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  1. Any experienced home checker in this area who can help us out? It's for a small-sized puppy, so will need a good fencing inspection especially around the pool. Please PM me,
  2. After >6 years and hundreds of dogs, I've finally had a foster failure! I just have to keep little Comet for myself. He was left at the Wagga pound in Dec by a young couple who couldn't afford to provide vet care. He came to me immediately under DOC: very anaemic, heavy worm burden, fluid-filled belly, and front legs growing crooked. Thanks to the lovely vets at Lake Road Vet, he is now very healthy, with strong straight legs. I think he's a chihuahua x Jack, very surprising for a big-dog person like me to fall for! He's a lapdog on Red Bull, lol. Janey
  3. Adding to the difficulty is that I am aware of some rural pounds don't have a vet within 100 km. Even if there is a vet nearby, xe is frequently so busy with large animal practice that xe can't or won't reduce rates for rescue/pound anyway.
  4. I'll have to look back through, but I think I remember seeing the Wagga female in RR. Round about the time there was a huge rush from 'the group that shall not be named' and their so-called affililiate rescues claiming to save everything from GRAS. Lasted about a month and then they all went quiet here, thankfully!
  5. Very good paper, thanks Aphra! The virulence of the parvo we've been dealing with over the past 2 years is shocking.
  6. Sadly, we have had puppies with parvo already this soring in Wagga, as have some others. Two of my fosters became several weeks after arriving, despite 2-week quarantine period. One survived after a week in hospital but his brother didn't. But because they had gone through quarantine, they'd socialised with some others of our foster puppies. So, I started researching ways to assess the risk to the other puppies rather than putting them all back into a long quarantine. Turns out, Parvo antibody testing in-clinic is actually affordable in Aus. I asked our vet, who was under the impression that it's several hundred dollars each, but it's not. Lake Road Vet in Wagga is using these kitshttps://www.zoetis.c...-cdvcpvreg.aspx. They are a well test, the kit test both CPV and distemper concurrently and up to 6 samples at a time. Works out to about $100 per pup if all 6 sets of wells are used at the same time. Another kit looks simpler to usehttp://vaccicheck.co...us/aboutus.html and she's looking into pricing. Through the "parvo season", we are going to do both antibody and ELISA (snap) tests on incoming puppies. The plasma can be stored for a few days until there's 6 samples to run, to use the entire kit in one go and reduce waste/cost. The testing protocol for puppies who may have been exposed to parvo has 4 possible result combinations: High antibody titre and negative parvo ELISA test, can be moved into foster care (and fast-track to adoption) immediately after getting a good bath to wash contamination off their coats. High antibody titre and positive parvo test, they're fighting off parvo and need to be quarantined until no longer shedding virus. Low antibodies and negative parvo test get bathed, vaccinated and then quarantined as usual, but if they've been exposed they will probably get sick. We monitor these pups very closely, taking temps, etc to identify onset asap. Low antibodies and positive parvo test go straight onto vet treatment. With the Riverina and so many other areas of the country being known parvo hotspots and distemper coming back as well, maybe this will help other groups to assess risks and make decisions if your vet will offer the test kits. Reference- UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program. http://www.sheltermedicine.com/node/34 JaneyEdited to fix typos
  7. Thank you Janelle B! Would someone from Rural Rescue please PM your info to me for a Change of Owner form? Thanks.
  8. The chip is in my name under Best Friends Pet Rescue, but it's not ours. Dog is described as brindle mastiff approx 2 years old.
  9. Sadly, Roger died yesterday morning from illness. He will be greatly missed by many rescuers in addition to the Snowy Mountains team, as he provided transport from Wagga to Yass for so many poundies. Roger's funeral will be held this Monday 23rd June at the Wagga Crematorium Chapel in Brunskill Road Wagga. It will start at 1pm. Please contact Lorene on 02 69491491 if you need more details. (Copied from their Facebook page.)
  10. I am not familiar with SQL syntax, so I didn't spend any time trying to get my old granny brain around it. Robin was able to do it so quickly, he didn't even charge me for it
  11. Hi Tess, Yes, Rob created a custom report for me titled "NSW Government Figures" so just ask him to add it to your pkg.
  12. We have been using it for more than four years and it works just fine for foster networks. The brilliant thing is that a foster can be entered as " movement to foster home" and can be returned or relocated to another foster home. Thus you can track how many foster homes a particular pet has been in and also how many pets a carer has or has had over the years. I started with the free, stand-alone package on my PC when we were very small and switched to the hosted version after we grew too large for one person to do all the admin. I can't speak highly enough of it, and how it's made our record-keeping easier! Janey
  13. Paying for NSW Lifetime Registration is not a requirement, however our group does include it in the dog adoption fees. We have stopped including it for cats, though. We used to set a $200 adoption fee for cats, which allowed us to pay the $49 rego and still not lose too much money per cat. However, several area rescue groups are adopting out cats for $100-150, so we've had to lower our fee and hence, stop including the rego. This is quoted from the DLG Circular http://www.dlg.nsw.gov.au/dlg/dlghome/documents/Circulars/08-73.pdf , "The intent of clause 16(d) of the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 is to provide financial relief to animal rescue organisations by exempting them from the requirement to register animals which are in their temporary care for the purposes of re-housing. This exemption provision was formerly contained in clause 17 of the old 1999 Regulation. An animal is required to be lifetime registered immediately following its release from an organisation holding a clause 16(d) exemption. However, it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure the animal is registered. Organisations operating with a clause 16(d) exemption may choose to register animals prior to release and include the cost of registration in the purchase price charged to the new owner."
  14. Do we have any idea how many carers and animals need help and where they are located? We have a bit of available capacity in Canberra/Queanbeyan for kittens. Email us if we can help.
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