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    I'm a vet nurse who is passionate about animal welfare and rescue. i love ALL animals but dogs and cats are my passion :)

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  1. Was this dog regimes from the sunbury region?
  2. Whippet Rescue?

    Melbourne animal rescue can probably help out if needed, sucker for whippets :) sounds like the poor thing needs help what about the other dogs on the property?
  3. Update On Irish

    no problem, I could have stated what I wanted to but there would be no point. Im sure if Irish was a dog the community would have been more proactive. 13 years of having babies on the streets and then to be taken to the pound.....yes I guess at least the positive side is that she wont be producing any more babies.
  4. Update On Irish

    13 years to catch one cat???? What a horrible ending for poor Irish
  5. Canine Companions Dog Rescue and Melbourne Animal Rescue have both teamed up to do a calendar, "Real Men Are Kind To Animals" featuring rescue animals from differnt Victorian organisations (the cat corner, pets haven and white shepherd recue to name a few) and all real men, not models (but very hot!) it has a few vouchers in it, supports oscars law, advertises small aussie buisnesses, AMAZING photographer, and little Oscar has a pic in there too :) Can be ordered online too, which you can find through the facebook page ;)
  6. precious paws is run by rae, i think she is on this forum?
  7. Hi swaY, sending you an email now :)
  8. Question Re Staffordshire Bulll Terriers

    look at any pound site in the country and you will see an over represenation of staffordshire bull terriers. its so sad I think people get Staffies because they look tough and people see them as status symbols but dont realise how needy and family orientated they are. Beautiful and terriffic dogs, but also needy, whingey, rambunctious, stubborn and without proper training, socialisation and stimulation can get noisy and destructive. They are terriffic family dogs and they crave attention and dont cope well with being locked in a backyard to guard property and 'look' tough. At the moment in victoria with all the BSL bullshit that has happened, more and more staffies, english and american staffy crosses, are being dumped
  9. well if the hyena can get added then my number one all time is the Dingo!!!!!!!!!! Nothing in the world is prettier than a dingo my heart flutters when i see one
  10. oooooh thats a hard one.....hmmm.... in no particular order 1. Ridgeback 2. Afghan 3. Vizsla 4. Bull Terrier 5...........um......a chinese crested, westie, frenchie, shiba inu, basenji hybrid :D (because 5 in a list is not possible, so i would take all the other pretty ones and smoosh them together!!!)
  11. Greyhound

    Hi Guys:) trying to locate the owner of a greyhound in Mt Evelyn vic, is anyone here from that region? unsure of sex, not microchipped, pale brindle. Dog is injured and now at the animal emergency centre in mt waverley, will possibly be transferred to the rspca tomorrow. cheers and merry xmas
  12. Didnt Like This At All :(

    can someone describe it to me before i look just so i know how angry i'll get so i can pre warn my partner so i dont rant his ear off about animal cruelty?
  13. Any Ideas On Breed Of My Pup

    oh she is beautuful! i guess im the only one here who thinks she has staffy in her she looks like my girl who is an american staffy x german shep. mum was a shep, dad was the am staff. your dog is leaner and taller than mine and the tail is different too...your dog looks like my dog with greyhound thrown into the mix. whatever the breed i think she is beautiful, and if she has a beautiful temprament and easy to train does it really matter? good luck with her and welcome ;)
  14. Adopted A Dog What Would You Do?

    thanks for helping the dog out siks3, i hope whatever you decided goes well for you and your dogs if the dog has no microchip it is not legally owned by anyone, and you wouldnt be breaking the law. you do not legally have to hand it into a shelter or over to your council. As long as you try to notify its 'owners' of its whereabouts then you are also not breaking a 'moral' law.
  15. i wish scarlett all the best and you too nic i cant believe qantas dont fly amstafs, i honestly never knew that i have an amstaf x but luckily she just looks like a......strange looking dog and has that non breed specific look of a mutt ;) im shocked there is BSL in transport if the dogs are friendly then it shouldnt matter, how much handling do the dogs actually get in transport where they could pose a risk to the personel? i'd love to quiz a qantas person to understand their procedures more