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  1. I am so happy that Angeline is home where she belongs. So glad this story had a happy ending
  2. OMG That poor Dachshund weighs the same as my fully grown slightly taller than standard GSD .
  3. A Pit Bull who I have ''friended'' on his Facebook fan page had his 'Dad' type out about an interesting case of breed bias that he faced Sunday morning (US time) in his Obedience class. Here is a link to the post on Diesel's page Way to Go Diesel
  4. I love to have a good 'breed' book in my library (where possible- may be bit harder for non purebred dogs). I found by asking fellow GSD owners/ breeders for their suggestions of a good comprehensive GSD book to be the most helpful. I also like having a variety of training books available to read and a Canine First aid book is also helpful :) Oh and can't go past the dog stories/ biographies such as 'Marley and Me' :)
  5. Hey Guys I have a friend with a 19 month old GSD who lives in Rutherford NSW and is looking for recommendations for an Obedience club nearby. She is not interested in trialling, just wants a well behaved family member. I am not at all familiar with NSW so I got her permission to ask here on DOL as I am sure DOLers could come up with some suggestions. Thanks in advance :).
  6. I just found this website which allows you to type out an essay plan/ short story/ or just a jumble of nonsense statements (as was the case for me :laugh:). For every 100 words entered you get rewarded with a picture of a cute puppy. There is also a kitten version too..but puppy pictures rule http://nightowlr.com/writtenpuppy/puppytest.html
  7. Oh dear a child was jumped upon and scratched by a dog!!!! Gosh, better call an ambulance and contact the media. Sheeesh, really? Is she that much of a princess that it was an issue? This post is disgusting...absolutely disgusting :mad :mad No other word for it IMO Agree . For all this dog owner knew the child/ren playing may be scared of dogs. I always try and give space between my dog and other dogs. Having worked hard with her on her fear reactivity- and having seen such great changes in her I am not about to risk a set-back. I also do it out of courtesy of the other dog/ owner. I don't know their dog(s) story and how they are likely to react. With people (particularly elderly and those with children) I will stand to the furthest possible point away from them and place my dog in a sit until they pass.
  8. RIP Matilda What a horrible situation . I hope the owner/s of the offending dogs are caught and punished.
  9. So sorry Nehkbet Rest in Peace sweet Boyan
  10. The pups are alright. Lots of prayers/ positive vibes/ well wishes being sent their way.
  11. Brennan and I would love to try it out. Anything could go with Brennan :laugh:
  12. When I was a baby/ young toddler we had a rescue GSD/Kelpie mix who looked mostly GSD. It was the early to mid 80's ( 82-87). Mum used to get all sorts of comments from random people whilst out walking us. Things like: ''Those are dangerous dogs- completely irresponsible to have one of those dogs with a baby'' ''Aren't you scared the dog will attack your child?''
  13. I went walking with Brennan, my friend and her 2 Belgian Tervuren's recently. The comments we got was amazing: Person: ''Ooh I love German Shepherds'' Me: ''Thanks so do I :)'' Person: *Looks at the Belgians* ''The long haired German Shepherds are quite cute aren't they?'' Me: ''Yes they are, however these dogs are Belgian Shepherds'' Person:''Oh they come from Belgium?'' My friend: ''Yes, and there are 4 distinct varieties of Belgian Shepherds my 2 are Tervuren's''. Person: ''Ahh I see so they are German Shepherds that are bred in Belgium?'' Me: ''No, they are a completely different breeds''. Person: ''But they are similar colours'' Me: ''Yes they have similar colours, but you can also see a difference here in the face shape''. Person:'' Do they have long haired German Shepherds?'' Me:''Yes they do''.
  14. ''You need a German Shepherd for protection'' - Actually I don't. The reason I got a GSD is because I have loved the breed my entire life. It has nothing to do with my relationship status/ or the fact I live alone in xxxx area. ''Can your dog bite me on the arm like I saw the dogs do on TV/ Military dog demo's?'' - No, you can't. I don't care if you have a thick jumper and really want to try. I want to try it too, but fact is my dog is not trained to do that and neither am I.
  15. I have no idea to be honest so can't answer that- sorry.
  16. She escaped with another of Jeanne's Papillon's, but whereas Berri returned home, Angeline didn't. Still missing as of this morning
  17. Hi Guys, DOLer Prydenjoy's gorgeous Papillon Angeline has been missing from her Goodna, QLD home since early this morning. Angeline is microchipped, friendly and likely to go to anyone offering a pat. Jeanne and her daughter are understandably worried and want to get their loved family member home safe and soon. If anyone catches sight of her, please contact Jeanne on ‎0431 254 544. An event has been created on Facebook My link Posting this in General as it gets more traffic.
  18. Ivy She's such a gorgeous girl :). Hope she's enjoying her day
  19. That was my first thought. Very sad, tragic event . RIP to the poor dog that died. I can't begin to imagine how the poor owner of the deceased dog is feeling
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