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  1. Thanks everyone. The friends we are travelling th are having their dog looked after by a mutual friend who is staying in their house. So miss Poppy will be joining them for the week. Where she can sleep inside, on the bed and be spoilt as usual! Lol!
  2. I haven't done research on here... Is there a particular section to look in? We have been looking at the pet chalet and moggill motel websites. I just worry about her...
  3. We are in Ipswich but willing to travel. She's a cavalier King Charles spaniel x.
  4. Hi All, Just after recommendations of great boarding kennels in Western Brisbane area? Our puppy is 3 years old and just loves being with humans. We had a sitter lined up as we are going on a cruise for a week but that has fallen through. I'm nervous about leaving her with just anyone and so am hoping that you can all recommend a kennel that will love and care for her like we do! Thanks, :)
  5. Her name is Poppy. She turned two this month and we can't imagine life without her now! Hubby had NEVER had a pet before and he says all the time he didn't think he would love her as much as he does! She's just perfect for us! Fits in with what we're doing so well. :D
  6. Okay got it! Now it looks like this... Do I need to be putting doggy sunscreen on it? Thanks.
  7. Just after some advice regarding Poppy's nose... and if it needs any special attention. My vet has never mentioned anything but I've never asked specifically about her nose either... When we got her at 8 weeks it was still pink in most places but had some black... Here is a photo... Now it looks like this... Argh! Now I can't attach another photo... it keeps saying "Error No file was selected for upload" So now I'm stuck!!!
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that Poppy was a super star on our trip! She happily snoozed the whole 7 hours (almost 9 on the way home due to the Cunninghma beng closed) and when we stopped for breaks was great on the leash. We went out to a friends 35 acre property and with no fencing I was a little worried she would run and run and not come back but she didn't! She stayed close and went off and explored then would come back the see the people! Everyone commented on how cute and well behaved she was! Was very proud of her!
  9. Thanks everyone for you tips and advice and stories! And for the well wishes. I think a long lead may be the answer and will just stop a couple of times. Does anyone know the rules with dogs and outdoor eating in NSW? I usually stop in Tenterfield for lunch but might have to get drive through and go to a park.
  10. Thanks! Thanks for the hint... just found two places. But I don't think either are fenced which worries me. May need to buy a super long leash. My pup has this things with going toilet on a leash... she's never done it for me before so I'm worried about this hence the need for a fenced dog park or two along the way.
  11. So I'm taking my 2 year old CKCS home with me for Christmas. It's about 7 hours of driving. And the longest trip she will have ever done. Up until now it's been 2 hours at a time. She is super good in the car for those trips so I'm hoping she will be for this one too. I'm after tips to make the journey stress free for us both. And also am wondering if anyone knows of fenced dog parks between Ipswich and Tamworth? Like in Tenterfield, Glen Innes, Armidale, etc? Thanks!
  12. What's rescue remedy? WHere can I get it and how much do I need to give... Poppy is 12 kg. I don't want to go straight to medication but I have never seen her so stressed! She started crying towards the end of the storm and is now curled in a ball RIGHT next to me. She isn't shaking of panting so that's good. I wonder why she is suddenly so afraid of storms. Oh and I tried wrapping a shirt around her like suggested. She hated it and this is when the crying started. She's never been a fan of coats either so perhaps the thundershirt isn't going to be for her.
  13. Thanks - Will look at those! Is it okay to cuddle and reassure etc or is that just cementing the fear? Someone once told me that showing a dog affections and reassurance when they are afriad only lets them know that there must in fact be something to be scared of? Is this true?
  14. So Poppy (CKCS x) is 2 years old and has never particularly liked storms. She's never liked going out in the rain and the thunder seems to bother her but I've noticed that during the past few months her fear seems to have gotten worse. Right now she is on the couch, lying next to me ... and I mean RIGHT next to me shivering. She pops her head up and looks around each time it thunders. She has also tried to burry her head under my arms in an effort the hide her head away. Her heart is beating fast and at times she pants. So how do I "fix" (for lack of a better word) this? What can I do to make her less fearful of storms?
  15. I found an amazing dog sitter on DOL but I did have a bad experience with one before that. We left Poppy with the sitter for a weekend. The sitter then left Poppy crated overnight from 5pm to 7am while she went out to a party in the city. Poppy was only young at the time. Maybe the same age as your puppy and of course she was bored and chewed up her bed in the crate. Was not impressed. Another idea is to find a stay at home mum who might like to look after puppy during the day. Similar to the elderly person idea.
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