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    Just love dogs.<br>Have been an animal artist for 8 years, (dog portraiture) and cant get enough of all breed (including X). They are unconditional lovers, and to them all i return the favour.
  1. My Lab retriever would eat grapes (often a bit unripe) straight off the vine as a youngster. He never got an irritated bowel or anything! He lived to the ripe old age of 16, (which is good for a 40 kg dog) and only suffered a bit of arthritis as an older dog. He would select the grapes he wanted to eat, and I figured that he knew what he was looking for. I am confident he didn't die of a kidney related disease, simply old age.
  2. My sister had to rush her 15 year old fox terrier bitch to the vet after what she thought was a turn or stroke suffered in the wee hours of this morning. As a result of this incident, the poor dog had no control of her bladder, and the frequent urination worried her greatly (she tried to clean herself up repeatedly and became ill (vomit) as a result of this) The vet has thoroughly examined the bitch, and found that she is still healthy, no sign of stroke or anything and has injured her lower spine. She is being treated with steriods to reduce pain (although not severe) and help relax muscles for repair, and has prescribed incontinence tablets to stop the urination. The vet said it would take effect after 3-4 tablets, and will stop the urination leaks until her back settles down again. Has anyone given these tablets to a dog before, and if so do they work? We have never heard of them before.
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