves a new website and to add a bunch of new features to the site; "The Matchmakers Project". Rescue might have asked themselves if PetRescue even needed a new website, but for this discussion, we'll play along. PetRescue rebuilt their site and it was launched in May 2017. In Tax Time (June) 2017, PetRescue's pitch was again for the "new features" on their website. They banked nearly $180,000 for this project, same as the last project. In December 2017 another "new feature" pitch (Desexmas) was made and the organisation banked another $50,000. It's now the end of March in 2018 and regardless of our feelings about these new features, they're banked and paid for. So where are they? Over $300,000 is a huge amount of money for a web project. So far, I think most rescues would struggle to identify a new benefit to their experience. The next big solicitation - Tax Time (June) 2018 - is rapidly approaching. Will the current projects be finalised before PetRescue again puts their hand out for more of the community's resources?
  9. The final fundraising total was just shy of $50,000, meaning we didn't have to see a "tasteful" video of JB dunking his nuts in ice-water.
  10. "PetRescue affiliated groups" https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/mich-and-blue
  11. Someone got a promotion - to CFO! Must be nice to have enough resources to employ your siblings into senior management positions...
  12. PetRescue is looking for rescue group volunteers to staff their corporate relationship building event 'the National Pet Adoption Day'... http://mailchi.mp/petrescue/npad-get-involved?e=[UNIQID] ... just a few short weeks after they used the "Desexmas" campaign to take money earmarked for animal care, from rescue groups and direct it into web development and staff wages. To add injury to insult, PetRescue would also like rescue groups to lend their time, pets, and adoption stories for the media. https://jb32.typeform.com/to/tFfRoG PetRescue might be presenting this event as an "opportunity" but it is actually very much a FAVOUR being asked of rescue groups. Which is fine. As long as groups feel PetRescue deserve to be offered such a favour. But given there has been absolutely no 'mea culpa' on Desexmas, they seem to think they've done no wrong. Which should give everyone pause as to how many more favours they're willing to do to help PetRescue secure and keep their corporate paycheques.
  13. And it's not even relevant anyway, because the lady was asking about a very specific set of wages - that of the two directors - not the wages of the entire office. Which, for a public company, should be perfectly justifiable for the public to ask about. Especially given that PetRescue wants rescue groups to support them this coming February, by volunteering their time to attend a corporate partner's adoption event (The PETstock National Adoption Day).