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  1. As we live on a farm, yes we have a policy to cover damage to the fences etc, and a bog part of that is the public liability in case someone visiting is injured, or a horse gets out onto the road. It is over $1500 a year. So the costs of even being a DAB could be several thousand before one has even had one puppy or kitten
  2. This bit from Hansard is particularly interesting Furthermore, the bill creates the opportunity for rescue groups, community foster care networks and other organisations to apply for an exemption from the prohibition on unregulated sales of animals from public venues including car boot sales, markets and car parks provided for under 96 of the act . The government recognises that there may be some circumstances in which the sale of animals in a public venue would be acceptable such as adoption days What a great idea - lets have multiple animals from all sorts of sources all brought to the same spot for a car boot sale. And then this from Labors website about this policy "Thanks to the Labor Government, there will be fewer homeless pets and more Victorians safe in the knowledge that their new dog or cat has been bred responsibly". Um how exactly??????? Oh yes my shelter pet that has been trucked across the border from a rural pound, or from a alley has certainly been responsibly bred, and of course it has a health guarantee with it and is as free from genetic issues as the purebreds that now no longer will be easily able to be found Hansard makes it patently obvious if there was any doubt just whose rights are being even further strengthened Consider this bit A foster carer may apply to their local council for registration. This is a voluntary process . Those individuals that choose to register will be provided with a reduced registration rate for the animals in their care and access to pet shops to help improve rehoming of dogs or cats over the age of 6 months . The reduced rate for animals in foster care will reduce costs to foster carers for the first twelve months that the animal is in their care
  3. from a horse site, it appears that these horses had been dumped there over many years, not a mass killing all of a sudden, but possibly one by one as they either were too old or whatever. Appears might be a racehorse trainer, potentially, and charge could be $150,000 fine. Certainly far heftier than had he done it properly. Very sad end either way for the horses, and less dignified than they deserved
  4. under the code, you are able to have 9 fertile females and so long as you are a member of an applicable organisation and no less than 2 are not registered with the AO you are not classed as a DAB. If 2 or more are not registered with the applicable organisation (eg Dogs Voic), then you are a DAB. This is then classed as a small business if it is less than 5, or a large business if 5 or more. Under existing legislation, anyone with 10 or more fertile females (irrespective whether they are a AO member or not), must register as a DAB. This change will then limit the number of females to 10, mean only 5 litters for the lifetime of the bitch, and compulsory vet check prior to a breeding cycle for a female. Of course council permits take precedence over all of this, and whether or not you can actually get your local council to even allow you to have more than 2 animals, no matter how many the government says you can have, is certainly a far bigger problem now too Animal rights loons certainly have control of the steering wheel here in Vic, and we are heading for the rocks
  5. Hi all, Forgive me if this has already been covered, as I have been off the board for awhile due to personal commitments. I did do a search, but couldn;t find anything already covering this, so thought it best to bring it to the attention of the dog breeders out there on this board. I found out yesterday from the Vic Minister for Animal Welfare (DEDJTR), that the code of practice for breeding and rearing business is currently in another public submission period (opened in March, closes next week - April 23 at 5pm) The part of the code up for review is as below "Breeding and rearing businesses NOTICE: Breeding Code is to be amended, public comment now open The Minister for Agriculture has taken action to further crack down on illegal puppy and kitten farms. The Minister has proposed an amendment to the Code which would require breeders to obtain a veterinary health check for all female dogs prior to each mating cycle. In addition, the amended code contains minor typographical corrections, and minor amendments to update the Code with respect to Machinery of Government changes and the Primary Industries Legislation Amendment Act 2014. Public comment for this amendment commences March 26 2015 and will close April 23 at 5pm. If you are unable to download the document, please email [email protected] or call 136 186 to obtain a copy of the Code. Making a submission All submissions must be made in writing. Submissions will not be accepted without the submitter's full name, contact email address, postal address and affiliation (where applicable). Submissions can be emailed to [email protected] or posted to: Breeding Code Public Comment 2015 475 Mickleham Rd, Attwood Vic 3049 Submissions must be postmarked or emailed by 5pm on 23 April 2015 to be accepted. Details are available at: www.depi.vic.gov.au/pets/domestic-animal-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-businesses/code-of-practice-for-the-operation-of-breeding-and-rearing-businesses-revision-1 Certainly no one I know has been aware we were even in a review period, this has been nicely kept under the hat, however as I say, if this is not the case and actually is common knowledge and duplicates another topic, then mods, feel free to delete this one
  6. strongest of the codes is only for breeding establishments - the shelter / pound one is laughable, considering all the things the AR nuts went nuts over that were in the breeding code, theirs is way looser and a joke really
  7. interestingly enough, looking at the Vic legislation for breeding establishments, shelters / pounds, and boarding operations, it may probably not surprise you to find that only 1 is strict upon it actively needing to be there (breeding code), there is not mention in the shelter code at all for them to even have a plan, and just touched on in the boarding code that they should have a plan - but nothing in any code to say what the plan actually needs to cover. No idea about other states, but would be interesting to see if in fact it is mentioned in other codes
  8. any aniomals being left without water in this weather is just inexcusable. But manipulating photos to tell a story you want is also a well known AR tactic too, so would certainly not take the word of a group like OL as gospel, esp since is not banning the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops they really want, it is only that they want to control the supply and for pet shops to only be stocked from facilities they deem unsuitable (ie rescue groups or shelters). They certainly don't have any problems with dogs and cats from rescue shelters being in there, and given how happy most of these groups seem to be to foster to anyone - I have yet to see one ask for proof before someone applies to be a foster carer that they actually have a multiple animal permit allowing them to go over their numbers allowed by council in the event they already have existing animals for instance, and since people can generally not visit any animals at foster carers homes, who knows if these ones have access to water 24/7, or are living in clean surrounds
  9. have flown a brachy breed cat (persian) from Germany to Aus a year and a half ago, (also on emirates), and he was fine
  10. Linda K

    Puppy Farms

    whay are animal rights and animal welfare people the ones making the input to gov - because they are the ones that have fundraised from members of the public in order to have snazzy media campaigns, and employ campaign managers, and have the pollies ears, and since the pollies are convinced this is what the public wants, they do it. Look what happened in Victoria. I know we in our cat group have been trying just to get the ear of local councils, local members, and the giv in general, and get hit with brick walls every time - they do not give a damn about hobby breeders and how this is all reducing numbers of breeders as they give up as it becomes all too hard to keep jumping through hoops
  11. all so wrong, and so hypocritical - just exposes the double standards we as breeders operate under
  12. and that in itself is attrocious - can only imagine the screaming if it was a breeder who had that many animals over the permit (which I recall was only 20?) had them under those conditions and was not immediately shut down - and so many discrepoancies here - it claims she had to go back to work yet we were told she looked after all the animals full time, and they are saying there was 121 and an unknown number of cats - how the hell can they even all be properly socialised when there are that many. And she is allowed to go on looking after them. That is just so wrong, but of course, yet again, it is rescue and that is a different kettle of fish according to the AR brigade. The fact that it needed teams of workers to even bring it up to an acceptable standard as quoted in the link by the magistrate, is also sad for those animals that should never have been in those sort of conditions at the start
  13. and yet again, they have only listened to the AR mobs who have no idea on practical animal husbandry, or the need to actually protect fragile newborns from unnecessary vet visits, no lets expose them all to a vet surgery so they can catch god knows what or cause the new mother who may already be stressed to want to have nothing to do with the babies instead of being allowed time and space to bond with them. Yep, brilliant idea.
  14. some did, but some just showed themselves for the stupid keyboard warriors they are, that will believe any images put in front of them
  15. not when it is then being used by Oscar's Law - they do not tend to make jokes about stuff like this, and would certainly not use it as a amusing thing
  16. why in hell would you not wash them first? And yes, do not agree with the ethics at all of a group that has no real direction and fosters continual misinformation about the subject they are talking about, and is doing so much to actually help remove all hobby breeding from Australia and replace it with the choices of either rescue dogs or large scale operators
  17. one thing I can add is that it is interesting that this paper was circulated to DogsVic, as well as the AVA and the RSPCA (and possibly other groups), but even though it includes brachy cats in the paper, it was NOT circulated to the cat governing bodies here in Vic - luckily someone who was a dogsvic member alerted our cat group to this paper so that we could ask to be included in the discussions and prepare a response as well. The very fact that yet again the cat groups were not included initially and even the AVA response do not mention cats anywhere in it is concerning - this covers so many cat breeds, obviously Persian, but also Exotic (short haired Persians), Selkirk Rex, British Shorthair and burmese (and therefore possibly also Mandalay, Bombay) and possibly others that I have left out. As a Persian breeder, I know that the standard has certainly been amended to make sure that the nostrils are wide, the nose not as extreme as it had gone and a maximum height position of it advised for starters to try to address the problems, however as has already been pointed out, it is all very well to change the standards, but if there are people out there as BYB or mills just breeding with anything, (and had seen one of those at a home visit a few weeks ago, where the jaw alignment of her pet shop Persian was simply horrific - the lower jaw was so much forward of her upper jaw) then the standards alone will not change that. EDucation of the public to be more knowledgable when buying is the first key. Making all breeders CT scan all their cats or dogs (at a advised cost to me by a very knowledgable cat vet, who said that these machines are only found at the larger vet hospitals or places like Werribee), of $1000 min per animal (plus the added risk of a GA for each one to be done), with no real idea of what the scoring system (which is not even in place yet), is looking for or how it might need to be adjusted as the animal amtures, nor even any idea of if one CT scan once in an animals life is enough or not - I can certainly say from my own point of view that if I had to CT scan all my cats say annually, I would not be breeding anymore I agree with the point that I think this is yet another thing designed to help get rid of the purebred breeders, and legitimise the designer dogs and cats - selling the idea that here is the dog or cat with sme of the look yu love, but none of those BAS concerns I also noted that the paper referred to other concerns that they said were problems with brachy dogs, but then did not go further into those - if they were going to say that GA concerns are a problem, they listed not one reference on such evidence - in which case why mention it at all. It is also not against the law in all of Germany to breed cats like they quote in the paper - that was proposed back in 2000's but has never been passed over there. But nothing like quoting something they read in another paper without actually double checking whether it is actually true or not, why let fact checking get in the way. I have also been advised by my vet friend that the DEPI has also asked the AVA to work on the CT scale for brachy breeds, so certainly does seem as if they want to push everyone into this area, even though this is not even a recognised tool for determining if there will be any issues. Either way, as a breeder of Persian cats, I am also very wary that this will simply end with all brachy dogs and cats being put on the heritable defects list, with the net result we cannot breed purebreds anymore (which will only result in more people buying from interstate anyway, which will do nothing to change anything)
  18. at least until 2015, although they have not yet even started work on the site of the new centre (it is just down the road from me, so I check regularly to see what is going on) Mind you, they have also not even done anything at the site next to our CFA in Greenvale where the AQIS sniffer dogs were meant to be moving either, and that was 3 years ago we were informed that they had leased the site for that (for 90 years)
  19. absolutely disgusting, and no doubt the racing industry had a very big push on the horse thing considering the number of racehorses going to and fro for our major races, as well as stallions that come and go to serve mares overseas and then coming here to do stud services over our spring. Effectively means quarantine costs have risen from $800 for 30 days to $1600 for 10 days - but you get no access to them, and I am betting they are certainly not giving the animals any more attention than they did before - I know my cat came in last year and not only was losing weight (until I was able to get him my special food, which saw him gain nearly 1 kilo in his 30 days, but also developed a rodent ulcer, again something they did not notice - I was luckily able to treat to myself while he was there) so they certainly were not doing much of a monitoring for my $29 a day then - for $149 a day, I would want them giving one on one attention all day, but betting that isn't going to happen
  20. I also use photoshop, and love it - as for shooting in raw, I wouldn't shoot any other way, I prefer to do my own editing, & not let the camera do it
  21. by the attacks she has made on people I know who have approached her to have legitimate talks with her and Trish Burke, and been harrassed, as well as the comments she made on viewing the show cats at last years pet expo, I have no doubt at all about what she considers about breeding of any sort, or even showing for that matter Sorry Powerlegs, had read through all 4 pages and just could not recall who had said it, and very hard to go backwards on mobile to try and retrieve it.
  22. Karma is a bitch - she has actively encouraged her followers to troll, harass, has allowed others to list names and addresses (and even phone nos) on her page without removing them, and allowed comments such as "lets break in and remove all those dogs" without any cautioning that theft is against the law, and has shown videos and pictures on her sites from breaking into places and taking these - and none of this has led to any action against her - why not? Surely trespass is still a crime. I have been sent abusive messages from both her and one of her friends who runs a shelter in the macedon area, targetting me with all sorts of lovely threats just because they were asked pertinent questions and not someone blowing sunshine up their backsides - yet obviously she feels it is not OK for the same sort of actions to be done against her. As for the comment someone made about her saying it is OK to buy a purebred from a reputable registered breeder - sorry, they don;t at all believe that - they may say that , but if you dig further, you will discover they think there is no such thing, and that as well, any breeders should not be breeding while there are still dogs and cats in shelters. The main thing she has done is helped to make the laws in Vic even more in favour of the larger scale operations, removed a lot of the ethical smaller scale breeders, who ironically, did raise kittens and puppies in the way they claim to want, and put in place the fact that animals really can't be raised within the home without being in breech of all the new laws - that is not something I would ever give her thanks for, she has destroyed the very thing most people want - that of a properly socialised kitten or puppy raised within a family home in a non caged environment
  23. and obviously her supporters are still happy to go on supporting her - some people do not learn
  24. good when your lawyer is having an ongoing case against them
  25. no you are not misinformed, you cannot visit and anything extra that you want like this is being charged for. Totally disgusting I had been going to orgnaise a cat import all myself, but the thought of one thing being wrong with the paperwork and it all going astray decided me against it. And just as well, as no one had noticed until the vet paperwork was being done just prior to export that the annual vaccination had not been done, and needed to be done and an extra 14 days added to the overseas stay before import could begin - agent was able t0o alter AQIS dates, airline freight bookings etc all easily - I would have been majorly stressed if I had had to contact everyone to do this
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