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  1. Which kibble do you feed?

    My 15.5 year old Min Pin had a bout of pancreatitis last year, so she gets a sprinkle of Hills R/D with her cooked chicken breast (low in fat). My 6 month old Min Pin pup eats Taste of the Wild quite happily and a 6 kg bag lasts us forever
  2. How soon after neutering can i walk him?

    My six month old Min Pin girl got done last Friday and the vet said no exercise for 2 weeks so I have been wondering the same - she is super active and driving me INSANE despite training sessions, enrichment games, etc. She hasn't licked at her stitches at all either so I'm just going to bite the bullet and resume an on-leash, medium-paced walking schedule...
  3. How Do You Deal With Growling?

    Growling at other dogs for getting in someone's personal space, being piggish in greeting, over the top play, etc, is all allowed here, mostly because Jag is so daft he never takes a hint :laugh: Same goes for when we're out. Carl and Mischa are well-adjusted, laid-back dogs, and they're allowed to react appropriately when another dog is being rude.
  4. Snake Season Is Here

    I saw track marks going across the sand on the bush walk trail I took my dogs on this morning, Have seen Browns up there before so turned and ran tail!
  5. Dental Treatment

    My 9yo(ish) terrier x just had a dental a week ago and I paid $320. His was just a scale and polish though, since he has had yearly-ish dentals since I got him. Mischa on the other hand is going to need fluids and pre-bloods so I'd expect to may more like $500
  6. My Experience With Male Vs Female

    Both our girls are like cats and want cuddles on their own terms, sometimes ask to come up for a lap sit and a scratch but mostly are independent and like to sleep a good distance away while I'm working at the desk or watching tv or whatever. Carl and Jag on the other hand are total velcro dogs and just thrive off being on/near people, doesn't matter what gender
  7. Chicken Drumsticks

    Carl and Jag eat them, way too big for the Min Pins, though. Takes them a few minutes each to eat so it doesn't do much in the way of their teeth, but neither of them scarfs it down :)
  8. What Time Do You Feed Your Dogs?

    7am and 6pm, or 12-13 hours apart if I'm having a late sleepin day
  9. The Cocker Spaniel Run

    Love that last one :laugh: Never met a cocker that wasn't this bouncy and happy!
  10. Do You Have Lots Of Girl Dogs?

    Two bitches here, both desexed. I agree with the comment that two terrier bitches together is TROUBLE! They are related as well. One is 11, the other is 9. The younger one is definitely the submissive one and the bottom of the pack but she likes to eyeball the older one and often is looking for a fight...if she is on the couch and Mischa walks by, she will give her a "look" and depending whether Misch feels like disciplining her, it's on! The boys are sookie la las and I would probably not have two female dogs together again, unless it was a totally different type of dog.
  11. What Is Your Areas 'trendy' Dog?

    Frenchies have exploded around here, and Bostons to an extent. Labs, GSDs, Border Collies and "English staffies" (no purebred Staffords in sight ) are everywhere too. The usual oodles as well, this is a big area of families.
  12. Crates

    With 4 dogs (and a deceased cat who ADORED the dog crates!), crates are sort of a necessity here! We have two, a soft and a hard crate. Only the soft is set up 24/7; the hard crate is usually only out during the summer. But the doors are always open on both, the dogs go in and out as they wish, and I use it during storms for the boys, who're both escape artists during storms. I find crates to be an excellent tool, esp for sick/rehabilitating dogs, but I wouldn't crate them for longer than maybe an hour or two (if it was desperate). Especially not during the day; e.g. 8 hours is way too long for any of mine to be locked up. At night is a different story. They have the option of the crates and they do sleep in them voluntarily, but the doors don't get shut. I would if I had a particularly destructive dog, though.
  13. Breed Choice Advice

    Some Bichon lines breed bigger dogs, our first bitch was around 10kg. Lovely soft dogs, but definitely need to be indoors with their family! And I wouldn't recommend them for someone who wants a clean dog; they get filthy easily. The coat is a b*tch to maintain! I've met two Lagotti. Both were lovely and friendly (to humans), but obviously very high energy and one of them was reactive to other dogs walking by - to the point he was screaming as if in physical pain. Almost hysterical! But both were young, like 6-8 months.
  14. Aggression Between Dogs In The Same Household

    Carl and Jag have had some very, very minor scraps while playing - Jag has a tendency to get over-aroused easily and gets a little too insistent; Carl generally airsnaps and it's over. :laugh: Otherwise they get on fantastically. Mischa (older) and Cleo (younger) are both desexed bitches, and cousins. They tend to have scraps that are just a lot of noise, no blood or wounds yet (11 and 9 years). But it always starts over something dumb, like one walking past while the other is on the couch. Cleo (underdog) tends to start it, too, and Mischa (alpha) generally ignores her but she is in her grumpy old lady stage :laugh: Our old Bichon bitch, Jessie (RIP) nailed Mischa as a pup. I discovered it a few days later as a big flap of skin that was healing over on the back of her neck!
  15. Do Your Dogs Like Eye Contact?

    Carl seeks it, but only with me. Anyone else who tries he tends to shy away from. Jag *requires* it, the needy little bugger... and Mischa doesn't like it :laugh: