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  1. Stroke

    Thinking of you Ma and Pa, give her a cuddle from us. Love Riles & Rosie
  2. I Cant Take My Dog For A Walk...

    You know I'd tried so many different things in relation to this problem (with fosters) and then at herding up in Sydney an old sheep herding guy taught me THE most fantastic trick at herding!!!! Walk with a long stick, swing it back and forward just in front of you like a pendulum, backward and forward, backward and forward, not hard but just gentling swinging, pooch hates walking into it and doesn't associate it with you, they walk into it and instead end up preferring to stay on heel. Eventually you can walk without the stick. Its the whole make what you don't want uncomfortable and what you want comfortable for the dog, comfortable for the dog is not walking ahead of you. Take Care Riles
  3. Lure Coursing Melb

    If u missed out cause you were a woose with rain your own fault Jeffers Didn't rain here all day ;) Loveeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Riles
  4. Ollie Dog

    Aweeee Jodie, so glad to hear the Ollie boy is doing better, hand in their kiddo :D Big licks from Rosie a cuddle from me and a hell of a lot of love and prayers. Riles
  5. I'm really sorry Ali, for me any day out is just me and Rosie enjoying ourselves, anything else an added bonus, I just don't have a competitive bone in my body, I know how much hard work you have put into Tyler, must be very frustrating. Can't wait to see the Birfdee Girl on Sunday Love Riles
  6. Yes I meant you Ali and I thought the day was just about enjoying some time with your dog doing something together and anything else would just be an added bonus. I was also just trying to be supportive, I'm sure there will be MANY other Obedience Days that you and Tyler will ace I'm sorry if my post upset you in any way, it was not my intention Love Riles
  7. I thought it was just about having fun You were up against steep competition Ali, I think you had to beat a 95% (1st) and a 90% (2nd) so don't loose heart babe, Tyler will get there in the end Rosie and me is going to get no where once we finally start :rolleyes:
  8. Well WHAT A DAY is all I can say Sky was an absolute dream and totally blitzed it Dogdayz put in a lot of hard work and it just paid off. A thoroughly enjoyable day and thank you to both for inviting me. Love Riles
  9. Let Me Out.....

    Apolo there is one already, but it is on the security door, being in Melbourne means I have to close the door at night and she can't use it or we'd freezeee this winter. This morning she got up at 3am and I heard her tags tinkle so I'm definately going to try the bell or trip wire. Fury - Muz would be off and I'd never find him with all the interesting smells at home
  10. Let Me Out.....

    FUNNY MANNNNNNNNNNNNN Herding Guy, NOT!!!! Nekhbet, I may just look into it Tigerjack, another comedian :rofl: Thanks guys, some great ideas and a good laugh
  11. Let Me Out.....

    I could go back to crating her at night but I prefer her butt in bed for cuddles, it's worth the odd accident. She is a non vocal dog and only barks at cows (Jet at Doggie Heaven) and strangers on her property..... other than that she only moans and makes funny noises when she is asleep.... I just wish she would bark or lick me to death to wake me up.
  12. Let Me Out.....

    I wish Pix, I WISH.... I'll try the bell and see how we go, if only she bark or yip :rolleyes: I could go back to her being crated each night which guarantees no accidents but I'd prefer the odd accident and her on the queen size bed for cuddles all night. Just wish she knew how to bark. She is a very non vocal do unless she sees Jet (da cow next door at doggie heaven) or strangers on her property. Other than that she just moans when she is sleeping. Not complaining just wished she would bark to be let out or lick me to death.
  13. Let Me Out.....

    Yeh but Pix if I teach her to ring a bell, I wont' hear it from the bedroom, maybe a bell with a collar is the way to go :rolleyes: just at night. She has woken me a few times with licks but on the odd occassion she doesn't and we have an accident. I have NO problem getting up in the middle of the night but I just need her to wake me
  14. How do I teach Rosie to wake me up if she needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night :rolleyes: She is TOTALLY housetrained however on the odd occassion she obviously needs to go in the middle of the night and doesn't try and wake me (trust me the few times she has I've know, she gives me a lick on my face and I'm straight up). Thankfully she goes right at the front door which is slate tiles but also an obvious sign she wanted to got out, how can I teach her to wake me up to go out I have a friend that KNOWS because her dog yips or barks to be let out if unexpectantly they need to go out. Thanks in advance. Love Riles
  15. Introducing New Puppy Into The Household (long)

    Fury I'll chat with you about this in person. Love Riles