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  1. k, so that was longer than i anticipated... in any event, my wee boy is doing so much better in that he only in the last few days has come ALL THE WAY upstairs as i prepare to take them for 'walkies'. it's all his choice and not that i'm pushing him up or enticing him up with treats. he just 'comes up'! so glad about that. he becomes very excited and i believe that propels him. he's yet to react to 'bed time' [like he used to] when they'd both bolt upstairs at that instant. with byron being less that upwardly mobile, bella is more likely to stay downstairs with byron to look after him but occasionally i carry byton up anyway and bella follows. mostly he is still beside me when i wake but if he needs to go out during the night he is physically able to jump from the bed and to make his way downstairs but because he's unable to jump back into bed he will either whimper until i wake and so i will lift him up or other than that, he will stay downstairs until i rise. i have him on pernaease with numerous dashes of turmeric on top of his evening k9 raw. he is doing much better on his walks and lately i've been walking them both off leash around our quiet streets using a clicker and they are both so adapted to it! i take them along the creek and having them both off leash tends to wear them both out sooner than having them on leash because they are able to investigate to their content. i didn't investigate the xrays because i heard things from others and so i decided to keep on track to see how he went and it would seem he's doing very well. i am immensely thankful for everyone's help in this thread. while i do add turmeric to their evening meal, i do expect to make up the turmeric recipe in time to come. at the moment tho, all is well using the pernaease and the turmeric powder so if anything changes, i'll change it up also. thank you all for your input and knowledge. kindly, roX
  2. hey folks, i've been offline for about a month [not because i needed it] but i'll be back here soonish to give an update on my wee boy. ta much :)
  3. thank you ness, i'm working slowly up to a half scoop right now; i'll add more as the days progress. he did so well on his walk today to the extent that i didn't need to carry him at all and in fact he ran several times but only in the early stages of the walk BUT he 'worked it' without my help and i'm so happy about that :) we visited a friend and while bella bounded up the steps to greet her, byron was reluctant UNTIL he decided he also had to meet her and so slowly with one tentative step followed much later by 3 more and he was on her landing and i was applauding him because he hadn't been able to do that in days! i'm very happy with my wee boy's progress, despite it being slow going... i'll get him back to good, he just needs time :)
  4. thanks little gifts, that's a very interesting point you raise. i think i'll have another discussion with the vet. his harness is a bit tight right now, but he's not nearly as active. he is starting to play a bit more and he can manage to come down stairs, but not going up. so with that and me only taking him out every 2nd day is likely having that kind of impact. i have decreased his food but only in the past few days. it takes 45 mins to an hour just to do one block --- poor bella, she's such a good girl. towards the end of the walk, it's all too much for him so i carry him a ways, then i'll put him down again and he'll carry on 'til he's had enough again and so i carry him further. i tuck his leash under his harness and let him take his time, bella gets to sniff everything while we wait for him. it's just so damned sad to see him like this and i'm feeling kind of desperate to get him back on track!
  5. okay. thanks marg and mim for your advice. he's no longer on medication for this nor is he on any medication for anything else. i had to work fast because i had nothing on hand to ease his discomfort and so i chose to check out petbarn which is really close by and at the time of my last post all i could find on their site was the rose hip, on special at $38 for 150gm [OMG] and so off i went to buy it and sashas blend was [OMG] $88 for 360gm so i grabbed the rose hip one, came home and OMG the size of those scoops and he's less than 8kg but for anything up to 15kg it's 2 scoops OMFG!!! petbarn also carries pernaease but i didn't take too much notice --- i will however now! it used to be that those that made women's cosmetics were on a damn good wicket then it was the rebranding for men's products NOW i reckon it's firken pets! i'm time poor right now but i'll be looking into all of the products mentioned here; i'm very interested in the golden paste also. i'm sure i'll be back!
  6. oh wow! so many good replies and so many alternatives. thank you all so very much. i have some research to do that's for sure. he finished his course of NSAIDS last night so i'll next need to have him xrayed - $544 [incl of GA] for that little exercise. i was quoted about $2,500 for surgery, but if they find what they find while he's under and i give the go ahead, i'm sure it won't be that much on top. which raises another point: during his physical exam, the vet said both patellas were in place, which is excellent news, but don't you need an MRI for tendons and muscles and nerves? srsly, i am so hoping it is just arthritis or it's not and he's just pulled a muscle or there's a pinched nerve AND AGAIN, how can they tell thru xray? so many questions, so little time!!! thank you all so much for your valuable advice :)
  7. thank you both for your replies. i'll have a look at both and you're right ness, it will be trial and error. some of these products are so expensive tho, so to buy something and find it doesn't help will really hit the hip pocket. thanks again.
  8. my wee bud byron developed a limp some weeks back. after manipulation, i was quoted for xrays and surgery to repair ACL. both patellas are in place but i'm told there may be slight tears and so i'm quoted $2,500 for the surgery to repair any ACL tears. i was given some NSAIDs to administer. the next day however, he's pulled up 'weak and wonky' in both back legs to the point where his hind legs couldn't carry him raising his front legs up a short step. so, he's worse now than he was before the vet visit. when i called to explain his new circumstances and my concerns regarding the manipulation, i was told that he may be arthritic and i was given a paper describing products that would benefit him along with a further 10-day course at my request of NSAIDs that takes us up to saturday night. their preference is GLYDE but i've read a lot about sasha's blend too. in your opinion and if you have a dog, particularly a small one, that has such a condition, what do you administer and if you've tried both or more and you've settled on one product, what was that product and what was it about that product that changed your mind? tia and i really look forward to hearing from anyone :) my wee boy is doing better but he is so not the man he was and for that, i am so very sad and worried for him...
  9. this is a fabulous thread! i finally got to watch all the vids and see all the pix and i so very much adore these gorgeous dogs. i don't understand how they've been given such a hellish wrap and why it has come to pass that they have been so damned mistreated and perhaps i've just answered my own question. such insanity defies logic. i would most definitely help promote these delightfully funny and gentle dogs; and just one of the things that makes me smile really wide about these creatures is the adorable way they curl up with their mess and tangle of legs all akimbo :laugh: this is a wonderful thread so a sincere thanks to all who contributed :)
  10. oh yes, tyty, but i'm heading off to the gym so i'll watch them when i get back *quite excited*
  11. greyhounds, whippets, iggies; alas, i cannot but i so wish i could because of all the breeds, these are those that take my breath away. everything about them fascinates me and to me they seem regal. i am saddened that i cannot view the videos; when i click to watch i am informed they are private
  12. glad to help out and good luck! ahhhhhh, of course. i see that pink bar all the time when i'm searching for something specific and it went right over my head when i read hazy's post.
  13. oh hey, you're welcome and it's good to know you! i said in another thread that i [and my dogs] had a good experience. it was the carer's first time, but she did a good job and for the cost and the time of year, i was so grateful she accepted my reservation :) i will most certainly use pawshake over a kennel anytime.
  14. if all else fails, try pawshake. if you're agreeable, your dogs stay in a home environment for much less than the cost of a boarding kennel. you provide the household with everything your dog requires, your dog in turns gets their undivided attention until you return. no, i am not affiliated with pawshake but i did use a registered member and my experience was positive.
  15. curiously, i've heard similar lately --- i was looking for somewhere to board my two over christmas and meadowmist was given a pretty bad review! see Tussa1's post above :) following probably a search for boarding kennels and finding referrals to a certain kennel used previously but that seemingly ended really badly... talking about boarding our precious fluffy companions and while i'm here; when i was looking for somewhere to board my two, i came across pawshake, and having found someone reasonably close by, i chose to meet and inspect the premises, introduced the dogs to the household and then decided to leave my two cherished dogs with this person at their private residence for a fee much less than that charged by a kennel. this lady and her household looked after my dogs while i was away for 8 days and upon my return, they were happy and healthy. of course, i provided everything for their comfort including their food but my dogs were given the carer's full attention as i would have if i'd been there. i will use pawshake over a boarding kennel any day. edit: misplaced smilie
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