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  1. Potty training help needed

    Thank you Tassie. I am proud of my little girl. When she does little puddles, it's not excitement caused by visitors, but rather when we're playing indoors and she's having lots of fun. She's wants to play all the time and will keep it up until she's exhausted ... or I am. If she's awake, she's on the go every minute, but it's just lovely having a puppy who finds everything so exciting. Yesterday afternoon she "helped me" do some weeding in the garden and this kept her entertained for half an hour or so. She makes a game out of absolutely anything.
  2. Potty training help needed

    I thought I'd persevere for a week or so before updating. I tried coming in and then going straight back out but that didn't work, so it was back to the drawing board and retrying everything. I'm happy to say that things are definitely improving. When I take her outside first thing after waking she will now wee nearly every the time, and she's doing her poos outside too. I still have to watch her carefully when she's inside regarding her wees. Sometimes she will race to her indoor toilet but I can't count on that yet so I'm taking her outside every 30 minutes now and that seems to be helping. I've noticed that there are can be tiny puddles when she gets excited and I think this has a lot to do with her frequency. Now that she's started going outside several times a day, I think the message is starting to get through so I'm giving her a lot more opportunities, and as she's a treat-driven puppy, lots of treats. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  3. Potty training help needed

    Thanks Tassie. I don't think she has a medical problem because she can hold on for a long time. It's more a case of preferring to wee inside at the moment. Yesterday she didn't have one accident inside but today she's had 3. Even with the dangers outside, during the day it's far too hot for her to be outside for long as we're experiencing a heatwave. She does wee on the fake grass inside about 30% of the time. That's why I took her toilet tray outside but that didn't work out. I've only seen her wee outside maybe 4 or 5 times and they were all during playtime. The leash is a total failure at the moment because all she wants to do is bite it, so it's not a case of either of us choosing the spot. I know the general area where she likes to go and that's where I take her when she's on leash. So far she's only gone during playtime. She loves exploring the garden and it's quite possible she goes there but she may well be out of my line of sight. Tomorrow's another day.
  4. Potty training help needed

    Yes, I think I may be expecting a bit too much from such a young puppy. I can't delay her evening meal because I think she has a time clock in her head. She knows when I'm preparing our dinner that I'll be doing hers too.
  5. Potty training help needed

    Thank you Dogsfevr. In the past I've always trained my pups to go outside on leash, but I took your advice, sat down, and let her run around. Lo and behold, she did a poo, and she's only done a few of those outside. As soon as I brought her in, she thought the family room would be a good place to wee, and that's always been the main problem. No matter how long she's outside, whether it's to toilet or play, I almost never see her wee outside. I'm sure we'll get there eventually because all my past pups did. I'm probably in too much of a hurry because I want to leave the intense heat outside.
  6. Potty training help needed

    I agree that she doesn't realise she's supposed to toilet outside, but I'm not sure what you mean that she's rewarded for going inside. Most playtime is during the day and is quite separate from going outside to toilet. She tears around the yard off the leash during playtime and runs so fast when we play fetch that she often does somersaults! She's already very attached to me and I've tried various things in an attempt to make her realise that when she's on the leash it's not to play. My plan is to ultimately not use the indoor loo. She has a doggy door but I have to make sure she can't open it at night because 1) we have a lot of possums in our area and she'd charge at one if she saw one. You can imagine how dangerous that could be, and 2) we also have plenty of owls and some are very large. I don't want her to become dinner for one of them. Finally, we have a pair of wedge tail eagles that fly overhead twice a day and they make me very nervous because she's still so tiny. At the moment, the eagles have a baby and they're always on the lookout for food. I just feel that I can't let her out of my sight day or night at this stage. I'm not one of those over-protective mummies, it's just that there are real dangers around my neck of the woods and I don't want her to come to any harm. This is my 7th Pom so I'm quite used to their ways. This little pup is unlike any of the others and is totally fearless, hence my concern. Do you feel I should continue keeping her on a leash for outside potty? That's what I've always done in the past and it worked. I'm happy to try anything else you suggest. Where there's a will there's a way.
  7. Potty training help needed

    When I take her outside to potty, that's not when we play and have fun. She's on a leash and I take her to the spot where I want her to go. She just walks around sniffing the ground but that's it. I tried a second spot but the end result was the same. Yes, I take her outside as soon as she wakes. She sleeps 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, and because there's always a wee on the floor when she wakes, I thought I should give her another opportunity outside. I do take her out last thing at night. I have tons of time and plenty of patience but I still haven't been making progress. Maybe she just needs to mature more. I know it can take around 6 months, it's just that she learns everything else so quickly and I haven't had so many puddles with other puppies in the past. Maybe my memory isn't as good as it used to be.
  8. Potty training help needed

    We have a 12 week old Pomeranian who sleeps in an extremely large laundry which has a baby gate. She has an inside toilet tray with artificial grass on top of kitty litter which she took to instantly for poos from the time we got her when she was aged 8 weeks. Every morning I'm greeted with a poo in her toilet tray and 1 or 2 wees on the floor. The laundry and the entire back of the house has a tiled floor so cleaning up her wees isn't a problem, but getting her to potty outside isn't working out well at all. Since she was 10 weeks old, I've been taking her outside on the lawn for 15-30 minutes but she just wants to play and bite her leash. I take her outside as soon as she wakes, about 15 minutes after meals, immediately before she has a nap and I play outside with her for about 30-60 minutes each morning and afternoon. She rarely does anything while she's outside but will invariably do a wee shortly after coming inside, and often does a very small wee 5 minutes after a normal one. I tried taking her toilet tray outside but that didn't work at all. She's an extremely high energy little dog and is very strong-willed. Her other training, sit, stay, down etc is coming along brilliantly and I was able to get her to do those things after only 1 to 2 days with the aid of tiny treats and thought that would work, but no, she just holds on until she's back inside no matter how long we're outside. She never gets in trouble for her "mistakes" but it's hard to praise her because we rarely catch her doing anything. I'm running out of ideas and would be really grateful for any suggestions.
  9. Thinning Scissors

    Thank you all for your most helpful replies. I won't get the double-sided ones. In fact I may even hold off getting any thinning scissors at all for the time being. I've only used plain scissors on all my previous Poms, and as I'm not showing, I can probably still get a nice enough look with careful trimming using plain scissors.
  10. Opinion On Pomeranian's Diet

    Thank you so much puggy puggy for your excellent response. I'll start making subtle changes tomorrow.
  11. Thinning Scissors

    I'm definitely not going to cut into her coat in any way. I only want to take off just a fraction behind the ears to achieve the rounded look, to maintain the arc between the front and back legs. There's a wonderful video on the net by one of Britain's leading groomers and he shows exactly how to do it. That was the reason why I enquired about thinning scissors in that you don't get a noticeable cut line. There's no way I intend altering the coat, only minimalist trimming.
  12. Opinion On Pomeranian's Diet

    Thanks poodlefan. The rice/pasta was meant to be 30%, not 40%. That aside, the above isn't all she has. She has puppy milk with egg yolk for breakfast every morning plus cottage cheese or yoghurt and ground up chicken bones. I've offered her sardines and tuna but she's not showing any interest in them. I also leave some moistened kibble.
  13. My little Pom is 4 months old. The meat for her evening meal at present is either raw chicken thighs, raw minced lamb and occasionally cooked chicken mince. She's not too keen on ground beef but will eat it. To this I add an equivalent weight of pureed cooked vegetables. This veggie mix is made up of 1/2 butternut pumpkin, 1 sweet potato, 1 head of broccoli, 1 bunch of baby carrots, peas together with any other suitable greens that I have on hand. I also add a bit of cooked rice and a slurp of olive oil. This mixture is frozen in ice cube trays for convenience as she's very tiny and servings are small. She also has 2 brisket bones a week. The vet says the ratio should be 40% meat, 30% vegetable and 40% rice or pasta. What do you think? I'm considering adding liver, brains and heart but I'm not too sure how often offal should be offered, and do you cook it or serve it raw, and do I freeze it before or after cooking. I've read on the forum of people adding fruit but I haven't reached this stage yet because the portion sizes at the moment are really quite small and I want to make sure she's getting plenty of meat and veg while she's growing quickly. Maybe I should be starting sooner rather than later. I'd appreciate any comments on the above.
  14. I have a Pomeranian and am thinking about buying some Wahl Italian Series 5 1/2" double sided thinning scissors. I'm buying them to keep a soft edge after trimming with scissors. Do these sound suitable for the job? I believe they cost around $60.
  15. Thanks for your replies. A friend said that even though I was looking for a heartworm only tablet/chew, maybe I should consider Sentinel which also does intestinel worms and sterilizes fleas. Do you consider this a good idea or should I only consider heartworm a preventative?