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  1. Dap Collars, Thunder Shirts

    I find the Thundershirt really effective for my Aussie boy. He isn't badly thunder phobic but would shake really badly, whine and drool a lot. He still shakes a little with the Thundershirt but his recovery time is much, much quicker now. I've used the DAP spray in the past on advice from a Behaviourist we were seeing for my Dobe girl, Astrid. It worked really well to calm her. Unfortunately her issues turned out to have a physical source so it wasn't the solution to our problem, but it did help.
  2. Dog Growling In Sleep

    The only time I've ever heard my Aussie Shepherd growl is in his sleep! He has a low, quite menacing growl which can be pretty interesting to wake up to in the middle of the night. He also groans, whimpers, wuffs, snores and snorts. Some nights I have my hubby, my Dobie and my Aussie all snoring away :p
  3. Routine Vs Non-Routine

    Shiftwork house here too, with frequently changing shifts as well, usually week about. The dogs adapt really well, for them it's just normal life :)
  4. Dobermann Thread

    ^^^^ Poor boy, hope he finds a good home! Miss Siren is still growing, 23 weeks now and is turning out to be an amazing dog. We are really thrilled with her :)
  5. Dobermann Thread

    I think she may actually be a Dobermann x Magic Beanstalk :p
  6. Dobermann Thread

    JDC, Indie is gorgeous :) and looks very happy with her little mate! DobieMum, yes, they grow up so fast! Sometimes I look at Siren when she gets up in the morning and I swear she's an inch taller then when I put her to bed :p
  7. Aussie Pics

    He's great with her :) if anything he's a bit too tolerant! Her main hobby is chewing his head and he rarely tells her off, just stares at me forlornly until I take her away. He will engage her in play with stuffed toys for tug until she gets too bitey :p He's pretty experienced with puppies though. He used to play really well with our last Dobe, I can't wait until Siren is big enough for some body slamming and rougher outdoor play.
  8. Dobermann Thread

    Siren's first outing to the beach yesterday, she and Dragon had a great time :)
  9. Aussie Pics

    My gorgeous man, Dragon at the beach yesterday. It was our Dobe puppy, Siren's first trip to the beach. They both had a great time :)
  10. Dobermann Thread

    JDC, Indie is gorgeous :) would love to see more pics! Siren is 13 weeks old now and still growing like crazy.
  11. Dobermann Thread

    Miss Siren, growing like a weed!
  12. Finicky Eater - Created Or Born?

    Definitely try this, it saved my sanity when my Dobe, Astrid was young. She was always a finicky eater, and all the usual tricks did not work and it was always a cause of stress here. She only really started eating well when we got our Aussie, Dragon. She wasn't unwell, just not that interested in food. We now have a 9 and a half week old Dobe puppy and she eats like crazy.
  13. Dobermann Thread

    Yes she is :) . Her name is Siren I love them too, don't think I could ever be without one!
  14. Dobermann Thread

    I know this thread isn't really active but I thought I would post a pic of my gorgeous new girl. :D 9 weeks old
  15. My Aussie is the same. He's not a barker in any other situation, he's fairly quiet and laid back, but at agility he just goes nuts :p for him it's excitement. We are working on it pretty much as Nekhbet says