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  1. If you aren't too worried about cost then have a look at this one. A friend bought one for her Scottish Terrier when she had bladder cancer, her dog wasn't very keen on it but my Tibetan Spaniel loved it! https://classytails.com.au/product/pet-mobile-pet-stroller-trailer-medium/
  2. Porche is a 14 year old Afghan looking for either a permanent home or a permanent foster home. I have met this lovely lady and she is quite sprightly for her age. If you know anyone interested they can put an application in via Pet Rescue. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/571485
  3. @Scottsmum by the owner's account she was in Craven which is a 15 minute drive from Gloucester where the dogs were impounded. I have no idea how Taree comes into it. @Simply Grand fair comment. The owner hasn't posted anywhere that the council was called daily/repeatedly/continually, nope only called once. Surely any dog owner that loved their dogs would at least make another call to the council before they left the area and contact the chip registry to have one microchip flagged as missing, since the other dog wasn't in her name I assume the owner would not be able to have the second one flagged as missing. If the dogs were only held for 13 days then the council did do wrong, but considering they wouldn't or couldn't obtain the owners details holding the dogs an extra day would have made no difference in this case. As to when they arrived in Melbourne well that is up for debate. The rescue have representatives in NSW and QLD so their representatives may have had the dogs on the 26th Jan therefore technically in the hands of the rescue but not in Melbourne. I'll reserve any judgement till it goes through the court system and the press release that the council has apparently released (somewhere) and the vet report (somewhere else) are made public.
  4. I'm not taking sides but something really doesn't add up. In all honesty if your dogs went missing - regardless of having a chip, wouldn't you at least make some effort to ring the pound at least once? By her own admission she never rang the pound, she only rang the council. The pound is on private property with a house at the back and someone lives in it, so if she rang the pound number which is easy to find then she would have known her dogs were impounded the same day they went missing.
  5. A friend of ours bought one of these for her elderly dog when she couldn't walk the 3km distance we were doing on a daily basis. The dog in the stroller is my 4year old Tibetan Spaniel, not the elderly Scottie the stroller was purchased for.
  6. No gold star today, Sprocket forgot all about his loose leash walking :laugh: although after about 10 minutes he was back in the rhythm. I went out for a little while when my partner got home and there was no whining from him, he just laid on the couch with Billy and looked sad. Sad is better than whining. Again he followed the shopping my partner brought in rather than noticing me when I came home. I will have to find something yummy to put in the kong for him and see how he goes with that. Today was the first day Sprocket actively came to seek out a cuddle Hopefully he will continue to relax and see that the world really isn't a bad place.
  7. Sprocket and Billy get on very well. Billy was never into tugging but he loves playing tug with Sprocket as well as zooming around in the backyard and wrestling on the couch or dog beds. I walk them both in the morning and Billy usually goes for a walk with my partner in the afternoon unfortunately Billy has now decided if Sprocket doesn't go on a walk then neither will he. Sprocket was castrated on Monday and Billy was so happy when Sprocket got home. I'm sure he knew something was up as he just spent most of the night very close to him. I can see that when Sprocket is adopted that I'm going to have a very sad Billy.
  8. They are called egg babies, they have squeaky egg shaped toys in the belly for them to take out. Fantastic toys My link
  9. The video of the Tibbie doing agility is so cute :) I really don't know what breed Sprocket is, his tail isn't long enough to be a Tibbie. We have a Pap x Cavalier in the neighbourhood and he looks very much like that, but it's hard to know with crossbreeds.
  10. I've had some wonderful suggestions in this thread, thank you all so much. Thought I would update since it's been a couple of days. Sprocket has decided that carrying on at bedtime is not worth it, we have had 2 nights without any barking or whining The only time he barked was about 6.00 yesterday morning and when I let him out he ran and pawed the back door to be let out, no toileting in the bedroom I got up early enough this morning and let him out before he barked to be let out to go outside. Mita I did leave an old worn t-shirt with him :) Sprocket has stopped pacing but when I'm in the kitchen he is always behind me. I get the feeling that it could be a habit because I actually just walked in a circle and he was behind me the whole time even though I couldn't see him. He never gets in my way while doing it. I will have to teach him not come in to the kitchen while I'm preparing food. He does still whine when I go out, continuously, till I get back home. Mita I did try the ignore strategy when I got home but Sprocket beat me to it he was more interested in the shopping bags my partner had than me coming home, he completely ignored me :laugh: So far he has learned to sit for treats, sit and wait for his food and not to eat it till I say he can and he picked up loose leash walking within half an hour, he's a very smart little dog. Billy has loved having him around and they get on fantastically, that may end up causing a whole new set of problems when Sprocket finds his forever home. A photo of Billy and Sprocket playing with soft toys
  11. I put his anxiousness down to spending 8 days at the pound then it was another couple of hours drive to the rescue where he only stayed for a few hours before I picked him up. Totally agree that his world has been turned upside down, thank you for the music suggestion. It seems that he is now relaxing even though he still wants to keep me in sight. Not sure if it is from sheer exhaustion or if he is starting to feel a little less anxious. I feel sorry for him and am looking for a way to make the transition from pound to foster home to forever home with the least amount of stress. Have no idea if that is possible.
  12. Looking at the photos it does seem that he has the ear tendrils (Billy does) but he doesn't, it's actually the fur on his neck behind the ears. Haven't had a chance to try the suggested downtime after our walk today, he jumped on the couch and is now resting
  13. Thanks for the belly band suggestion, I'll give him another day and if it doesn't improve I'll go and get one
  14. The pound had him listed as a Pap x but we thought he had some tibbie in him and since I already own a tibbie I agreed to take him on. I still think there may be a bit of tibbie in him. We thought about setting a crate up in the bedroom but there isn't enough room. When I put him to bed last night he only complained for about half an hour so he seems like he is getting the idea. Will try your downtime suggestion and see if that helps, thank you. I did try the stuffed kong but he totally ignored it.
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