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  1. Hi everyone thank you so much for the compliments about Merlin and the advice! I took it straight back to the store yesterday. :)
  2. I bought a Furminator a few days ago for my Aussie (almost 12 months) but now I've been reading reviews that it cuts/damages the coat so I am reluctant to use it. Has anyone had any experience with the furminator? I'm wondering whether I should just go and take it back and get an undercoat rake instead... Here is Merlin at 11 months. :) :D
  3. I know Merlin drove me CRAZY the first few nights. :laugh: I put his favourite toy in there with a nice warm towel and blanket and now he goes in there willingly (most of the time anyway) :D What a great idea, I think Merlin will need something like that soon because he sure won't fit in this one for long.
  4. I wouldn't suggest keeping a puppy that age outside just yet. You are worried that he will pee on the floor, I'm guessing that is why you want to put him outside? I suggest crate training your puppy. :) Crate training a puppy teaches them to hold their bladder longer (puppies do not like peeing where they are sleeping/lying down) and is used as a place for them to feel safe. My Australian Shepherd cried the first few nights we had him, it drove me crazy but he eventually got used of his crate and now he loves it, he even goes in there by himself now :) Crate training is also great because you can put them in there if you cannot watch them (No more than a few hours!) and they feel safe. Merlin is 10 weeks old and goes to the toilet at around midnight and wakes up at 6:30am, just a week ago he had to be let out every 4 hours. So yes... Definitely do some reading about this. :)
  5. Oh what a gorgeous little man! :) I know how it feels to wait for a puppy, we just got ours 2 weeks ago and it felt like forever for him to come home. :D :laugh:
  6. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here. Since then we have got a new member to our family! Here he is, Merlin our 10 week Australian Shepherd. :) It's been a while since I've had a puppy and trained one for that matter, and back then we only had the one dog. He already knows how to sit. How long would you say it takes for a puppy to know his name? He still does not respond to his name and want to know some ways that I can teach it to him. I also want to teach him to come when called, inside he's ok sometimes but of course outside has more distractions so he pays no attention to me, only if I have one of his toys. This probably sounds stupid, but what can I expect him to learn at 10 weeks? :) I think I might be expecting too much. I'd appreciate any advice on teaching him his name, how to pay attention, come when called and what kind of training I should be doing with him at this age.. I'm wondering whether or not to clicker train him. I clicker trained Indi when she was a puppy so maybe I'll see how he goes. So excited for this little man! Thank you everyone!
  7. She wants a purebred GSD pup for free? I'd give her very long odds of finding one from any source. Yup I've told her that.. Yet she continues to look on sites like Gumtree and Trading Post. Which I'm trying to deter her from.
  8. Hi guys! I haven't been on here for a while. I just want a bit of advice. My friend recently lost her GSD x of 14 years last week and she's already mentioning about how she wants another GSD soon. The thing is.. she is only looking at ones that are going for FREE or really cheap. Because apparently her dad won't pay for one. She's not like me... not dog savvy at all, and doesn't really know about backyard breeders vs real breeders (only what I've told her). Is there something I can say to steer her away from only looking at the free ads? I've told her that she shouldn't get a puppy just because it is free or cheap. Any advice on what I should tell her? Should I maybe tell her to look into rescuing a GSD? (She's determined on this breed only.. ._.)
  9. Cheers for the headsup. I'll be watching.
  10. Awww! He's so cute. Gotta love that spotted tongue and ears.
  11. We're lucky here, I've never seen ONE single cat in my street! I reckon do what other people have suggested... squirt it with a hose or a water gun when ever you see it and it will soon associate coming into your yard with being blasted by water.
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