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  1. PetRescue is looking for rescue group volunteers to staff their corporate relationship building event 'the National Pet Adoption Day'... http://mailchi.mp/petrescue/npad-get-involved?e=[UNIQID] ... just a few short weeks after they used the "Desexmas" campaign to take money earmarked for animal care, from rescue groups and direct it into web development and staff wages. To add injury to insult, PetRescue would also like rescue groups to lend their time, pets, and adoption stories for the media. https://jb32.typeform.com/to/tFfRoG PetRescue might be presenting this event as an "opportunity" but it is actually very much a FAVOUR being asked of rescue groups. Which is fine. As long as groups feel PetRescue deserve to be offered such a favour. But given there has been absolutely no 'mea culpa' on Desexmas, they seem to think they've done no wrong. Which should give everyone pause as to how many more favours they're willing to do to help PetRescue secure and keep their corporate paycheques.
  2. And it's not even relevant anyway, because the lady was asking about a very specific set of wages - that of the two directors - not the wages of the entire office. Which, for a public company, should be perfectly justifiable for the public to ask about. Especially given that PetRescue wants rescue groups to support them this coming February, by volunteering their time to attend a corporate partner's adoption event (The PETstock National Adoption Day).
  3. 15 staff members? I mean, wtaf?
  4. The inconvenient truth for PetRescue is, it doesn't cost all that much to run a website. When you actually look at the annual spend on the actual website, it is only a fraction of their income. $204k per year according to their calculations. So in order to justify the massive amounts of money they're raking in, now they've implemented aggressive fundraising solicitation strategies (including misleading donors into thinking these donations are going into animal care) they're emphasising that: (highlighting mine) Rescue need to decide whether they want these programs. You can't say no... then take the food or money or attend the event, because then you're signalling to the donating-public that you are one of the groups supposedly "relying" on PetRescue's programs. You have to recognise the short term gain of some flea treatment, or a cheque, or a hyped adoption day, will absolutely lead to the long-term pain of the loss of your financial supporters and bequests. It's also worth noting that the two directors ("Key Management Personnel" One part time, one full time) are boasting wages for the 2016/17 financial year of $255,609 More than half the entire PetRescue wages budget. PetRescue claim to be a representative for rescue groups, but are now paying their two directors (probably) $140k pro-rata'ed each year. (http://bit.ly/2D3T65u) Their last three hires have been outside the rescue movement; a non-executive director who is a venture capitalist, a web-developer to work on their "Matchmaker" donation platform and a paid, bequest/fundraising manager (who is also the Director's brother). PetRescue is telling rescue groups EXACTLY what their strategy is moving into 2018 and it ain't taking less money from you. Even if you can't give up the website, step away from the Pedigree.
  5. Thanks for reaching out Anne! There is definitely a load of grunt work still to do. I'm flat out with kids and school holidays, but will touch base in the new year. Thanks again x
  6. The rebranding of PetRescue: "To realise our vision of finding a forever home for every rescue pet, we deliver a whole raft of amazing campaigns, marketing and programs. We also run a website..." http://savingpets.com.au/blog/a-new-years-resolution-for-savvy-rescue
  7. "PetRescue has over 950 rescue group members relying on our vital free support services..." PetRescue is a very good website... http://savingpets.com.au/blog/petrescue-is-a-very-good-website
  8. Should totally be trusted to self-appoint to run a major donation platform on behalf of rescue. There are no red flags here. None.
  9. But they're not misleading people. Nope. Signed off by JB's brother. Now a paid staff member.
  10. These high-production and lovely little cards are being offered to every single one of your adopters and applicants, while also offering a streamlined donation process of a few clicks. Your supporters are being told a donation to PetRescue is the same as - or even superior to - a donation to you. The blurring of the line between rescue and PetRescue, is basically complete. If you're a rescue group who relies on donations, you almost certainly don't have the resources to compete with this. "Simply make a donation to our “Happy Desexmas” fundraiser and your kind gift will help rescue pets get the vital vet work they need to start a new life - including desexing!" http://mailchi.mp/petrescue/desexmas-3-81??e=[UNIQID] If someone broke into your house and stole your organisation's Christmas funds, the community would be outraged. PetRescue is doing it in plain sight and yet we still hand over the keys - the contact details of adopters - to an organisation which is making no secret of its intention to rob rescue.
  11. It's like the Inception of non-profit fundraising. Give generously today so we can build extra fundraising tools for you to (maybe) give generously tomorrow. Uh... Desexing! I suspect the "heaps of development work" they need to do is so the new button will tie into the adopter profiles... ... give once to this "desexing" fund... ... then they can start grooming you to be a regular giver to PetRescue. Rescue groups will still lose out - it's just they'll not be able to complain about it.
  12. The same kind-hearted people who donated to 'The Adoptables' - a solicitation campaign to help rescue pets which ran in 2016 and gave no money to rescue groups, then in 2017 (after being shamed online) gave 1 day's funds to groups - are now being targeted again for 'Desexmas' a desexing campaign where not a single dollar is being spent on desexing. Where will rescue get their funds to care for pets this Christmas when PetRescue is redirecting vital rescue group funds into their own "programs and services" which seem to be nearly entirely about increasing donor revenues?
  13. Amazing work!!!! I'll be sharing it! Thanks very much LG :) Answers to the other questions in line <3 I am with 2 animal rescue support groups... Is there an option to also add a link to support groups that people can be part of or would that be seen as perhaps detracting from the direct cash giving concept? Nope, no detraction - that's exactly what the site is for. Please absolutely submit or PM me an advert and I'll put it up If you're Facebook-based all the better, because new supporters can start interacting with you immediately. This project will be trying to work in harmony with rescue support groups as you've described, by simply increasing people's awareness that it is an option. ... the thing that confuses me is a focus by many rescue groups on just money as the best way of giving... I think they are overlooking ways of spreading their money around differently, particularly in leaner times... I personally think it is an untapped resource that will continue to grow and that a clever rescue group would jump on board. I agree with you 1000%. Everything you said was absolutely right on IMO. So in short, yes! yes! yes!
  14. Thank you for posting this intro Powerlegs! <3 Still very early days, but thank you for your support and understanding while we find our feet Along with individual adverts, I hope to do feature pieces which help promote issues important to rescue and the ways the community can help. A not insignificant one is that calendars are a vital seasonal fundraiser for rescues. If you are selling a calendar not on this list, don't hesitate to PM me Want to get a calendar for 2018 and help pets at the same time? Many pet lovers like to use the coming new year as a chance to lend a hand to their local rescue group by buying a calendar. These lovely mementoes are able to be enjoyed all year long, but more importantly, serve as a valuable seasonal fundraiser for volunteer groups to raise the money they need to operate for the rest of the year. http://rescuelink.com.au/post/want-to-get-a-calendar-for-2018-and-help-pets-at-the-same-time I've also written this piece on the challenges faced by rescue in 2018. It will come as no surprise to anyone here to find out what #1 is... What challenges do rescue groups face in 2018? The top concern reported by rescue groups in Australia is funding, combined with the feeling that something in the last two to five years has caused a drop in the available monetary donations available to rescue. http://rescuelink.com.au/post/what-challenges-do-rescue-groups-face-in-2018 Please ask any questions you may have, or drop me a pm or email x Shel