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    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

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  1. Not sticking up for anyone here But with SoCares are they set up a bit differently? So if your group becomes and associate member they are then allowed to use the 16d? Not saying that all associates are good but I believe that is how it operates. So is allowed. As for everyone else. I am sure the list is extensive about who allows whom to use their clause. I had a conversation once with a animal holding facility in regards to groups using their 16d and handing dogs over to an unauthorised group. The reply I got was they don't care where the group with the 16d sends the animals. It is none of their business. I find that quite poor
  2. This is for a shunt not CL. She was about 11 months old when she was diagnosed. Yes she had seizures. She sort of lay on her side and twitched. It wasn't super violent. When she got up she was walking very strangely. She also did strange things like rub her head along walls and stand still like in a trance and flick her tongue in and out. No I didn't euthanize. Her seizures have been controlled with a combination of medicine and food. Tests to rule out a shunt will be back today. I also have contact with Sydney uni vet hospital and the professor who wrote the paper on CL We obviously don't want pup to be in pain or stress if it is CL. He is about 5mths old and besides a few "weird" things he is happy boy, but obviously something that will get worse over time if it is CL
  3. how old was the dog you had to deal with. Was it having seizures did you euthanize straight away
  4. Has anyone in rescue or even a breeder dealt with ceroid lipofuscinosis in a dog? Mainly a puppy who has just started seizing and shows signs of it ruling out a liver shunt today but vet is pretty certain it isn't a shunt and pup shows a lot of characteristics listed for ceroid lipofuscinosis Vet also consulting with an animal seizure specialist today I believe in particular this. He is a young ACD http://sydney.edu.au/vetscience/lida/dogs/search/disorder/358/Familial%20amaurotic%20idiocy
  5. Any adoption from any rescue should come with a copy of the desex certificate. Unless the dog was already registered as a desexed dog (which of course we all know u need a desex cert to do that) Regardless of what has happened. It needs to be dealt with. As stated there are different options and roads to take, but I guess that is between the buyer and the rescue. Unless another group is willing to help out in this situation. Did he adopt from a site that stated the dog was desexed? I guess without all the information in regards to how the dog came into care to how it was advertised and rehomed it is hard to find the reason behind why it is rehomed without confirmation of desexing. There is no law saying a dog/cat has to be desexed if rehomed via a rescue. For most though it is something they feel strongly about ethically. So we assume everyone does it.
  6. Caz sadly there are some gronks on FB who think they know things but don't. AWL were alerted and I was in direct contact with both the inspectors but as RSPCA had already attended the property a couple of days earlier they aren't able to also attend. So at no stage did AWL attend and the clean up happened after RSPCA had been there. I had asked the original poster and several ppl to remove the pictures of FB as you are correct if the person involved was alerted to the posts before authorities had been they have every chance to clean up the mess and therefore a waste of an Inspector visit. Also because even if pictures show something to be horrid we don't know why it is like it is. Even if we don't like what we see we can't turn vigilante. What happens with the situation is for the authorities to deal with There are no laws sadly in regards to the size of a cage you keep a fox in. When adopting from fox rescue they do have their own specifications but there is nothing in writing. RSPCA and Fox rescue have communicated in regards to the fox but I am not sure if anything will come of it.
  7. Contact Cathy from Wally's Rescue on 0447 410 001 or email on [email protected] I am sure she could help with getting food to the right ppl
  8. Good on Tim! I didn't realise he had moved across to RSPCA SA, would be a difficult time for him given the last few months. Who has taken on CEO of AWL NSW now? He officially resigned just over 3wks ago from AWL NSW Currently there is no AWL NSW CEO
  9. You can have them. All yours. I deleted about 14 voicemail msg's last week.
  10. I have 3 male mini foxy terriers. They are 6mths old Western Sydney being surrendered Does any established, reputable dot your eyes and cross your t's rescue have room for these babies? sorry, no pics as i only got the call this afternoon
  11. As far as I new aren't check chains and prong collars banned by use from RSPCA, AWL & Guide dogs Australia. As well as quite a few training clubs?
  12. This is a good post. I am not a fan of "cowboys" either. I think these days people decide they can just start a rescue with 0 experience. I don't doubt alot of the passion to rescue animals, but if you have worked under an ethical group who has i's dotted and t's crossed and all paperwork from ABN, 16d, CFN in working order. Committee's etc, then I think you learn the right way to go about things. Sadly if you just decide to start up a group with none of the above, you open yourself up to alot of criticism from those who have tried and tested alot of things.
  13. Yet to be assessed by the vet as it is being surrendered to a group. Our underestanding is blind from birth, but yet to be established.
  14. Just wanting to talk with anyone who has raised or rehomed a blind dog or possibly if they might be interested in foster one or offer it a new home Is a 6mth old Malt coming into care in Western Sydney
  15. 2) We are very excited about the roll out of nationwide program we lovingly call Inmates for Inmates (ex-poundie Assistance Dog Program) supported by training in Correctional Facilities. Began as an experimental program, this program is another first of its kind. The connection between inmates and abandoned pets was unprecedented and this has led, not only to an expansion of the program, but also a formal study on the benefits of poundies for rehabilitation of inmates – and all the while the rehabilitation and training of the pooch! I would be interested to know which facilities they intend on sinking their teeth into. there are already programs up and running and why would a govt correctional facility not use RSPCA or AWL to advance the programs they currently already have in use?
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