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  1. Rspca Act

    Yep, one of my fosters ended up there once and it was $40. Weird that they washed her though. If she was wet wouldn't you just give her a quick rub with a towel?
  2. Feeding Coconut In Non Oil Form

    How much is a heap ^ (bolded words)? Is it a teaspoon or a tablespoon? More info would be appreciated. Hmmm, I tend to just throw it in. I'd probably say 20% turmeric to oil. I don't feed it every day, just a few times a week. I tried whole coconuts and OMG they had runny butt galore!
  3. Feeding Coconut In Non Oil Form

    I melted my whole jar and added a heap of turmeric to it. Then i feed it solid to the dogs but also use it myself. Great with chicken and prawns and really does seem to be helping my joints!
  4. Wolf Pack For My Wolf Aka Belgian Shepherd

    They probably aren't cheap, but I love the Ruffwear packs.
  5. I should say that I have attended two workshops by Trish and they have both been fantastic. She is a great presenter and has a wealth of knowledge.
  6. HI All, I'm helping to organise a Puppy School Instructors Course in Canberra on 13/14 September 2014. The course will be taught by Trish Harris from Four Paws K9 Training, a Victorian Government Accredited Trainer. The course will be held at the Letchworth Community Centre in Queanbeyan on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September 2014. There will be a mix of theory and hands on practical elements. The venue is indoors and has undercover outdoor areas for practical work. The cost is $360, which includes 8 units over 2 days, a course manual and handbook and a certificate of completion. Please contact Trish at [email protected] if you would like further info or enrolment details. Cheers Dallas
  7. Bark Busters

    Off topic again but there's nothing wrong with check chains used correctly either. I've seen plenty of people dragging their poor terrified dogs around on flat collars and harnesses too. It's not about the tool, it's how you apply it. I had BB come many years ago before I knew better. As per others they spent an hour throwing a chain and bah'ing which meant nothing to her as she wasn't even barking at the time. Get a recommendation for a trainer on here.
  8. Older Bitch Spay Incontinence

    A lot of people have recommended sweet potato for spay incontinence lately. I haven't tried it, but it came from people I would trust.
  9. Nekhbet, is Kris' book good? I thought about buying it, but wondered if it was just going to be the same old, same old. I've got Kris's book as well, its fantastic! Extremely easy to read but has good detail. I've been to one of his workshops, not tracking, but would certainly recommend them as well.
  10. Something Frustrating.

    It's not just Pound Rounds, happens quite regularly for the pounds we work with too. People with big hearts who having not been foster carers or worked on the front line don't understand the reality that is rescue
  11. Sorry to hear that, you guys have done a great job. Glad to hear the others will still be running though. I send everyone I know to the downloads section on the website:)
  12. Pharaoh Hound

    I had one a few years back but can't remember the name of the people doing rescue. Something like Carlos mum - she has a picture of a Pharoah as her avatar. No help I know, but I'll keep thinking
  13. How Do You Decide?

    Yep, I don't think it helps anyone to go blaming people for what they are taking and from where. Perhaps this carer has a very good reason for taking younger kittens. Just like with dogs, not all cats fit in to all families. Some of the rescue groups that seem to be being blamed for not taking from Qbn have been saving cats and dogs from rural pounds since forever. I find this blame game a bit sickening personally.
  14. Can't wait till my Rotty is old enough to do this. Next year we'll be there!
  15. Estimating Full Grown Weight

    Haha, it tried to tell me that my 5mth old Rottweiler pup who is currently 22kg will only be 28.5kg. Yeah, I doubt it