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  1. Name Some Pet Stores In Sydney

    Are you referring to CJ's Petmart? If you are, the business has changed hands and they dont sell puppies or kittens anymore, they refer people to a breeders list
  2. Eeek! Some of the excuses are just so terrible! We've gotten a new puppy in the past few months, who's toilet training is terrible! I didnt realise how good our first pup was hehe I must have cleaned up thousands of Sonny wees by now lol, but he is getting the hang of it thankgod! After months of persistance! I cant imagine rehoming a dog because it was a pup who didnt learn to toilet outside in the first week! Not to mention the fact I'd never be able to sleep at night for wondering where the dog was, if it was cold etc
  3. Where Does Your Dog/s Ride In The Car ?

    I have to admit, a concern of this immediately popped into my head when I saw a man taking his two dogs out of the car at the dog park when I was walking past. He had two labs in the boot area of a hyundai getz! Also strapped in very strangely, like he was pulling the seatbelts over from the backseat This is also what car I drive, and I was totally shocked that he would even think of putting dogs in there. If someone ran up the back of you, even gently, the boot area is tiny! The poor puppies could be seriously injured very easily! I always put my two in crates which are strapped into the backseat for this reason. I guess it may be different if you drive a bigger car with a much larger boot area, but this guy just had me shaking my head, wondering what, if anything, he was thinking.
  4. Professional Trainer To Help With Late Socialisation

    Thanks everyone I havent been yet, but Sonny is coming along in absolute leaps and bounds, I still want to take him to see a professional, but right now, I'm just a super proud mum
  5. To People With Long-lived Dogs

    I feed both my furbabies on Hills Science as that was what was recommended to me by both the breeder and our vet. That being said, mum still has dogs at the family home and she cooks home brand pasta, tuna, vege scraps and tomato paste up for them in a big batch about once a week and they all love it! They very occasionally get bones. GSD x Kelpie rescued from the pound when he was a pup is still going strong at 15yrs being fed on this all his life! No major health problems up until now (he has cancer ) but all his teeth are still beautiful, to the point where the vet the last visit, asked mum what she feds them cos their teeth all look so good. I think the vet nearly died when mum said she fed them mainly pasta lol. Kinda makes me wonder if I'm wasting my money on the Hills..
  6. General Heath Information

    Just in reference to what Schmoo said very early on about macadamia nuts; it is not just the nuts themselves that are toxic, the tree is also, as well as anything with macadamia in it. Much less than 6 nuts can cause toxosis, unfortunately I know this first hand As little as 2.2 grams /kg of body weight can be enough. Symptoms last between 12-48 hrs. Keep your pet away from all things macadamia! It was heartbreaking watching my little guy in paralysis, fortunately he has fully recovered
  7. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend someone around the north shore/Hornsby area of Sydney to help me with socialising my puppy. I am after a professional behaviourist. He will be 6 months in about 2 weeks, and is increasingly becoming snappy to other strange dogs. I dont want to attempt to fix this myself as I dont think I know the right way to go about it, and I think that if I unwittingly forced him into a situation where he was confronted with, rather than eased, into social contact with strange dogs, it would make things all the worse. Thankyou!
  8. Help Please! Toilet Training :(

    Thankyou Poodlefan and Addicted to Dogs for your input and the article links. The toilet training this evening has worked beautifully,(leashed, no crate) 3 wees and 1 poo outside It's my uni holidays next week, so I'm planning on doing as much socialisation with different people and places as we can take, we've got a lot of catching up to do! Thanks again
  9. Help Please! Toilet Training :(

    He is particularly scared of children, bolts in the opposite direction as fast as he can. For adults who are strangers, he is also really wary and wont approach, will also run away, but not the the extent he does with children. I guess the silver lining is that he is in no way aggressive towards them. Everytime I saw him, he was in a little ring enclosure so that people could come up and pat him, so I assumed that he'd maybe had his tailed pulled or something. Im trying to have people over to get him used to other people being in the house, with them feeding him little treats...
  10. Help Please! Toilet Training :(

    Thankyou for the great advice everyone. I will start having him on the lead with me everywhere I am. I am hesitate to try and crate or confine him or thats how he spent the large part of his early life and from how he now reacts to strangers in the house, there were obviously some very bad experiences had at some stage. Thanks again everyone, I will keep you updated! :D
  11. Help Please! Toilet Training :(

    Hello, my partner and I recently got another dog a mini foxie x, we already have a 1yr old purebred mini foxie. He was rescued from the petshop as he had been there for months and I thought they were going to send him to the pound if he didnt sell. We brought him home at 4.5 months and are nowing having extreme trouble toilet training him, so I am after any(!) advice or suggestions that people can offer, everything will be much appreciated!! He is now 5.5 months, and just been desexed (today), he has also had blood tests done, which came back with no problems. Our main problem is that he sleeps in our bed, but will regularly jump up there to do a wee he has absolutely no nest instinct, which I believe was due to the long period of time he spent in the petshop, where he was forced to go where he also slept. we have been trying to take him outside as much as possible and there is also newspaper inside which he does use sometimes if I cannot get him out there quick enough. But he will still jump up and wee on the bed. I cannot work out why, when he will go on the newspaper sometimes (I have keep some old newspaper there with the scent) and knows that he will receive a treat if he goes outside. I would really appreciate any advice about how to stop him weeing on the bed, or how to recreate the nesting instinct (if thats possible). I am simply at my wits end about what to do, as we toilet trained our other dog using the same method (code word and treats/lots of praise when he goes outside) not too many months ago, and it worked perfectly Help! Thankyou