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  1. This thread is being created for a friend. :) Who would like to know: 1) Which Australian Rottweiler breeders breed for IPO Sport? 2) Which Australian Rottweiler breeders breed from working lines? (And what work do these dogs actually do?) Thank-you.
  2. What are your experiences in breeding bitches who are having a silent season? In terms of matings, and resulting puppies. Thank-you in advance.
  3. Leema Rescue in South Australia took in a smooth fox terrier male today, but he is older, 2-3 years old. Contact Leema Rescue for more details: https://www.facebook.com/leemarescue
  4. I find PetRescue gets far more genuine enquiries than my adverts elsewhere (Gumtree and Facebook). To me, the purpose of a rescue ad is to GET enquiries! The person might not be suitable for the particular dog they originally enquired about, but maybe one of your other dogs in care is suitable. It's awesome when you can pass one enquiry onto another dog. If for some reason I have a dog that is getting a lot of unsuitable enquiries, I might put a clause in with ***s and capital letters. For example, I had a dog that was not child friendly, and I kept getting enquiries from people with kids, or people that were pregnant?? I have no idea why, but I guess the dog was pretty. Putting a NO CHILDREN clause with lots of stars got rid of most of these enquiries. Phew. So, basically: No, I don't get many time wasters. I might be getting some people who need a little bit of a re-education. I might be getting some people who are more suited to another dog - awesome.
  5. Are details available online/on a PDF? As I don't have Microsoft Office on this computer.
  6. Kerry will make jackets/coats/ onesies/ to order: https://www.facebook.com/JetisFurkidFunwear?fref=ts
  7. Well I don't have much to go on at this stage!
  8. I really doubt this statistic too, guys, but I want to know where it's come from so I can start to debunk it!
  9. Thanks for the links to their annual reports - but they do not compare dog attack rates over the past. The desexing part of their site is useful, and at least provides a ball park time period.
  10. There seems to be this frequently touted figure, that "after compulsory desexing was brought in in the ACT, there was a 47% reduction in dog attacks". Can anyone please link me: *What legislation was brought in in this time frame? (I assume it was more than just compulsory desexing, but other legislation alongside.) and *The reports that indicate that there was a 47% reduction in attacks? I have Googled but not found.
  11. Anyone is welcome to come to my house and meet my dogs, including any rescue dogs in care. :) My number is easily accessible if anyone would like to talk to me or visit me.
  12. I have taken on about 50 dogs from pounds and less-than-desirable places around Australia. The only thing my dogs have 'got' is fleas. (I've since perfected my methods for bringing in flea-ball dogs and so far, no cross-transmission.) My dogs don't get along with all dogs, so dogs that don't get along are not mixed together. I don't let fights happen. The idea that rescue dogs are diseased and aggressive is unpleasant too. I recognise my ideas are 'wrong' now and I have unrealistic expectations on breeders. I have accepted that breeders are not the people I thought they were, and it seems I'm in a minority when it comes to the obligations of breeders. I can understand all the excuses that breeders come up with so they don't have to assist rescue (and they don't have to assist rescue - they're breeders). I don't know what else I can say. What do you want me to say? What would make you happy with the conclusion of this discussion?
  13. I don't know about other rescues, but for mine, the biggest problem I have is finding a place to put the dog until they get adopted. If I don't have a place to put the dog, I can't take the dog. For all those saying, "I can help in other ways" - unless that help is paying for boarding, you're pretty much no help to me. But as a breeder, you don't have to help, so it's all good.
  14. Haredown Whippets, how many rescue dogs have you been able to get assistance from the breeder (or a breeder of their breed) for? You said "[m]any breeders assist dogs of their own breeding", but I haven't found one yet. You must've had a much better success rate in rescue.
  15. For interests sake, the recent scenarios that have happened in South Australia with purebred (and pedigree) dogs coming into rescue, none of the breeds presented have been Staffordshire Bull Terriers or another wildly popular breed. I guess because I've always been willing to take in dogs of my breed (and crossbreeds that look mildly similar), I assumed other breeders were the same. This thread as taught me that my assumptions were folly - I should expect nothing of breeders when it comes to rescue. I understand that now.
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