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  1. http://savingpets.com.au/blog/how-petrescue-made-360-000-from-a-fundraiser-featuring-a-pet-that-got-0
  2. If anyone signs up for a new platform allowing PetRescue to process your group's donors, for the purpose of a week-long campaign of PetRescue self-championing their contribution to the rescue economy... then you're a chump. They truly seem to think rescue groups are that stupid.
  3. Link now available on Perth Now: https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/pets/donations-to-animal-rescue-groups-dry-up-as-charity-petrescue-doubles-in-size-ng-b881060711z
  4. Massive, double-page spread in WA's major weekend newspaper, featuring rescue groups discussing the impact of PetRescue's predatory fundraising techniques on their sustainability. (Will hopefully have an online link to share soon)
  5. But luckily their fundraising popup will still be quietly stealing donations from the hardworking rescue groups who don't get to have holidays in December. #BestPaidJobInRescue
  6. PetRescue had a massive windfall for their 2018 'Tax Time' fundraiser, with $360,000 entering their coffers. But the truly staggering thing? They achieved it using the story of a pet who wasn't adopted through their website at all. Luna was the case-study dog for the fundraiser. PetRescue paid nothing towards the care of Luna. They did not consult the rescue group who cared for her to ask whether they were ok with them using her as a fundraising ambassador, with all funds being banked to PetRescue. PetRescue had never even met this dog. Yet they used her as a national fundraising centrepiece... and made hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves. When the rescue group complained about their treatment, PetRescue doubled-down and told the rescue that PetRescue was equally important to the process of this adoption, as the rescue group was. The rescue group rescues the pet, saves the pet, treats the pet, cares for the pet, and then rallies like crazy to find the pet a home. Sometimes PetRescue gets a whiff of involvement and then they work to turn this into a financial return for themselves. And it works. To the tune of $360,000.
  7. Just to add, I would add an extra step and not link to the PetRescue listing, but track down the listing on the rescue group's own website (if they have one) or social media page and use that link. Applications made via the PetRescue website go into the PetRescue bucket for soliciting donations and the rescue group caring for the pet misses out on support. This is good advice for all groups really. If you can't quite bring yourself to leave the site and establish your own networks like many groups are already doing, at least don't share PetRescue links. Use links to your own site, or social media and then any adoption leads you generate remain your own and aren't co-opted by PetRescue's (now fifteen strong!) fundraising team capturing all enquiries for their own use. Or just stop feeding the beast entirely and run - don't walk - away before the silly season gets into full swing and you lose supporters to PetRescue over the christmas giving season.
  8. The whole premise of having no breed searching on the site is that - as rescues know - breed is a poor predictor of behaviour, and has little to do with an individual dog's suitability to join any individual family. Now they're claiming dogs that look sorta the same, they're THE SAME YOU GUYS. PetRescue claims that it's working to help rescue groups, but quietly behind the scenes they're cementing a relationship with your supporters, current donors, adoption applicants and adopters, that you're likely struggling to match. PetRescue is an enemy to the healthy functioning of the rescue movement. It is time for rescues to pull the plug. SAVINGPETS.COM.AU How PetRescue weaponised adoption applications to steal rescue group's resources | Saving Pets Every enquiry and adoption application made through the website formed the mailing list PetRescue uses to solicit donations for themselves. PetRescue claims that it's working to help rescue groups, but quietly behind the scenes they're cementing a relationship with your supporters, current donors, a...
  9. I guess we know where the 'Desexmas' money went now... Promotional video: Sa
  10. PetRescue takes your rescue group's animal care donations and turns them into.... whatever this is.
  11. Wow. Just wow. General Manager Company Name PetRescue Ltd Company Location Perth, Australia Job description PetRescue is seeking a strong people manager to lead the team, drive the organisation and execute on our mission to ensure every pet is safe, respected and loved. Your job will be to MAKE IT HAPPEN... For the most successful rescue pet adoption platform in Australia... For Australia's most visited charity website... For thousands of rescue pets in need, every day... And for our 900+ member rescue groups, shelters and pounds who care for those pets. So, if you’re the type that's passionate about social impact and innovation, then this would be an incredible fit for you. You will be expected to provide or contribute to the following: Overarching strategic plan for the whole amazing company! Networking - proactively meet with people and organisations that can help PetRescue grow, build relationships with peers and potential sponsors and people that we think can have a positive impact on PetRescue Champion PetRescue - purpose-driven championing of PetRescue Tasks are likely to include: Team building and development of the awesome positive and giving culture in our business Day to day people management Work closely and positively with the PetRescue founders Hiring new team members Induction of key staff Training for culture and roles HR management for our team of 15 and particularly your 4 direct reports Reviews of staff throughout the business KPIs to achieve financial and operational goals About the business PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity with a vision of a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. We run a raft of innovative programs and provide the most successful rescue pet adoption platform in Australia - and we reckon, the world! PetRescue is Australia’s most highly trafficked charity website, connecting more than 8,000 rescue pets with over 20,000 potential adopters every single day. For the geek in you, that's over 600,000 unique visitors and more than 8.3 million page views each month! We are funded by our corporate and philanthropic partners, supported by millions of pet adopters, and valued by hundreds of rescue groups, shelters and pounds for the innovative free adoption services and programs we provide. We're also some of the nicest, most talented, dynamic, cool, good looking and humble people you're ever likely to meet! Essential skills and experience Several years working in a people and project management role Great communication and customer service skills Excellent written English Good problem solving skills and attention to detail Good team player who’s also able to work autonomously Owning a rescue pet is not a prerequisite, but you may well acquire one as part of the job! Benefits Work for Australia's most visited charity website Create positive change for homeless pets Work with a supportive, friendly and uber-cool team Competitive rates for the nonprofit sector Based in a funky office in the heart of Northbridge You get to look at cute pets as part of your job! Apply with CV and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  12. Announcing a “record breaking” donation haul for 2018. And they don’t need to spend, or even work hard, generating donation leads, because they just skim contacts generated by rescue groups... ... and tell donors giving to PetRescue is the same as - or even superior to - a donation to the rescue group. $10 (the amount they say it costs them to “save” a pet) x 36,000 = $360,000. PetRescue: separating rescue groups from their donations more efficiently than ever before.
  13. They heard you. https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/the-power-of-teamwork-creating-happiness-and-saving-lives https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/our-rescue-family-continues-to-grow Everything is fine. Nothing to see here.
  14. Celebrating themselves in a professional fundraising mag. No mention of the rescue groups out of pocket for Christmas donations earmarked for desexing - or the donors who gave $50,000 for this button to be "built". http://www.fpmagazine.com.au/petrescue-to-the-rescue-363213/ Image: made the front page!
  15. This grinds my gears. It would be different if everyone was thriving under this model. But if PetRescue know rescue groups are struggling for funds, how can they justify absorbing more and more financial resources away from these same groups. PetRescue took tens of thousands of dollars in donations from the public for "desexing", with the fine print that it wasn't for desexing at all but to build a "platform"... ... then didn't build the "platform" at all, but added a link to a third-party site that seems to have been available for little to no cost. How is that "supporting rescue groups"?