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  1. Little Luna's Lovely Portrait, Thankyou so much Harminee, I'll see you again little moon,
  2. Beautiful sending you some Gigi cuddles from across the country...
  3. Hi there Harminee, I've tried to make some sort of dedication to Luna myself, but just can't seem to get it right. She was from my first litter of kittens, born in my lap and slept on my neck for her whole 6 days... But like the moon, even when I can't see her for the daylight I know she's there waiting for me... If you could find some time to make a simple portrait of my Luna I would appreciate it forever... "The Passing of a Cloud, it Seems; A Fragment of the Stuff of Dreams... Frail Challenger of the Blaze of Noon, Wandering, Wonderful Morning Moon!" Luna 28/8/2010-3/9/2010.
  4. this is the kitty you made the garden for? very sad, awful way to go
  5. Oh Yeah!!! What a spunk indeed! Awesome awesome awesome :cry: He looks so happy, and a little more grown up Btw, have been slack with coat making, haven't even made any for anyone Kittens
  6. If it wasn't cats, they'd break in to backyards and steal dogs, or shoot cats through their runs... I know I'll get shouted down, but I live in a cat friendly street, one next door has three cats and the other has a new kitten... my outdoor cats and their's like to gather and watch the fish in next door's pond... all are desexed and vaccinated and microchipped. You can't stop accidents from occuring and sickos will be sickos... actually, when a friend of mine got burgled they took her indoor jack russell... still to this day haunts me.
  7. Name: Bethanie C Levarre-Waters Age (optional): 24 Location: Penrith, NSW Rescue Group: Have fostered for Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption, Shine, and have had help rehoming with ACDR, currently prefer privately fostering. Time in Rescue: 6 months Who can vouch for: I have met Ozsomerset, K9 , Lovemesideways, and sharnie69 in person. LMSW, Ozsomerset and Sharnie69 have been to my house on several occasions. I have had long chats and fostered for Laika (Beth Shine). I have used k9 's clause 16d. And have received generous donations from SAAM, Hollys Mummy, Lisa Ann, Sheilaheel02, and Ozd
  8. lol, you can tell I'm old and married, i was looking at the pups and didn't notice "him" until fran swooned! Hiya Jed, I'm only new to dol but I'm really glad you're doing better and I have been thinking of you and your animal friends... good luck!
  9. I'm so sorry Di, I just read about her in the HP thread and was so glad you were taking her out of there, am very sorry for your loss.
  10. I'm sorry it turned out to be so serious, I was just going to suggest my cat got really stressed out a while ago and didn't eat for a few days, only sort of looked at his food dish, then I took him to the vet and they put him on xanax because it makes them calm and hungry. Sometimes when an animal hasn't eaten for a couple of days they can then become too nauseas to eat. The xanax really helped, only needed it for a day or two and he started eating regularly again. Fingers crossed for this girl that she pulls through.
  11. How did this go? My keeshond chews his rear end like a nervous tick since being clipped there for surgery. Hope pup is in better condition now
  12. I saw a behaviourist for my dominant aggressive dachshund Bubbi. The behaviourist took his lead and almost instantly Bubbi went berserk biting squealing growling spitting and the behaviourist just kept tugging the lead and making Bubbi heel. Basically, the behaviourist let Bubbi get out all his aggression/frustration until he was calm. The dog can only stay in that state of mind for a time until he has to come back down again. So hopefully the behaviourist will pick out what is really causing the aggression/anxiety in your pooch and help him get it all out. The behaviourist will also work on y
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