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  1. Is it possible he may have been de-barked?
  2. Allergic To Grass?

    We have a tibbie who has allergies to a number of things including grass, some plants, oatmeal and flaxseed. I have found QV Wash as a shampoo very good. It was recommended by our vet who had consulted a dermatologist. We did use Aloveen but it made him worse as it contains oatmeal. Curash powder helps as well and provides some relief. Skin allergies is tough to fix. It's been mostly trial and error and managing the problem. However, with a diet that suits him and building up his immune system, he has been much better.
  3. Mita, the piece they used to plug Helen's valve is the same one they use for human babies! I am just so happy it worked for Helen. My husband thinks Helen is now much more athletic when we go for walks. He mentioned it to the cardiologist who gave a wry smile and said she thinks Helen chooses how athletic she wishes to be. She thinks Helen prefers being a cafe dog and will probably revert to being a slow poke on walks. She said it's a woman's prerogative!
  4. It's been awhile since I've been in this sub-forum. Our little tibbie girl, Helen, had been diagnosed with a heart murmur due to a PDA (random birth defect) and has since had heart surgery. She had a fabulous cardiologist, Dr Fiona Campbell, taking care of her. Helen is the sweetest girl but tough as bones! She sailed through the surgery and recovered in about 1 week. She hates being away from us even for a few hours and we were worried about her being in hospital for a few days. She coped very well and the cardiologist got her home as quickly as possible. Her last check up indicated she is cured (no more murmur). It's a huge relief and we are so happy to have a completely healthy Helen. Our other tibbie, Miki, is as cheeky as ever!
  5. French Bulldog Causing Carnage

    Jane Harper has been a great help with one of my tibbies who has anxiety issues ( presented as DA not separation anxiety) . The vet with GAP (when we were considering adopting a greyhound) once told me that there's often a genetic component to anxiety as well as poor socialisation. She said that it may not be something that will go away but with professional help, we can learn to manage it and provide a better quality of life for both dog and owner. She cautioned me about having unrealistic expectations for our tibbie ( such as being able to take her to cafes, fetes and places with lots of strange dogs). Once I got my head around this, it reduced my own anxiety which in turn benefited my tibbie. Jane really helped us improve our understanding of what was happening for my dog, change my own behaviour/response and put together a management plan. She is such a calm, positive and sensible person that it rubs off on those she works with!! While it's not perfect and we still have bad days ( 7 years on), we have in place a routine that works quite well. Patience, management and routines are now my best friends ( pity it doesn't come naturally to me!). I have to say that I would not take a dog with these issues again much as we love him. It's a huge commitment and responsibility for a very long time as he just needs a lot of management with little room for error or it will be a set back for quite some time. I believe Dr Cameron Day is a vet behaviourist in Brisbane. I have not used him but a friend told me he was good. Might be worth checking out.
  6. Boarding Kennels Brisbane

    I have heard of Northshore but have not used it or know of anyone who have. One of my tibbies is very reactive to other dogs and it is also from anxiety. I use Samford because they are the only ones I trust to safely manage this issue. My friend's dog has same issue (rottie) and Samford was the only kennel that she used. My tibbie loves it at Samford and sometimes will not want to leave! All the best with house hunting.
  7. Boarding Kennels Brisbane

    We send our tibbies to Samford Pet Resort. They are a caring and professional team who have always been happy to accomodate our tibbie's special needs (skin allergies). One tibbie is dog reactive but they manage him well. He feels safe there and is happy to be there. The tibbies always come home healthy, clean and in good spirits. They should take care of any health needs although there may an additional charge (I'm not sure so worth checking). All the best in finding the right kennel for your labs.
  8. Vet Recommendations In Brisbane

    I agree with Mita that Dr Jenny White at The Glen Clinic is excellent and very reasonably priced. Our 7 year old tibbie is the one Mita mentioned that required heart surgery. She has had this condition since birth and we have used a number of vets over the years. Jenny was the only one that detected the heart murmur as it was a tricky one to hear. Both tibbies also had dentals with her and she did a great job at a reasonable price. I highly recommend her and we travel to see her.
  9. Vet Costs Over A Year

    It's been a terrible year for us with vet bills. Our tibbie just had a heart procedure. The total cost from diagnosis is $8400. It's made me gulp and sigh many times but she is cured so definitely worth it. The vet was wonderful and the whole team very professional. I am really hoping both tibbies need nothing more than vaccinations for the rest of the year!
  10. Dog Friendly Fruit Trees?

    Tahitian lime tree is a handy tree to have around and no one here (tibbies, possums, flying fox and turkeys) touch the fruit or tree. You could have a mohito party! I also cut up the ones we don't use and put them in the garden beds as it helps keep cats off.
  11. I agree with Mita that the independent mind of the tibetan spaniel can be a challenge for some. They're smart too so they'll dig their heels in when you're in a rush and don't have time to outsmart them! As they're watchdogs, barking can be an issue if you live in a busy area and with that independent spirit, ours don't stop when we tell them it's all ok. They decide if and when it's ok to stop and usually it's when the 'threat' has moved on! On the flip side, their cheerful, independent nature makes them easy to live with and they are not demanding in terms of exercise or entertainment.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I came down with shingles after Helen's vet visit. I think we are all getting old!! TT, there wasn't any symptoms that was obvious with Helen. It was picked up on this visit although she was there a few weeks ago for a dental. She was checked thoroughly before the dental and there was no murmur. She has always been quite intolerant of exercise (gets out of puff quite quickly) but I had assumed it was because it's hot up in Brisbane and it's easy to overheat with a flat face. She's otherwise been a well dog. It's normally Miki that gets all sorts of ailments although I was told at his check up that he is healthy as a horse! I suspect he just has poor tolerance of anything that doesn't go his way! We should know more about Helen once she sees the cardiologist in September.
  13. TT, we watched the iggies too! They were in the next ring. Lovely dogs. I also completely fell in love with the Afghans. I've never seen them up close. Stunning dogs. On a heavier note, poor Helen has just been diagnosed with an unusual pulmonary heart murmur. The vet said it's not a mitral murmur common in small breeds as they age. It has an unusual sound and can only be heard in one spot close to the front. Our next step is to take her for an ultrasound and consult with a cardiologist. Really hope our girl will be ok.
  14. We saw some beautiful tibbies at the EKKA on the weekend. They came on after the pugs so it was a bit of a wait as the pug section was quite a big one! Worth the wait as they were lovely. I spoke to a breeder who said all entrants this year are Queenslanders. We also watched the pekes. They are just like cute little mops!
  15. Thanks Mita. I'll give them a call.