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  1. My prefix which I got when I was breeding German Shorthaired pointers, was made up from my two first GSP's Flynn & Tahnee i.e. Flyntahn. I know of quite a few people who have got their prefix this way.
  2. I also have Papillons. If I had any patella problems I would go to him before anyone else. As I said in my last post he is the best.
  3. I've never had luxating patella problems, but I had an operation on my German Shorthaired Pointers leg when she ripped all the ligaments in her front leg. After talking to my vet and also my vet friend I decided to go with Arthur House who is a specialist orthopedic surgeon. I could not recommend him enough. He has moved since I used him. He was at Hallam. I'll see if I can find where he is now. He is now at Peninsula Vet emergency & Referral Hospital. He is the best.
  4. I paid my house sitter what it would cost to put my guys in kennels for the time I was away. Thought that was fair and at least the dogs got to stay at home.
  5. My mother in law has a Tibetan Spaniel that she got at 3 years old. She was an x show dog and breeding bitch. What a wonderful little dog she is. Her tail never stops wagging and she loves everyone.
  6. My very first dog 40 years ago was a sheltie and the breeder used chewing gum to keep the ears down. I'm sure there are better things than that now.
  7. My mother in law got a three year old Tibbie a few years ago. Lacey is just the most wonderful little dog. She came housetrained, lead trained and is just perfect for a lady who is nearly 80. Love the breed.
  8. I saw on Ozshow that it is going to be outside.
  9. I dont think I would report anyone unless their dog actually hurt mine and their dog was at fault. There is a dog walker that walks her dogs in the offlead oval near my house. Yesterday she and another person helping her was there with 10 little dogs. As I walked around the outside of the oval, two of the little dogs escaped under the gate rushing agressively at my old GSP. It really annoyed me because if it had been my large dog rushing at them I would have been the worst person in the world. The dog walker just called them back and walked away. Most of the other little dogs then proceeded to bark and growl at my dogs as they walked passed on the outside of the fence. If she had said sorry to me I would have probably ignored it, but because she thought it was okay, I told her that I would report her if they ever did that again.
  10. Its amazing how different foods affect different dogs coats. Because of a health problem with my very first GSP, my dogs all got fed a natural diet for many years. Their coats were okay, but nothing amazing. When he passed on I got lazy and now they are all fed on supercoat with chicken mince and rice and cooked veges. I also add sardines in oil a couple of times a week. Their coats are fantastic. Judges recently remarked on their beautiful coats. My Papillon has stomach problems, so I have been looking for something to help him and for the last few months he has been on Black Hawk chicken and this has helped his stomach. A cocker spaniel breeder told me that she tried that on her dogs, and their coats were awful, but his coat is beautiful. I think you have to try a few things and see what suits your dog.
  11. My hydrobath is located under my carport which is just around the corner from my kitchen. I had hot and cold water taps fitted a few years ago with a mixer. It wasnt cheap, it cost around $400, but its wonderful. I bought a high pressure hose attachment that fits on the tap and I never use the hydrobath pump. I use fresh water all the time. Get a quote from a plumber.
  12. I've only received my am number. Cheques not cashed yet.
  13. I have a papillon who is 4kg and German Shorthaired pointers who range from 26 to 35 kgs. They only play together under supervision, but wo behold any of the big dogs if they get too rough. The Pap lets them know in no uncertain terms, and they all back off. They dont want bits out of their face.
  14. I guess the only way breeders can stop people breeding is to desex them before they go. A friend of a friend recently bought a Viszla puppy for a much cheaper price than average. They didnt care if the parents had papers or not. They were given copies of the parent papers which I saw and both parents were on the Limited register.
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