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  1. 1 Or 2 Dogs?

    Thanks for all your comments, they were really helpful. I guess the general concensus is that we shouldn't get another dog just as a companion for our current dog. We wanted a companion for our mini as I think she sleeps most of the day and is rather hyperactive at night when we get home from work. Our thoughts are that if there are 2 of them, they might play more in the day and become better behaved. The pack dynamics is another concern. She is generally a pretty well behaved dog, but she does up to mischief every now and then. We are still working on her pulling on the leash during walks. So training a new pup when our current dog is not 100% obedient might not be the best idea. So I guess we are leaning towards not getting one at this moment. We will work on training our current dog and will consider another one when we are happy with her obedience level. Thanks again!
  2. 1 Or 2 Dogs?

    Hi all, We have a 1 year old female miniature schnauzer. We are thinking about getting a 2nd dog, most probably another miniature schnauzer as we just love the breed. The main reason for a 2nd dog is that we both work full time and she's at home by herself most of the day. She's got a large yard to roam around, has plenty of toys as well as access to a safe and covered area. Although she seems pretty happy by herself during the day, we thought it might be better if she has company. Will a dog get lonely or bored when left alone for 8 hours a day? What's the opinion on whether having 2 dogs is better than 1? What are the pros and cons of having 2 dogs? Appreciate your opinion. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, My miniature schnauzer puppy is getting a bit scruffy so we are looking for a groomer in the Parramatta/ north west Sydney. We have heard horror stories about groomers doing a bad job on schnauzers so we would like one that is experienced in grooming schnauzers. Any recommendations would be appreciated. We will be willing to travel to the North Shore or Inner West for a good groomer. Does anyone know how long it will take to grow the fur back? I'm just worried that since it's winter, she might get cold. Thanks for your help!