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  1. At $12/night I'd be worried I was seriously underpaying and that therefore you wouldn't be taking good care of my dog. $12 is very cheap.
  2. Poodle Thread

    CC- more amazing results. I love reading these posts.
  3. Incident With Loose Dog Last Night

    Could you see another possible perspective on this: a woman was outside with her little dog and a couple walking their reactive dogs approached the house, the little dog displayed a typical territorial response and the reactive dogs started growling and lunging, little dog's owner chased her dog and restrained it whilst the reactive dogs were not removed but instead held on-leash continuing to lunge and growl. The reactive dog's owner then had the audacity to complain that the little dog was not on leash on its own property. I'm not faulting you and I understand it is difficult to walk reactive dogs but I just wanted to provide another viewpoint that might help you understand the other dog owner's response.
  4. I'm also looking forward to an Australian-made grain free kibble.
  5. Missy Threw Up

    I hope Missy is feeling better today. I'd also guess that the meal was too close to training time -it might have been te car ride rather than the exercise that upset her. I feed my dog at least an hour in advance of training/exercise. I'd also feed a smaller and much simpler meal eg. 2 chicken wings. I balance meals out over time so a smaller meal is fine.
  6. Raw/natural Chitchat

    You can do raw without a food processor. The method is going to depend on what style of raw you want to do. The Tom Lonsdale method is based on RMBs or whole carcasses and does not involve any vege purees: http://www.rawmeatybones.com/petowners/feedyourdogrmb.php Vets All Natural is a muesli grain-base that you just add meat-mince to. http://www.vetsallnatural.com.au/ I do a BARF style of feeding that does include vege purees but the veges are only about 20% of the diet. And I use a mix of fresh, frozen/thawed and cooked veges as well as soft fruit and sa small amount of VAN muesli. The freeze/thawing and/or cooking breaks down the cell walls so most of the stuff I use could probably just be mashed rather than processed. I do like to puree liver though as otherwise my dog picks it out and leaves it on the lawn.
  7. I Finally Made My Own Raw Food

    I've been making up raw food for my dog for the past few months and been surprised at how cheap it is. Do you have a Tasman meats anywhere near you? Tasman meat regular prices: chicken wings or chicken pieces $3/kg, chicken carcases $2/kg, lamb ribs $4 kg, beef mince $4/kg, chicken liver $4/kg. And I also check out the reduced for quick sale buys which are always good. This is all human grade meat. The only other dog food items I buy are the cheapest cans of salmon and frozen spinach from ALDI and roo mince $8/kg from woolworths. For the veges I just save freeze all the leftovers from our meals and salads and then add the spinach.
  8. Poodle Thread

    I love reading this thread and seeing poodle photos. I took Juno to a new obedience school today - it is very traditional and formal which is quite a change to the positive-rewards training we have done previously. We'll have to give it a go and see whether it suits us. Juno loves training but I need to be in something formal and goal-oriented to stay motivated. I also gets lots of enquiries as to whether Juno is a pure poodle. I think there are just so many poodle-crosses around that people don't really know what a poodle looks like. I also think their are a lot of misconceptions about what poodles are. The comment we get frequently is that Juno looks like a real dog and not a poodle. I just laugh this off and talk very positively about how great poodles are and how fantastic it is to have a pure bred dog from a good breeder.
  9. Incidence Of Hydatids

    Thanks for the succinct reply. I feel a bit foolish for needlessly obsessing. I don't think freezing kills hydatids though.
  10. I just read the heartworm thread and was reminded of a slew of questions about hydatids that I've been meaning to ask for a while. Does anyone have any numbers on how common hydatid infections are in sheep, dogs and/or humans in mainland Australia? Is this something that really only affects farm-dogs and hunters-dogs or is it a general concern for any dog eating offal? How concerned should I be about hydatids when feeding a raw diet to my dog? Do those of you feeding RAW feel comfortable feeding raw sheep/beef offal from a human-grade source? And what about commercial BARF patties - do they somehow guarantee their food free of cysts? I have lots of little children hugging and snuggling my dog on a regular basis and I can't count on them to not lick their fingers afterwards.
  11. Awesome Video.

    Gorgeous video.
  12. Poodle Thread

    Here's a pic of Juno, groomed and looking serious. And another pic of her scruffy but showing her lovely smile.
  13. Poodle Thread

    Hello - I'm always reading these forums but very rarely post unless I am after advice. I'm heading to a poodle party on Tuesday and have spent hours grooming my beautifully patient poodle. She looks okay. I keep Juno in a short clip - sort of a modified lamb clip but with short ears. I always get lots of compliments on her but I think that is mainly because she is well-built enough that she can carry my grooming errors! Anyway, I'd love recommendations for some better brushes. She has very dense coat on her legs but most of her body is short and softly plush (cut with a 10 mm comb attachment) so I don't like running a slicker through her coat. I have been using a pin brush and then a comb. I've been reading a few reviews online and I'm wondering if my slicker brush is too harsh -its a cheapie. Should I use two different brushes on her boy and legs? I'm looking at a $75 Les Poochs gold slicker brush http://www.lespoochs.com/brushDetail.asp?inpItemCode=BFG%25 Or maybe something from Chris Chistensen?
  14. 200 ml of water weighs 200 grams. So, 200 g of VAN + 200 ml of water = 400 g.
  15. I am considering using the CM as the vege component of a BARF diet. If my dog has a morning meal of CM/meat and an evening meal of RMBs would this still be considered a balanced diet? So, I would half the CM/meat amount recommended for the day and feed about 300-400g chicken necks/wings in the evening (20 kg young dog, using the puppy mix)?