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  1. That's who I called - I wont bother repeating my previous post but based on their advice we will wait for the DNA test, go back to our vet and then go and see them.
  2. Ok, well I just called the specialist, I can only find two opthamologists in Victoria. The one that was still open and within 100kms of my house says that they wont see Koki until the vet agrees she needs to see the specialist because they will have to fax her history over to them. They suggested waiting for the DNA results and then making an appointment, the longest wait they have is 1.5 weeks so I will get the results and go straight to our vet with them and ask for a referral to the opthamologist. Should all be done within two weeks, maybe 3. I must say I disagree about the specialist not caring about the results. Fair enough if they are all clear/negative for herditary cataracts, but if it comes back that she does have them then it would be quite relevant to the consult. Thanks again for your comments though, it is appreciated hearing peoples perspectives - particularly considering this is new to us!
  3. I thought I needed a referral from the vet to see an opthamologist? Can I just make an appointment without the vet sending me there?
  4. Hi GRLC, thanks for your post! We will be back at the vets next weekend once the results are in, then off to a specialist. I've never heard of SARDS - but as I've said all along, very new to eye problems!! Koki gets lots of special treatment - hehee not sure we could treat her any better even if she does go blind!! hehee She sleeps all day at the moment, always has though - she has her 30 minute 'zoomy' time after dinner and then goes back to sleep! I'm glad to read yours and other Dolers posts about their blind dogs and how happy and 'normal' their lives are! Did you have to see a specialist to work out what the problem was or did your vet pick it up? How did you know something was wrong? I think you need to understand that a vet can see signs that can lead to certain eye conditions but your normal vet can not give you a defiant answer to any eye condition as they do not have the qualifications or the equipment that is required to diagnosis these conditions & any secondary condition that can be associated. Showdog, I completely understand what you are saying - perhaps you haven't been reading my posts clearly? I have said that we will be asking for a referral to a specialist, but that we are going to wait for the DNA test results to come back in first. I'm sure it will be beneficial to have the results before seeing the specialist, particularly if they come back saying she has hereditary cataracts. My question to nickojoy was purely a question as to whether or not his vet did pick it up or not.
  5. Stafford Fans

    He already weighs more than Koki! She is only 16kg and over 4 years (she is a lanky staffy tho!)
  6. I hope she is ok and the vets can at least improve her somewhat... I couldn't imagine what your auntie must be going through, it's awful watching your dog when there is something wrong... that they sort it out asap!
  7. Did you have to see a specialist to work out what the problem was or did your vet pick it up? How did you know something was wrong?
  8. Stafford Fans

    Tiggy - Banjo & Sophie are GORGEOUS!!!
  9. Like my boy, he has (had) Distichiasis which caused constant ulceration which lead to a cataract. The cloudiness has grown nearly accross his entire eye in the last 12 months. There is nothing to fix his blindless in that eye now, too much damage occured by constrat ops when he was 6 months old. He is now 3, doesn't worry him a bit. What sort of dog do you have?
  10. Thanks Ellz! I think the vet wanted to investigate hereditary cataracts first because she is very young for cataracts. I'll keep you posted on what happens when the results come back! :D
  11. Thanks for your thoughts Showdog! :D We are new to the whole 'eye issues' thing! I guess we are thinking that since the tests results will be back so soon, we will wait to see what they say, then we can take that to the specialist - whatever the results indicate. The vet probably wouldn't give us a referral until we have the results anyway!
  12. The DNA test will be back by the end of the week or start of next week. She had full blood work and full physcial examinations prior to going on clomicalm and regularly since she has been on it. Without the clomicalm she would probably be seriously injured if not dead by now. When she gets scared she tries to escape or hurt herself and has caused some pretty nasty injuries even with clomicalm and valium or xanax (not together). Her fears are very severe so yes she was fully assessed prior to going on medication - our vet doesn't just hand it out thankfully. She sees the vet very regularly and we see an excellent vet who also owns a Staffy and has quite a lot of experience with behavioural issues - this is her main area of interest/expertise. Obviously if the tests come back positive or her eyes get any worse we will be referred to a specialist - at this stage though, the vet is suspecting cataracts are forming and has suggested visits every 2 months to keep an eye on them. As I said, she hasn't lost any vision yet (well not that we nor the vet can determine) but there is some clouding visible to the vet. She doesn't have dry eyes at all, just this slight cloudiness. As I said, our vet is really good, she suggested getting the test done, if it comes back positive then off to the eye doctor for Koki, if it comes back negative, we'll probably still ask to go to the eye doctor!! :D
  13. Stafford Fans

    Hi and welcome! You may find that the noise issue is something that is related to her vision problems. Her ears will be working overtime to compensate for the lack of vision. Hi Ellz, it's possible, but she has had noise phobias for probably the last 3 years or so. The vet has only just picked up the problem with her eyes and she still appears to have good vision - the vet thinks there might be cataracts starting (I think there is just a little bit of clouding at the moment). We'd like to stay hopeful about her eyes, but when we spoke to the vet, she said that cataracts is really all that could be causing the clouding since she is so young.. Just have to wait and see I guess!
  14. Where Does Your Dog/s Ride In The Car ?

    Our Staffy goes either on the back seat or in the back of the Dualis, the middle seat belt comes down from the roof so we can attach her harness attachement to the seatbelt and strap her in that way! :D
  15. Thanks for your comments! We cant remember if the parents were tested or not. We bought Koki from a friend who was breeding at the time because we absolutely adored the mother. We are no longer friends with the person, so it makes it tricky to find out for sure which is why we decided to do the DNA test. Koki is a little replica of her mum so we got exactly what we wanted but since she was a back yard breeder (both parents have papers) I guess we could pay the price. We were young and thought we new best at the time! Wouldn't trade her for anything though - even with all her problems! If she has cataracts, we'll get them removed if that's what the vets say to do, we couldn't put a price on her - especially not at 4 and a half! I never realised hereditary cataracts started so young in SBT's.... Looking back through photo's its hard to tell if there has always been something there or not - her eyes have always looked a little evil in photos!! She has been seeing the same vet since she was 1 so I would have to assume that there was nothing there before? I guess our concern with her going blind is just because of her fears, we understand that dogs can still be happy when they are blind, we just don't want her fears to get even worse! Thanks again :D Susie