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  1. Diet and itchy paws

    Yep..realised through the night what I wanted to do is pretty much impossible. Back to raw for my boy.
  2. Hello, I have 2 Springers a dog almost 2 and a bitch almost 4. They have been raw fed since pups until the last few months I have changed them over to Meal for Mutts grain free (chicken and turkey) as my female developed IBS. They also have 1 or 2 frozen drumsticks and bone broth with green veggies added, daily,. The IBS has now disappeared and she looks much better and is also a happier girl. Since starting on MFM they have both dropped weight are very thin, they are both very active, exercised daily, running off lead for 2 hours. Being underweight isn't the only problem. The MFM appears not to be agreeing with the male. He has a bad breath (teeth are clean and no plaque), smelly wind problems and now is licking paws and scratching. He are has a hot spot under his front arm and as of today is limping and has a wet spot between his pads. He doesn't smell like corn chips..so assuming he is not yeasty. I really would like to keep them on the same diet. I am planning on picking up iodine tomorrow and rinsing his paws in it. Before I take him to the vet, which I am trying to avoid, does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Does anyone know if after fermenting the apples for ACV can you feed SMALL amounts of the apples WITHOUT the seeds to your dog. They are too acidic for them to eat by themselves but could be hidden in their food. Tried to google but can't find anything. Thanks
  4. Disabled Dog And Rally O

    When judging, one also looks for consistency, if the disability is obvious, I would not stress over crooked sits if the dog sits roughly the same every halt, stand, drop, etc.........The Rules do allow for a judge to declare a dog unfit to compete so I would advise that the handler has a veterinary certificate stating the dog is OK to work, this can be produced if there are any questions asked. Many three legged dogs have successfully trialled across the disciplines, there used to be a tripod poodle in NSW years ago? Victoria has guidelines for disabled handlers for judges, handlers and clubs.......I think the same common sense approach would apply to dogs. If the dog is happy and handling the wo0rk, I would love to judge him, but he has to look like he really wants to be there!!! Thank you..I will be up to watch him in March!
  5. Disabled Dog And Rally O

    No he hasn't had his leg amputated. At 1st when he was a pup it was looked at, but now they saying to leave it be..and he does use the leg a little. I will look at that book by Hanna Brannigan and thank you for the consult offer, I will let my sister know.
  6. Disabled Dog And Rally O

    Thank you for the feedback..I will show her the replies. I know she said she was interested in tracking for him as he has good nose..I will look up noseworks to see if there is anything in her area.
  7. My sister owns a 2year old English Springer who is disabled. He was rolled on by his dam at birth and it was recommended by the vets to PTS him as he was only a few days old. She didn't PTS him and my sister has taken him on. He is in an advanced class at his Dog Club and my sister is interested in Rally O for him but I don't think the club takes it too serious because of his disability. His front leg is not joined to the shoulder and just hangs, because of this he may not always be able to sit as straight as needed. Would he be marked down for this in a trial? Just wondering, my sister seems to be too shy to ask questions at her club and feels a bit intimidated.
  8. Puppy Pen Recommendations

    Thats very clever thank you. Bought a pen that just has rungs like a pool fence, similar to a child proof gate and attached it to his LARGE crate. That worked for a couple of days, today he climbed out over his crate! He wants to be with the big dogs. Have now lifted the crate up higher, this should last a couple of weeks. We are going to put a top on the enclosure tomorrow. This little guy ia a Houdini, what a worry.
  9. Puppy Pen Recommendations

    Yes, they are but outside the OP's budget. I will check them out though
  10. Puppy Pen Recommendations

    Some great ideas here…got me thinking. I am pretty sure we will be ok. Will start with a higher pen and if is still trying to climb out..we will put a shade cloth top on it. Thank your everyone for all the suggestions.
  11. Puppy Pen Recommendations

    Thank you that's a good idea..oh dear except it is against a wall
  12. Puppy Pen Recommendations

    Hello all, We picked up an new baby puppy last Sunday an English Springer named Porter who is doing really well, settled in, getting on with other dog, eating pooping well, no problems at all. Except, as we will be going back to work, week after next, he will need to spend part of his day in a puppy pen. As I have another Springer this makes it a bit more complicated. I like to join the pen up against a wall to make it bigger, so it needs to be stable. It will be on a wooden deck and the type we have the moment is perfect as it has metal stakes that will go down between the cracks of the deck. However AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM, it is not very tall and he can climb out of it. He can jump up and put His front legs over the top and then climb on the little cross bars. Any suggestions of a puppy pen..willing to spend up to $200 I am looking at one on Vebo which is a taller and more sturdy than the old much cheaper one. I don't think he could climb out of this one..and it 1.2 metres high http://www.vebopet.com.au/dog/dog-exercise-pen/6-panel-metal-tube-heavy-duty-pet-exercise-play-pen.html It still has the pins that will go into the deck to reinforce it. Any other suggestions?
  13. Dogs In Cars

    Witnessed a fight a couple of weeks ago..lady parked her car in the shade (a stationwagon) was a coolish day maybe 25deg, had the tail gate up, the dog secured and left him to pay her dog training fees. Maybe 5 minutes. A local man comes running over and reckons the dog had been in the car for an hour, (untrue, I saw her pull up),threatened to break her window. Don't know why he thought that was a good idea the tailgate was open He was very abusive and was told by the club to call the police and complain. These people are dog lovers. I do the same, sometimes, weather permitting, it is to keep the dogs away from a crowd of dogs and people that build up to pay dues, it is in the dogs best interest. People do go overboard.
  14. Thanks Persephone, the validation helps. I didn't think it would be so hard to face as he has lived his live well and is much loved, but I feel a bit worn down, lost a little pug a few weeks ago and now Skip is on the downward slide..my surviving dog will be so lonely and we will miss him..not sure how long he has but will try and make it as happy as possible for him.
  15. Thank you for your reply..I will be able to maybe get some sleep tonight. Yes there is a 4 x 6 cm mass on the wall of his stomach.