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  1. Inbreeding Rules Kill Giraffe

    Never heard a farmer say they are about conservation though, which is what the zoo claims. I think they would be more like dog breeders than farmers - and if they don't have a big enough zoo for the animals they breed or alternative homes for them then they shouldn't be breeding the animals. And it doesn't seem like they think much about their breeding program past the next generation - it seems like they will be in the exact same situation down the track. Many zoos have expressed horror at what they are doing so I definitely don't think this is normal practice - or maybe they are just more secretive about their culling? I don't disagree with the public dissection (I wasn't aware the killing was public as well) - people were given the choice, not had it forced on them. And it might make more people think about where their own meat comes from, rather than just a tray in the supermarket. ETA And a number of zoos offered to take Marius, the giraffe, but their offers were ignored.
  2. Inbreeding Rules Kill Giraffe

    So you kill a giraffe and hack it up to feed to the lions because he doesn't fit with your breeding program. Then you kill the lions because they don't fit with your breeding program. Then you get another lion to breed to make more lions which will no doubt suffer a similar fate given time, as they will all be genetically related. Then you try to justify it to the world that it is all about conservation, because we are all idiots obviously. May be time to put more thought into the breeding program or get a bigger zoo. Very sad for all the animals.
  3. Overseas Move With Dog Involved

    Hi Hockz We are currently living in the UK for 2 years and flew our dog (Labrador) over here and he will be flying back at the end of this year. He had no problems coming over and has never been in a crate. He had flown domestically on a few occasions though. He wasn't let out of the crate at all on the way over but I have heard that some places have the quarantine facilities to let them out of their crate and be kennelled over night (Dubai maybe?) Ours went via Thailand and only stopped for about three hours. The trip over is always a worry but it is definitely a lovely life for them over here - lots of freedom to go places and be off lead. Good luck with your plans and message me if you would like any info.
  4. Puppy Buyers

    I agree with Jed - I would never ever get a puppy and leave it on its own all day. A friend of my husbands recently told me he was thinking of getting a pup and asked me what breed I thought would be OK left on its own. With travel time he works 11 hours a day and he has his kids every second weekend and likes to take them out and about. I said I didn't think it was fair to the pup - unless he had someone who could puppy sit during the day and do walks, training and feeding. I told him how much time he would realistically need to dedicate to a dog for its whole life - puppy school, socialising, training, exercise etc - and thankfully he decided against it. I guess the point is that most people who were outraged at the OP actually do put measures in place to make sure their new pup isn't in this situation. So it doesn't apply to them anyway And the arguments that maybe people lie or won't do what they say or are at home but will ignore the dog are valid, but surely this isn't a reason to lower your expectations for puppies you have bought into the world and are responsible for? And why should a breeder who cares so much be held responsible for the ignorant public going to a pet shop or BYB if they decide a home isn't suitable for one of their pups? It is a fact of life that most of us have to work for a living but potential dog owners that believe a dog will just slot into their life without having to make any adjustments or sacrifices are highly likely to see their dog as "just a dog" and not as a member of the family. And I wouldn't want a pup I had bred to go to a home like this either.
  5. Dog Rehoming Question

    Hey Samoyedman :) I don't agree at all that the situation won't work. It really depends on the dog and his temperament. We rehomed our beagle and I have made a wonderful friend and we still see him and get constant facebook pictures and updates. He gets excited to see us but is perfectly content where he is and it doesn't upset him at all to see us. Although we don't see him as often as you are proposing. The only thing I would say is if you honestly believe it is the best thing for your dog then search far and wide for the absolute best home for him. If your friends are it, then that is great but I agree with the person who said don't limit yourself to friends as they may not be the best home for him. Sure, it may allow you to see him but if you honestly want the best for the dog then you may need to make some personal sacrifice. If you are really lucky the situation can work - it has for us. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you - it is such a heart-wrenching decision and I really feel for you xx
  6. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    You have judged the owner and found her guilty, it is written in all your posts how it is her fault. Do you not think she is kicking herself right now. How do you know that the person she has trusted has done this job for her several times in the past, with no problems? How about the trusted person got ill and they trusted someone else? How about the owner was a twit and trusted someone she shouldn't and now because of misplaced trust she deserves to lose her dog? What would the dog choose???? I don't know - I'm not the dog. And as for all your other questions, I don't know either. But that's the point, we don't know. I don't find her "guilty", I feel devastated for her - as I would be. But I also feel you have judged the new owners and it is written in your posts that you think they should give the dog back. All I tried to say is that for me - it would depend on knowing the rest of the story and the quality of the dogs home before I gave her back. And if I found out there were circumstances beyond her control and the dog was very-muched loved I would give her back in a heartbeat. But if I felt I could offer the dog a much better home I would struggle to give her back. In hindsight I probably should have just voted :)
  7. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    It was implied that the new owners should give the dog back - and without knowing what both homes who would know what the dog would prefer?? Maybe it is in the best interest of the dog to stay in the new home. That's the problem - we don't really know.
  8. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    You are free to have an opinion of me if you wish, that's the beauty of living in a democracy - free speech. And I don't know you so I don't really care if you think I am dumb :) My point was not to use my limited experience in life to judge - it was to make the point that many people do place trust in people that they don't really know to care for their animals, often because it is the cheaper option. And if you don't think this is commonplace (not on dogzonline but in the wider community) then I disagree with you. I am not judging either side - it is a sad situation for all and I would be devastated if it was me. I didn't vote because I don't know what I would do - there was a lot missing from this story. It is human nature to cry poor me when people feel they have been wronged - I just wish people would take more responsibility for their choices.
  9. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    The loving owner that left her with someone who couldn't even be bothered to tell her the dog was missing? How do you know the dog doesn't have a better quality of life with the new owners? Mia hadn't been off the property for 7 years. yes the loving owner who has cared for Mia for 7 years. The loving owner who trusted someone to care for her dog and who didn't. I worked in a pound for 10 years and had a well loved dog turn up, supposed to be cared for by a trusted family friend. We kept the dog for well over it's pound time before PTS. We couldn't believe the owner would not be looking for this lovely old dog. When the owner came back from holidays the only reason they knew the poor dog had ended up in the pound was because they found an old copy of the paper where the dog was listed. It was elderly and they thought it had wandered off and died. Trusted family friend never looked for it cause the food they were putting out was being eaten, they assumed by the elderly dog even though they hadn't seen it in days. The owners thought they were doing the right thing by the dog by leaving it in familiar surroundings. I dealt with the owners, I had them crying on my shoulder, they were devastated all because they trusted a family friend. So it happens. Mia belongs back at her home. Maybe so but I can't make a final decision based on a one-sided news report that was very sketchy on detail. But it would seem that people really need to reassess who they trust by the sounds of things.
  10. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    The loving owner that left her with someone who couldn't even be bothered to tell her the dog was missing? How do you know the dog doesn't have a better quality of life with the new owners? Mia hadn't been off the property for 7 years. How can you hold the owner responsible for someone else's actions? It defies logic. She hasn't any control over the other person unless he was a remote conrolled robot and she held the remote!! Only she knows how well she knows and trusts the person that she left the dog with - I am assuming not very well. As I have mentioned before, I have been asked by a neighbour I only knew to say hello to to "pop over" and feed her dog for two weeks. She didn't know me or if I would call her if I went over to feed the dog one day and it had escaped the yard. How do you know this wasn't a similar circumstance? We don't know all the facts so it is unfair to say it is a cut and dried case of "give the dog back". The owner is the responsible for the situation - the dog wasn't chipped and she didn't leave the dog with someone trustworthy. Was someone staying with the dog or just feeding it? The family who went to the RSPCA, chose a new family member and went home to enjoy her is at fault?? The defies logic to me. Talk about a great way to stop people wanting to adopt a dog
  11. Man Eats His Own Dog

    I agree with you mixeduppup - no one truly knows what they would do. That is why we are speculating - it is doubtful that many people in a first world country would ever experience that type of hunger. They have allowed the refugees in Syria to start eating the camp dogs as they are in a similar predicament due to the atrocities of war. But many people on here love their dogs equally as family members and cannot contemplate doing what he did. I don't believe I could do it and hope I am never in the situation to find out.
  12. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    The loving owner that left her with someone who couldn't even be bothered to tell her the dog was missing? How do you know the dog doesn't have a better quality of life with the new owners? Mia hadn't been off the property for 7 years.
  13. Man Eats His Own Dog

    Who says he's not feeling terrible? Who says he doesn't feel quilty every day? He killed his dog and ate it to survive (the only way he could think of at the time) and you wouldn't eat an entire german shepherd over 1 day, he probably kept the meat for a long time and he did lose a HEAP of weight so obviously didn't find much else to eat. His dog kept him alive twice. No one said he is not feeling terrible or racked with guilt. In fact one commenter who appeared to know him said he will always regret not taking a sat phone with him. People are saying that they do not believe they would do the same thing under the same circumstance - although I doubt many people would put themselves in that position in the first place. He made bad choices and will have to live with the consequences.
  14. Man Eats His Own Dog

    If he had loved the animal and had it as a pet and it had saved his life it would be just as upsetting to me. He killed his dog a "few days" after the bear took his food - didn't seem like he tried too hard for alternatives, although then he managed to survive for another three months so obviously he did find other ways. Of course no one can really predict what they would do until they are in the situation but I honestly don't think I could bash my dog over the head with a rock and then eat him. Especially after he had just saved my life. No doubt the dog was hungry too but he didn't turn on his master. As for being unprepared - he was warned that river was way too dangerous for someone on their own and that plenty of other people had disappeared - so he did knowingly put himself and his dog in danger. RIP doggy.
  15. Wellington Point Family Find Dog Bella Killed In 'gruesome' Ba

    Or maybe she wasn't being fed Why's that? Only a guess but if they are thinking she died Friday night then whoever was feeding her would have found her before Monday morning. So if they can't narrow down a more accurate time frame then no one was regularly checking on her Sorry - posted at the same time as Clyde.