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  1. Wanted Dog Stroller

    check out your local opportunity shop - Vinnies, Salvo's etc
  2. I have a bowl to slow down gulping but it hasn't helped much, I read another suggestion of using an old muffin cake tin and put a little bit in each muffin hole, might help to stop the vacuuming of food
  3. Dog Names - List?

    when we were married my husband had never had a dog, we had our honeymoon on Great Keppel Island and named our first dog Keppel, haven't heard any other dogs with this name. our second dog was named Tammy because it was my favourite girls name and we only had boys, our third dog was named after my husbands favourite beer - Boags.
  4. I Hate It When My Dog.....

    We put air excluders (long sausage shape full of sand) under the lounges and piano to stop toys rolling or being pushed under.
  5. Our New Puppy!

    absolutely gorgeous, just want to lay on the grass and have cuddles
  6. Oops

    oh I feel for you, we live with an escape artist and thankfully she hasn't been hit by a car and most of the surrounding neighbours know her and where she lives. Thankfully hasn't happened for a while
  7. It's A Good Start !

    it is certainly a dogs life, they are lucky to have loving owners
  8. Re Training

    We do recognise that our dogs - we have 2 JRT's because you just can't have one - have different barks for different reasons. Woof - I want come inside Woof - pause - woof - have you forgotten me downstairs high pitch bark - there is someone in my street excited barking - we found a blue tongue lizard sharp bark - tea time and you are still at your computer
  9. Re Training

    [ this photo was taken of Boags on our son's wedding day, the photographer just loved him and the way he stood to be photographed
  10. Re Training

    I have a gorgeous photo but can't seem to add to the page It is a jpeg file on my desk top if anyone can suggest a solution
  11. Hoe Does He Know

    I work outside of home two days a week, my JRT would turn her back on me and not even say good morning on those days, now they receive their dental chews that day and I get my early morning tail wags - no more turning her back on me.
  12. Re Training

    Thank you all so much for your helpful information, some of suggestions confirmed what I was thinking - we have changed his feed time to earlier in the day, take him for a little walk outside of our house to keep his interest in the big world outside, toilet before bed - trained to toilet from a young age thankfully, more aware of his night time noises in case he needs to toilet in the early hours of the morning. He is already on pain and joint medication, still loves to have a tussle with soft toys, wags he tail joyfully when my husband comes home and can still hear the pantry opening and comes running in case I might just give him a treat. Decided he can continue sleeping in our room for a while yet. thanks again for the support
  13. Re Training

    Hoping some one will have some suggestions Our 11 year old JRT male has always slept on his own bed in our room upstairs. Over the last few months his back legs have started to fail, Vet said it was a pinched nerve in his back which is making it difficult for him to control his back legs. We take him out to toilet last thing at night but recently he has not been able to wake us up in time to take him out to the toilet during the night and has been defecating on the carpet. After 3 nights of this we decided he couldn't sleep upstairs anymore, moved his bed downstairs and of course now he barks because he is by himself. For the past 6 nights my husband and I have taken turns in sleeping on the lounge downstairs with him but this is not going to work long term. We have noticed while sleeping downstairs that he does take himself out to the toilet and not had any accidents inside. Any suggestions to make the transition to him sleeping downstairs by himself would be most welcome.
  14. Sunbeam Of Death!

    love watching the dogs move around to get the sunbeams, our old dog was barking the other day because he wanted me to open the curtains in a particular room because he likes that spot in the sun, took me a couple of minutes to work out what he was barking for - I am not quite trained yet!