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  1. I may have found some info on a web search... now just to convert from pounds to kg! Many veterinarians recommend approximately 500 mg of Glucosamine and 400 mg of Chondroitin per 25 pounds. For oral Glucosamine supplements, here’s the daily dosage that one veterinarian recommends: •Dogs 5-20 pounds: 250-500 mg Dogs 20-45 pounds: 500 mg Dogs 45-90 pounds: 1,000 mg Dogs more than 90 pounds: 1,500 mg And the same veterinarian’s recommendation for the daily dosage of Chondroitin supplements: •Dogs less than 80 pounds: 900 mg Dogs more than 80 pounds: 1,800 mg
  2. Thanks very much :)...but those ratios are not the same as the osteoeze active. My vet said the Chondroitin needs to be almost same proportion as the glucosamine? Anyone have the correct dose for 500mg Glucosamine and 400mg Chondroitin? per capsule? :D
  3. Hello all, My lovely vet has recommended Osteoeze "Active" for my Sally. He said to get this one as it has all the required things in the right ratio for absorption for the dogs into the joints. He said to check online for the dose...but I can't find it anywhere! The capsules are 500mg glucosamine, and 400mg chondroitin. Sally is 25kg. I was hoping for one capsule per day would be ideal (: Thanks in advance.
  4. Just wondered if anyone had experience of using these boarding kennels. On the way to Williamtown, NSW near Newcastle Airport. Used to be at Belmont many years ago hence the name. Had one good reference but for an old little dog, not a young active working breed. Always try using a house-sitter but want to have some other options. Thanks in advance.
  5. By the looks of the topics on this section, I am glad i am not alone with a summer itchy dog! This happened last year too, and thanks Erny the Calendula Tea works to sooth the itch a bit. The vet says the allergy could be due to any number of things...not that helpful, so we treat the symptoms. (BTW Its seasonal, not diet) Sally has a red tummy (she rubs it on the grass at the park), and has been scratching under her arms which have bled a bit. I only give her every few days at the park (even tho it's her fav place) to ease the problem, which lasts for days. I have never given her anti-histamines, but think i might try it when she is at her worst. just to clarify: the 1mg per 10kg body weight of Phenerghan (That be 2.5mg for a 25kg dog) would be 1/4 a 10mg tablet. ALSO, has anyone used apple cider vinegar to releive? If so, did you dilute it? The only other thing I can think of causing the itch would be mozzies, that have been RIFE lately. Has anyone else heard of dogs getting an allergy from mozzies, and if so, how did it present itself, and is there any repellent safe for dogs that can be used?
  6. :) Hi, Usually just a rinse off with water after Sally has been swimming. Or if she is dirty I use Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo. Sometimes Tea Tree Shampoo as well. Only wash with the shampoo about every 1-2 months. Everyone says how nice and shiny her coat is.
  7. Comfortis works the best of all flea products we have tried. No problems with side-effects but I do crush it and sprinkle on food. I get the large dog ones and cut them in half!
  8. Hi, Last week i saw 2 elderly ladies walking 6 little dogs. Half of them were foster "kids". Some were mixed breeds and absolutely adorable, and there was one that was a Miniture Pinchser (not sure how to spell that one). It was really cute but also seemed a well-behaved and well adjusted dog. A benefit it was small, so as it ages and maybe needs assistance, your Mum (getting older herself) would not have trouble lifting it if necessary. You need to take size into account, as my old mate Zac got arthritis it was hard to help him into the car as he was a large breed. I had never heard of this Miniture Pinchser breed, and it's amazing what fabulous dogs are avialable at the foster rescue homes. There are lots of websites with profiles of the pups. I am sure you could not only provide your Mum with a wonderful companion, but save a life if you gave the rescue groups a go. I beleive they also have a "returns" policy if your pup doesn't work out somehow. Good luck!
  9. So would it be more common in puppies? Not necessarily, I know adult dogs that bury things too - but I only have puppies ;) It's probably fun for her, it allows her to have a bone on HER terms, not just when you give her one. If she had them more often she might not bury them for later. I think she enjoys the scavenging part, and just to remind us that she's a dog and not human afterall :laugh:
  10. So would it be more common in puppies?
  11. oK THANKS! Just didn't know if it was "normal" and I should not feed her at all if she buries them. Husband heard someone talking on radio that said that dogs only bury food if not hungry but it doesn't seem that simple to me! The 'marinating" effect sounds about right! :)
  12. Hi, Facts: *3 year old kelpie ideal weight. *Fed once per day dinner, dry food + meat or sardines *Fussy eater Problem: *I give her some raw bones occasionally to help teeth and give variety. *Will eat the meaty ones but will bury the bony ones and then dig them up at a later date when they are disgusting and maggoty, then will chew on them. *Husband says dogs only bury food if they not hungry and I should have NO food days Any thoughts? Many thanks
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