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  1. Gnarla's Story

    Bazza is the only one without a home to go to when they are old enough to be desexed. Trooper had a meet and greet today and was chosen to be part of a local family. Bazza is waiting patiently. CHeck out the Narrandera pound thread as we now have yet another dog from the same delinquent owner that had Narla - Shees! Wish I could stop him owning any dogs but rumour is that he now has a boerbul! OMG people. Wonder if its a girl too??? If someone can help Glamour the staghound cross that would be wonderful!
  2. Gnarla's Story

    Three pups have definite homes now. Koda, Brock and Ned, and trooper has a meet and greet this weekend. So happy. They are growing quickly and will be really nice dogs.
  3. Gnarla's Story

    Good news everyone Narla has a home and left yesterday, I won't say where but its a really good home. I cried and cried! But so happy!!
  4. Gnarla's Story

    Thank you so much - great encouragement from this. 3 pups now have tentative adoption so will look to move them on quickly. You are very right about neglecting animals also reflected in other things. rental homes for example. Apparently rumours also that hard drugs involved and mood/behavioural swings attributed directly to the use of artificial stimulants - Surprise Surprise! She has broken up with partner again!!! Third time since I seized the dogs. Without him she probably won't do anything, and he knows I would come after him if one went missing. I know them and they know me, and where I live. Small town! Just lucky hubby is on week 2 of 9 weeks holiday so there is always someone home most days and some pups will be gone before he has to go back to work.
  5. Gnarla's Story

    Pet rescue site is safe - they wouldn't know to look there but certainly thinking about taking them off facebook
  6. Gnarla's Story

    That is EXACTLY what they think.
  7. Gnarla's Story

    Yes that was her. I have deleted post and banned her from the site, bloody hell I have done all I can for these babies and she has done nothing and now thinks we should give them back to her. It was her sister that surrendered them all to the pound when she abandoned them. BTW the police here are useless - esp if complaint about indigenous persons. Sorry but it is true. Had one assault me physically and they didn't even return my calls and actively discouraged me from pressing charges. (pls don;t want to get into a debate about racial differences - just stating a fact). I will give it a go but unless they actually do come onto my land or one pup goes missing. police will not get involved.
  8. Gnarla's Story

    Thanks huntrox hopefully we can spread them around - only one pup with adoption at this point, but its the grey and the most likely one to be stolen - my poor Brocky. I am thinking of getting the new family to take him and bring back for desexing at our vets, as they are only 100kms away! What do you think? Still leaves the others vunerable though.
  9. Gnarla's Story

    Hi again everyone. Narla is still doing really well and is about 37kgs now!! the pups are 9 weeks old today and all "fighting" fit lol. I just thought you might be interested in a message I received via RADAR's facebook page last night "cheryl is there any chance i could get narla back her one of her pups i had no choice but 2 leave that house and didnt no narla was in such a bad way its just not fair" Hhhhmmm. So I sent her my number and invited her to call. I told her how dire the situation actually was and how much caring for her had set us back so far - I probably actually released a bit of a tirade re Narla's condition - whoops - I was about to tell her that even if she paid the adoption fees she would not likely be getting any of them back but I happened to mention that now that she had identified herself I will have a name to give the RSPCA, and she actually hung up and didn't call back. Of course her number cam up "private" on my phone. My problem is that now that I have been identified, I am in fear that a her or the boyfriend (BTW it seems they are back together) might attempt to steal back Narla or one of the pups and I am not real happy. I wish I could send them out of town for a while. Also when my son put up this lovely pic of Koda here are some of the comments from another of the owner's friends... "Shae Zxxxx Yeah that's tru I'm just sayin no dogs deserves to be desexed that's like takin a mans balls off him it's nasty but yeah in sayin that its sumthin that they have to do I just don't agree with it ild pay $400 or even more for him If he wasnt desexed I just dont believe that any animal should have there genitals taken!! He is absolutely beautiful tho" Brain dead moron should be a recognised condition.....
  10. 2 Mini Foxies X

    Saffron on the Hill have a facebook page if that helps.
  11. So sorry honeybun. You did your best and it was not meant to be. Big hugs and thanks for your efforts for these babies.
  12. Gnarla's Story

    Well the time has finally come....Narla is looking for her forever home. She has done her motherly duty and is no longer interested in her pups. Her milk is drying up and she is gaining weight and condition by the day. I am so proud of her but can't keep her on my small block if I want to continue to help needy animals. If you know of someone looking for this size and type of loyal companion please let me know. She would be best where there are no small dogs or cats - although she has never been deliberatly viscious, she has snapped at some of my other foster dogs and when she connects she does do damage. Of course there are four beautiful pups also looking for their forever homes too but they will have to stay until they can be neutered at 12 weeks. One puppy, Brock already has a home to go to in Wagga Wagga when he is ready :-)
  13. Gnarla's Story

    Thank you so much. I am just a dog (animal) lover who cannot stand to see animals mistreated. No more special than any one of the wonderful rescue heros that I have encountered in rescue all over Oz!
  14. Gnarla's Story

    What - no brindle Pailin :D Thank you. Yes Narla has lovely soft eyes. She deserves a loving home.
  15. Gnarla's Story

    Thank you so very very much for all your kind words and donations. I have already began to take expressions of interest for the pups and vet has said they are such big boys that they can be neutered from about 10 weeks. Which is probably just as well as by then I won't have much grass or yard left. Their vaccinations and health checks all went very well today - even though I had to carry them out to the car and into the vets one at a time = they are so big!! Koda weighs 7.5Kgs now and all the others are over 6 kgs each. The vet fell in love with Koda and wished he could adopt him so that's a pretty good recommendation!