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  1. He luvs it too.. At least he doesn't have to wait till one of us are in the big pool now..Only issue is keeping him out of it some days, he goes balistic after a swim and now he can go when ever he wants.. So he will come tearing into the house ( which is tiled throughout) and he has been given the name of "DP" when he does this.. "DRIFT PUPPY" as he slides all over the place, but he looks like he is having a ball when he does it too..
  2. New video of Mr Toby. His training is going great, and he has no issues at all with heading outside now when he needs to go to the bathroom. We are trying to teach him to stop barking when we say it is ok now. If he hears something, he will go off and until i take him for a wander around he doesn't stop. It's like the little tuffy has to have me walk him around to make sure, then he is all good again.. Very funny little guy, he has been helping me with the Harley lately, and is is amusing when he just sits beside me without a worry while i am grinding or doing other things. He is just happy to be near someone, like most Chi's.. Has his own little pool now as well, so he can go for a swim whenever he wants to now. Which he seems to be really enjoying too..
  3. We let him play with his collar for a little while, and put it back on him... Has been scratching at it a little bit, but he is getting used to it now.
  4. We put it back on him tonight. Thought we would give him a little break after his shots and nose drops..But he seems a little better with it now, have left it on him and he is in bed now ( 10pm) See how he is in the morning but it will be staying on him..
  5. Put his collar on tonight before his dinner. He sat and did not move for about 30 minutes, then we went straight for his cuddle teddy and sooked there. Took the collar off after an hour, he stayed still for about 5 minutes, then straight for his dinner, and is moving around fine now.. We made sure he could see his dinner get put down and all.. Will keep this going for this coming week and hopefully he may progress.. The hardest bit is training ourselves to not give in to his little sooky look...He is good at that already..
  6. Maybe 30 minutes at this stage.. His collar and harness is crazy small, and would weigh a few grams at best..
  7. It is as light as we could find. In fact in would fit the Guinea Pig without a drama it is that small..We have tried the ignore bit as well, he just continues to sit on the one spot. Might try the before dinner idea tonight thank you...
  8. Hey everyone, hope all is well... We have started to put Toby's collar and harness on him, trying to get him used to them so we are able to go for little walks... Have been putting it on him for the last 2 weeks i guess, and each time we put either the collar or the harness on him he freezes. He will just sit and not move at all, not even coaxing him with treats or toys moves him. He has walked a few steps with his harness on, but even then it was like he was off balance with his tiny rear legs.. Anyone have any suggestions, or knowledge of the above ?
  9. Thanks again everyone,.. The bones are something we want to try with him soon... He has his little back teeth coming through right now, so he is munching on anything he can get his tiny paws on. The pool training is a must for us, as we are big pool people. He wanders around it everyday, does not go near the edge at all. He is more interested in the leaves he finds out there to play with.. He is a great little swimmer as you can see here. But he does have a little issue with getting out from the step. We have placed him in the pool, facing away from that step and he swims straight for it. So that was stage one done, he knows now where he can stand up, and be safe. A little escape ramp is coming next week for him... We also have the standard aluminum pool fence, and short of not putting in a full glass fence, he simple ducks in between the fence poles now. We really would have to redo the entire pool fence to keep such a little guy out of that area... And i prefer he know what to do in water for when we go camping as well, as we always end up near a creek.. I will try and get a new swimming video of him today ( it is hot enough already) he has progressed well in his pool adventures..Visions of little tiny floaties did cross my mind though..
  10. Got these ones of him tonight...
  11. Thanks for his comments everyone. He is going very well, just had his shots on Wed and he was not too happy about that.. Connie has requested i take him for his next lot, as for some reason he is calmer and quieter with me. He knows his bed time now, and drags his Shelby ted in front of you around 9.30 each night. We know it is his bed time then, and off he goes. ;) His house training is going very well too He has started going to his bathroom spot on his own now. Although he still gets treats when we see him do it... His training with Connie is powering along and he stays for 5 - 10 seconds staring at his treat before he is told to take it, which he does. Shaking hands is funny as when he is so small, but he is getting there with that one.. :laugh: Connie is going to start him on his tiny harness this weekend as well. He has a collar too, but the harness is a better idea we think. Everything is in a matching brown color, with a puppy theme too of course. :rofl: I will have to get some more pics of him tomorrow, i have just had a bit on this week.. ;)
  12. I completely understand why she has the contracts, and to be honest, i would do the same too..What i do not agree with though is when someone is not up front about that. In the 2 or so hours spent on the phone when first inquiring about her pups, to the hour we stood and decided which one we wanted..Not one word was spoken about any contract. Only after we had decided on Toby, and agreed to the price was this elusive contract mentioned. That, to me is being deceitful. Getting him done is not something that concerns us as we have no plans to breed him anyway, nor did we when we first started looking for a puppy.The way she hid the contract till the last moment is what i had an issue with.
  13. Hey everyone, sorry for my lack of reply but been a little busy this week.. We are going to wait now until he is older. I called the breeder about this and explained our reasoning for it. I was really put off after we heard that one of the last ones she took in was not even ready to be done yet. So for some reason or other she is getting them done VERY early. But all good there, she knows what is going on now.. His house training is going great too. He is now at the stage of going to his puppy bathroom on his own. After reading about time frames toward bladder sizes, we have not had a mishap since. He has a big play and a treat when he goes to his bathroom, so he knows he always gets a reward for doing it. Seems to be really paying off with him too. :D But his other training is going well too, so he is quite a switched on little guy. ;)
  14. Just grabbed one of our little sleepy head Toby... Only with the phone...
  15. He looks awesome. Luv his coloring, and sounds like he has chosen you too...
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