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  1. Yeah - thought I'd covered that by explaining further: We didn't say we were out to make something uniquely Australian, which is what I think you're struggling with. We only said that there weren't a lot of fun - or funny - adoption videos from Australia; the best ones tend to originate from other countries. So here's a series that originates from Australia, yet can be accessible to people beyond this country, that maybe puts adoption in a very positive light and inspires people to not just adopt but maybe get rolling with their own promotions (because big productions are awesome for that polished look but homemade has its charms too).
  2. Oh, I didn't miss the point of your comment, I just wanted to point out that the videos aren't really about promoting the country Australia, but promoting adoptions. We're in Australia and we'll eventually be taking our camera around communities and getting people involved in them (and lots of different voiceovers with lots of different accents), and one of the things we wanted to do was link back to local pounds/groups around those specific areas. So the 'documentary series' is very Australian in that sense. These videos are just the first two, purely designed to bring a bit of fun in. Probably should've been clearer on that - just didn't expect people to get so hung-up on a voiceover. :laugh: And going off what you'd said previously, your video with your pet would have a Russian voiceover. So we can have the best of all worlds and the production can still be Australian.
  3. They're my dogs so, we did. ;) It's made in Australia, by an Australian advocacy group. I'm not Australian but I think that's also missing the point entirely. :)
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys, and I will definitely be calling on anyone who wants to do some voiceovers! :D
  5. Thanks heaps, guys. Working on a few more (and blackmailing a few people to do some voiceovers) and brainstorming some interviews. Appreciate the feedback and ideas. :D
  6. Passive Smoking Causes Cancer In Cats & Dogs

    Also surprised there needed to be a study on this but glad there was. I was a smoker of 14 years before I quit at the beginning of this year. Though, I never smoked inside (ever been in a smoker's house? God, it's awful) or around my pets or non-smokers. I was always the guy standing outside a pub having a cigarette before the laws even changed. It baffles me how people can smoke around non-smokers, kids, and pets. I'm not for banning smoking but I'm totally for keeping bad habits to yourself and not inflicting them on others.
  7. It's not intentional! I don't do voiceover work professionally, maybe I should have added. :laugh:
  8. Okay so, maybe mockumentary is the word. This is the first in a series of videos I'm doing for Team Dog, in the hopes of highlighting how fun and positive adoption is - as there seemed to be a real lack of adoption videos out there in Australia. Obviously we have a budget of exactly $0 so we're not going to be winning any awards but would love to know your thoughts. The second one is here (not yet uploaded to Youtube): Why Do You Think Your Family Adopted You?
  9. How Do You Decide?

    Then please do everyone a favour and don't ask again if you're just going to be dismissive of the response. It's uncalled for and just plain petty.
  10. How Do You Decide?

    I don't really understand this. Judging foster carers and bemoaning them for saving lives is in the eye of the beholder? Come on. There's a difference between having an opinion and using that opinion to pretty much bully people because they're not someone's idea of "ethical." I'm not saying that is happening right here in this thread but that absolutely happens in the 'rescue world.' A lot. No. Not so long ago I would have. I've moved beyond that though and understand that the only one responsible for the death of that mother dog is the pound that kills her. People don't have to rescue at all. I don't much care what their reasons for rescuing are - only that they are rescuing and hopefully doing it well. Other than that, it's none of my business.
  11. How Do You Decide?

    So much judgment in "ethical" rescue. Save what you can, when you can. No animal is more or less deserving of a save. It can be old, young, blind, or a purebred worth a million bucks. If it needs to be saved, and you have saved it, feel good - and don't let anyone put you down for it. The more we judge rescues, foster carers, and adopters, the less rescues, foster carers, and adopters we'll have. But hey, gotta be "ethical," right?
  12. More On Zeus The Questionable Breed Dog

    And: This Article.
  13. More On Zeus The Questionable Breed Dog

    At no time should "But the dog should not have been wandering the streets" come as a reply to posts like this: Because then it's like you're justifying the Council somehow, even though I'm sure you're not. But that's how rebuttals read.
  14. Ruby Needs Your Help

    I hope they were happy tears! After making people cry with the first video I did, I really felt an obligation to make a 'happy' video. And then about a thousand people are saying how much they're crying again! :laugh: