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    Whippets, interested in showing, early days though, just dipping my toe in the waters to test it out....But love my dogs

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  1. So sorry for your loss, they take a part of us with them when they go, those little whippsxxx Hug n wet nose prods from the trio out west xx
  2. Great Pics one and all been grappling with end of financial year stuff so no pics, will get some on the weekend, am loving the photos that everyone has posted though
  3. :cheer:AWWWW Cute :cooldance:Cute cute
  4. oooppps late agin, so two weeks posted at once - had a "thing" 'bout noses this week IMG_1535 by indiwhippet, on Flickr-Not edidted and IMG_1534 by indiwhippet, on Flickr
  5. Great story, I love it when things are handed in and kept rather than just kept (not handed in) or just thrown away good to know there is honesty around
  6. Wonderful horse shots, and Merrirose love love love the whippys with the bike, the second one is awsome,,,havent done any for a while, you have re inspired me....now just need time
  7. Happy Birthday, and NOW I have camera envy
  8. That was my muslie for breakfast, he said he didnt touch it dont know if I believe him
  9. Time got away from me last week, so here are two of the whipps IMG_1471 by indiwhippet, on Flickr Griff Looking inocent IMG_1483 by indiwhippet, on Flickr Indi caught in the act
  10. Great Pics everyone ;- Piper Beautiful shots, and gorgeous bubbas Gila such serenity, all ready for winter :-) Tic Lovely shot, my whipps love those bunnys WagsalotGreat shot, he looks pleased with himself Awsome pics love me
  11. Ahhh, Kirislin, I too enjoy taking pictures, although not of the same calibre as yours, but there have been some i have been really pleased with, and these I have given as gifts, part of the creative process for me is the giving.... I acknowledge what professional photographers invest in their craft, i dont however see that this should make the art form off limits to non professionals, there has to be room for all levels, and if someone wishes to purchase an image you have created, you should have the right to do it. You are nt setting yourself up a a professional, and the market is different. Good luck Kirislin, follow your instincts and enjoy it.... for what its worth
  12. Great pics everyone, I love seeing what you have all posted, such talent Heres mine for this week, Indigo the whippet trying to escape... Indigo the escaping whippet by indiwhippet, on Flickr
  13. An attempt at panning, quite happy with it for a first go, not entirely sure it right but the whipps n I had fun trying.. IMG_1405 by indiwhippet, on Flickr
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