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  1. Well there is a happy ending to this story... and you can view it here:
  2. Pet Sitters In The Illawarra

    Try contacting Krissy from no poo for you ... google the website. She not only removes droppings from your yard but offers pet sitting and other services for people who need it in the Illawarra. I highly reccomend her.
  3. Which rescue group are you fostering for? They should have procedures and policies to follow, surely? All sorted...
  4. Just wanted to share this gorgeous boy! He is settling in really well. He was a little standoffish at first but has slowly revealed his personality. He has turned into the biggest smooch and wants to be right by your side. It was so hard to get a photo of him as he wouldn't move away from me. He seems a very settled and calm boy so far which is very surprising and not at all what I expected. We have a GSP of our own (foster failure) who had us run off our feet when we first took him in so we were expecting the same with this guy especially after being confined for 2 weeks. He is only 3 but I would of guessed a lot older as he hasn't been looked after. He is very skinny, large pressure sores on elbows and hips and his coat is patchy and in poor condition. He coped very well with his much needed Malaseb bath and I can't wait to get some meat on his bones.
  5. I believe they voted to work with government approved rescue groups and are now in the process of implementing this. DCH have been very pleased to be involved in discussions with them and we hope to work with them in the future. After many years of negativity towards rescue (whether approached nicely or not) this is a wonderful step forward and I hope that we can make a real difference there. How fantastic is that!! I really hope this has a massive impact on the statistics.
  6. Campbelltown pound considers rescuers BY ALEXANDRA PLEFFER 14 Dec, 2011 01:00 AM RUSE kitten Carter must be counting his lucky stars. Living Treasures Animal Rescue saved Carter and his siblings from Renbury animal shelter the day before they were due to be destroyed. Now the Campbelltown-based rescue group is hoping the council will let it find other stray animals a loving home. Campbelltown Council was expected to vote last night on whether its animal pound will work with government-approved rescue groups. "To have seen Carter and his siblings sitting at the bottom of the cage frightened, not knowing what was going on and then to see him now with his little collar and his bell, running around — it doesn't get better than that," said the Living Treasures founder, who did not wish to be named. "I would be first in line to help the council out." Living Treasures saves cats from Blacktown, Hawkesbury and Renbury pounds but is flat-out in the lead-up to Christmas. "Between me and all my foster carers at the moment we have just over 60 kittens in our care and each one has to be desexed and vaccinated before they leave," she said. "The more cats I can put into foster care, the more cats I can take from the pounds." She said she often had trouble finding homes for older cats or those with feline immunodeficiency virus. "All cats grow up and with an adult cat you won't get a poo in the corner of your room like with a kitten — they're pretty much all worked out," she said. "And the two most sensational cats in my care are FIV positive and I can't get anybody to take even a second look at them. "But they would make perfect indoor pets. "They all deserve really loving homes, but instead they're dying every day." The council was also expected to vote last night on a proposed six-month trial period in which all male dogs sold at the pound would be desexed, upgrading the pound section of the council's website and making changes to the exercise yard and cat enclosures. Information about adopting indoor cats from Living Treasures: 0430 009 455. Campbelltown pound adoptions: 4628 3044. I found this from local newspaper. I suspect that the desexing got approved but not the part where they will work with government approved rescue groups? Does anyone know the outcome of this and their reason?
  7. So sad I am so sorry for your loss, she sounds like an amazing girl. What a wonderful time you shared. Its so great there are people out there like you and Leah. You do amazing work. I hope you feel better soon. RIP beautiful Tammy.
  8. These figures are disgusting! I know at the very least they have started selling all dogs desexed. It used to be optional . I drive past the pound every Monday and Thursday in the middle of the day for work. I would be happy to take photos and get some info on the dogs and run a thread but I suppose someone has already tried that? Does anyone know if you need permission to do that...I suppose thats what other groups are working towards. They may not work with rescue but some groups may be able to adopt direct from the pound or be able to direct potential adopters. I really don't understand this maddness...if private rescue is working and reducing the kill rate why not use it...
  9. German Shorthaired Pointer

    We have bought our first GSP. We purchased him 4 weeks ago from the pound. I had no intentions of buying him at first and thought someone would for sure adopt him but a week later and looking very stressed and rather thin he was still there so I adopted him. I thought we would look after him until we could find him a home but my husband has fallen in LOVE with him. He is 2 years desexed, super affectionate and super exuberant at times. My questions....I have a few... He gets about an hour jog every morning and we would love to be able to take him to the dog park and let him off lead so he could run but we've tried it twice now and he runs away or should I say bolts away (silly I know but he sits, drops, stays and walks well most of the time so thought it was worth a shot). He is also not that good at retrieving a ball - he has done it a few times - but not anything enough to run off some steam. I guess I feel I need him to be able to do the above so I can exercise him without exercising myself, Is it to late to expect him to learn this? He is easily distracted will he settle with time and training? Is there any methods that seem to work best with this breed? any suggestions...
  10. Samoyed Barking Problem

    I have a sam which likes to bark. I would suggest taking his mind off being left outside. Use kongs, and other pet toys which can be stuffed with really yummy treats to redirect the barking and anxiety and put his mind into something more productive. Exercise like running beside a bike for at least 30 minutes before work also does wonders.