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  1. Bitey Face Game

    Got love a good game of bitey face! Even the cat gets in on bitey face at our house :laugh: They have it down to a fine art
  2. Someone Sold Me A Pitbull Not A Cocker Spaniel

    To you yes, to a lot of people who only ever hear about them no. I came across sooooo many people who wouldn't have had a clue when I was working in a shelter. Not to mention the huge amount of people who think anything with bull in the name is a pit bull. I once had a man around the corner tell me how vicous and uncontrollable pitbulls are as his off lead chihuahua ran up to my amstaff Juno. He didn't even bat an eyelid at Juno as his Chihuahua said g'day and Juno did a little play bow. The dogs he was talking about were massive mutts of unknown heritage that didn't look a bloody thing like a pitbull. If anything I'd say they had mastiff and shepherd in them. This is just one example of the many I have that say to me most people know jack about dog breeds. To people who are interested in dogs bull breeds have a distinctive look but to average Joe a 'pitbull' could be anything.
  3. Hey

    Welcome Sevensoda. I'm guessing you're a Seinfeld fan :laugh: A guy I know has a small white fluffy named Soda :laugh: You're 2 are very cute :)
  4. To The Pit Bulls!

    Koala the Bear: Lovely picture and video! If I had a girl like Delta I dare say I'd spend my days lost in her eyes! Her and Ruby look like such perfect pitty princesses Robbi: Abslutely love that pic of your 2! What a gorgeous friendship TheCheekyMonster: That video is adorable! How cute are both your 2!
  5. Dog Bites On Tv

    Aidan surely you are just saying this to get a bite....pardon the pun. Nope. Your dog, your responsibility. Assume everyone else in the world knows less about your dog than you do, unless you have a very good reason to trust them. To do anything else is naive, and could cost your dog's life. Obviously people can still do things that are beyond your control or responsibility, but this is not the case here. When I first started driving my pop told me to assume everyone else on the road is an idiot and to watch them. Most people don't know how to read dogs, what seems common sense to us really isn't. She looked like a well meaning dog lover to me, an uneducated one, but obviously a dog lover the way she wasn't showing breed bias to a dogo. To an anxious dog these are the worst type of people to be around! The owner never should have put the dog in that position. I feel sorry for everyone involved in this story and hope it doesn't end in poor Max getting put down.
  6. Planet Dog Products

    I love all the planet dog products I've bought but the girls love them even more. We've got quite the collection now I bought one of their balls for Stella the American bull dog last Christmas and apart from the countries being pulled off, the ball is still going strong and is still her favourite toy. I've know these balls to stand up to the jaws of an american bulldog, a couple of staffords and an amstaff. My amstaff didn't really used to play ball but is now completely obsessed with her woof ball I got her for christmas. Definitely worth the money.
  7. Funniest Dog Pictures

    Thanks Aussie3 :D
  8. Funniest Dog Pictures

    Awesome thread! Lots of good belly laughs in here! Zola and Juno Spats egging Juno on for a game of bitey face Spats and his mousey Little bat dog, big bat dog
  9. I'm speechless at just how stubborn and prejudice this town is. I feel so sorry for the family and poor snickers. Absolutely disgusting
  10. Do You Like My Hat!?

    Love it! She does look a lot happier than last years!Love your smile Z! :D
  11. Pack Pictures.

    I'm feeling the love in this thread! All sleeping on the couch with OH.(He hates photos so to make him happy I cut his head out) Zola the Stafford 11 yrs Juno the Amstaff 16 months and Spats our rescue kitty who has been with us for 4 months now!
  12. Cesar Millan On South Park

    LOL I wouldn't be able to take him seriously either! One of my favourite episodes is when Cartman becomes a Nascar driver. I laughed for days Oooo I don't know if I've seen that one! I'll have to find it this weekend!
  13. Cesar Millan On South Park

    LOOOOOOOVE South Park! This episode is a pissa! "I'm not being aggressive I'm being dom-in-ate' I saw this episode a couple of years before I ever saw an episode of the dog whisperer so I can't take him seriously This episode is from season 10. Funny season :D
  14. Can Anyone Help?

    This is a great site for positive pitbull stories http://stubbydog.org/
  15. Aggressive Guide Dog

    That sounds like trouble waiting to happen. Maybe email the guide dogs to enquire? So many things could go wrong in that situations!