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  1. I am not sure what you should do but I know I would never give up either of my dogs ever- even to my OH if we broke up. I make it clear while we are together they are our dogs but if we ever broke up they would be mine. Because they are mine. I am the one that wanted them and pushed for them and organised everything for them. At first he had nothing to do with them but have since warmed to them and now comes on every walk and wants to take them to the vet every time something is not quite right! Is it possible to have some sort of shared living arrangment? Like he can have every other weekend or something?
  2. So so so cute! happy belated birthday cherry!
  3. When we are eating dinner we always share a good portion of our dinner with the doglets :-P Luda eats our offerings like a vacume before almost before it even leaves our plate lol. Banjie is so annoying he takes food so slowly and carefully and he is a real snob to most things. Sometimes he takes a peice of food and then just drops it and continues begging for more of the thing that wasn't good enough for him lol There is this small hole in the backyard that Luda has dug and she is always putting things in there- her toys, rubbish she finds, sticks, and bits of food haha. She doesnt cover it or anything. Its like she dug it just to have a spot to put her things :-P
  4. I didn't know what to really answer for the second one because I got both of my dogs as adults. So I didn't exactly wait lol Yes though my dogs get alot of bones. I have taken 'dog roll' out of their diet and they now only get good quality kibble and raw bones and meat like chicken wings, Chicken necks the occasional chicken breast, steaks etc (any meat on special really). Plus the occasional tin of tuna and sardines and eggs.
  5. At the shops yesterday I thought I might get the dogs a nice treat of some lamb ribs. Get home give them one each. Banjie's one was kind of like 2 stuck together- 1 really long one. We are sitting outside with them but not exactly watching them closly. We notice a last piece going down Luda's mounth and think its strange that she eate it so quickly! Look over to banjie and we is slowly eating his like a snake! Not even chewing it! its all going down together! He starts to kind of cough with half of it still haning out his mouth so I have aheart attack and run over and try and get him to spit it out. I end up slowly pulling the whole thing back out of this throat! He didn't even chew it or break it apart or anything! he has just swallowing the whole thing in 1 piece! Needless to say it was chucked out and they wont be getting anymore lamb ribs! Now I just hope the one Luda inhaled is going to pass ok The actually rib was quite soft so hopefully it will be ok. Silly doglets and silly mum for not watching more carefully!
  6. Thanks Raz for sticking up for someone who was being ganged up on and treated like she was slowly starving her dog to death or something. JC some of this is just about the silliest ranting I have ever come across on this forum.
  7. You started the thread - you got the answers. Not sure why you dont like it. Maybe it's because just about everyone told you that you were at fault with the jogger. You were. Sorry if you dont like that - you were at fault. How did you go with the report to Council? Its a good question. How DO you know if your dog is 100% unless you test it? Please answer I would like to know. If your dog attacks another dog or person (sorry...behaves like a brat) you train the thing until you have effective control before you let it loose in another dog park. Pretty simple really. This 'gee it was a once off and then I took him to to the park again' idea is not bloody on. Train your bloody dog if you want it offlead. eta sorry that last bit was not directed at you, jaza. No worries lol I would never dare to let mine offleash anywhere but my own yard so I dont need to worry anyway.
  8. Early morning or late afternoon/night at a quiet off-leash time SA beach seems like a pretty good time to practice I would have thought. As I read it the jogger starting yelling and abusing OP before the dog acted like that. So before she dares so the beach again should she set up a controlled environment where a person runs past yelling at her?
  9. You started the thread - you got the answers. Not sure why you dont like it. Maybe it's because just about everyone told you that you were at fault with the jogger. You were. Sorry if you dont like that - you were at fault. How did you go with the report to Council? Its a good question. How DO you know if your dog is 100% unless you test it? Please answer I would like to know.
  10. Luda eats so much grass! As soon as she gets let out in the morning she is off munching grass. Its quite funny because Banjo stands beside her and appears to want some of what she is having and tastes it and the look of disgust on his face makes me laugh everytime. I think it goes straight through her though cause there is always tons in her poop.
  11. Luda (the whippet) would prefer a big meaty bone over most things in life. Banjo (the muttly) would prefer a walk over most things if life :-P They are both very different. Luda is completely food motivated where Banjie doesn’t care much for food- absolutely loves his toys and walks though.
  12. Agree with the others with the jogger- I would not be happy at all. Mostly I am wondering if you were at an off lead beach? Some dogs are just barkers and dont like other dogs coming for them. Mine is one of them. He would have acted the exact same if he was at the beach and another dog was coming towards him. In fact I would have yelled at the dog and/or you to get away from me and my dog. And I would have come on here and had a whinge about it. Of course I make much better efforts to stop his barking. There is no reason why I should not be allowed at ON LEAD beaches with my DA dog being a bit vocal. Also I thought a big no-no was food at dog parks? Disgusting though about the horrible women and the dog crap
  13. When I chucked Banjie an apple I DID NOT think he would eat it, let alone love it! he ate almost the whole thing 'Nom Nom Nom... delicious!' 'ill stick to my bone thanks' 'getting full' 'Getting sleepy' 'Ok im done '
  14. What about Semaphore beach? Lovely long beach. It is on lead though. When I take mine I just use a long leash and they swim in with me :-P
  15. If it were my dogs being attacked I would do everything in my power to stop the other dog. If there was something around like a huge stick then I would beat the dog with all my might. I would kick. Poke it eyes out. ANYTHING really to save my dogs.
  16. Banjo used to always sleep next to me on the bed, often under the covers getting cuddled. When we brought Luda home that changed to the end of the bed. Lately since it has been hot he has been sleeping under the bed :-P He has never been a problem. Since Luda was toilet trained she has slept on the bed with us.... She is a bit more trouble however.... whenever one of us gets up to go to the toilet/ get a drink she has stolen our spot and she does not help out when we try to move her- she goes all floppy and heavy haha She gets under the covers and all is well until you wake up getting scratched and shoved because she has decided to have a bit of a leg stretch hahah I don't think they are anything to do with dominance problems or anything like that- I think she is just very opportunistic- always looking for warmth. I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course if they decide that don't want to sleep on the bed then I am ok with that. The pack thing is true :-P I love the feeling of all 4 of us sleeping together. I love my pack :-P
  17. Banjo is only about 2 years old max not old at all...
  18. My partner is still here That's a whole other story- but yeah I didn't think of that- maybe he can feel the tension in the air.
  19. Lately Banjo has seemed very depressed and sooky.... He has been walking around looking all sooky and hasn't wanted to play or hasn't been getting terribly excited about walks like he usually does. He is also following me around everywhere which is not like him. As I talk he is sitting on my feet. When I was on the couch he was right next to me basically on top of me. Usually he sleeps under the bed or at the end of the bed but the last week he has been right next to me If I am making dinner he will lie right on the floor next to me. He isn't showing any signs of being sick at all... Anybody know what it could be? He does seem to be barking more at sounds that never used to bother him like planes as well... Another thing I have noticed is when he and Luda play fight she is beating him every time- do you think that could make making him depressed? Or am I just looking into the whole thing to much? Can dogs even get depressed?
  20. If my neighbor hadn't of very nicely told me about Banjo barking we would never have been able to fix it. It also could have led to other not so nice neighbors going straight to the council. I say tell them nicely. I really appreciated it when I found out.
  21. Growing up a couple of dogs were byb and my heart dog Scooter a kelpie x was saved from a vet before being put down (some idiot had left a box of puppies on the vet doorstep). My mum bought herself a chi x pom from the petshop and he is the best little dog ever. He is getting on now- must be 15 or so. He has never been sick or had any problems and is still fit as a fiddle (although he doesnt chase the feral rabbits as much lol) Banjo was from the RSPCA- while I felt like I was rescuing a dog and wanted to do the right thing I learnt a lot from it. He came with many behavioral issues and as it was my 1st dog after leaving home it just wasn't enjoyable- everything I wanted in a dog- All my dreams of off leash parks, running along the beach, doggy day care were all out the window. I was stressed. I started to dislike him. I seriously considered taking him back. With a lot of training he has come good and now I wouldn’t give him up for the world and love him very, very much. For my next dog I started to look for rescues but through foster carers so I know more about them etc. I was very dismayed to be turned away a couple of times- obviously I wasn’t good enough- I think it might have had to do with me working full time. Was treated damn rude sometimes as well. So that left me with the registered breeder route..... And wow its the best thing I have ever done. Luda is healthy, has the best temperament. The breeder was an absolute joy to deal with. I doubt I will ever bother with rescue again unfortunately.
  22. Sorry, please tell me to "get off" if you think there might be something "wrong" with me...but I find that this cross a little hard to take. I have a Border Collie & I cant for the life of me imagine her being joined to a Chihauhua & I certainly can't imagine a male BC mating with a tiny little Ch. :p I certainly don't find the idea "cute" I meant the dog was cute (which it IS) Not the idea or thought of a chi and boder collie together! I am sure it could happen though. More likely a wider mix then just boder collie and chi though.
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