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  1. I read this too ~ amazing! Actually, an amazing dog and an amazing trainer.
  2. I only just became aware of this thread. A lot of the posters assume the alternative to the pup living in the apartment is being forgotten about in the back yard. This is simply not true. How do I know? Because I am the OP and the breeder that made this decision. Let me break my decision making down for you. It is not simply that the couple lives in an apartment. The apartment building also happens to be a high rise building in Melbourne CBD (Docklands). Although the building itself is adjacent to parkland, it is relatively small and bounded by relatively busy road traffic. Pointers need time of leash. Absolutely. The couple in question both work full time, one travels overseas for work at times and they also own a Jack Russell who lives in the apartment. I could not confidently say that one of my dogs, living in this environment would get the development, exercise and freedom that I feel it needs. Like many of you have commented, I am the breeder and at the end of the day it is my decision to make based on personal values, knowledge, interviews with interested buyers and gut feel. Still, I toiled with this decision. This is why I wrote my original post. That is why I came here to rely on the knowledge and wisdom of those people who came here in the first place for the same reason as I did – a love of my dogs. That is why I called and spoke to other breeders. That is why I spoke with friends who live in apartments, researched the net, went and saw my vet and kept my dogs inside for two days as an experiment. All things told, after; (i) Such an overwhelming support for my original decision (no), (ii) Seeing my neurotic dogs crave the outside where they can guiltlessly relieve themselves anywhere they choose, have a bark at someone passing by, have a sniff or chase a bird. (iii) Knowing the off leash needs of Pointers and the couples proclamation to me there is a park where they would achieve this outside their building – I have already given a dog to a family whose dog was run over and killed by a car….. (iv) Having such an overwhelming demand for dogs from family homes, homes with Pointers, homes with acreage – I was in a position to question less attractive homes. Do not think for one moment that I allowed any of my dogs go to a home simply because of land size. Every single person who showed interest in one of my pups had to demonstrate to me a level of care and emotional intelligence relating to dog owenrship. I am a Pointer owner and I am proud of it. I have bred some beautiful dogs and I a proud of that. The world cannot have enough Pointers! I have made some difficult decisions along the way. I am thankful that the care and effort and consideration I have put into breeding and selecting homes for MY dogs has paid off. I am eternally grateful that the feedback I receive from owners of my pups reflects this, as do their actions by weekly communiqués including emails, phone calls and photos – as a breeder I am privileged to have brought happiness to peoples lives through dogs in general and Pointers specifically. Some of you may have ‘successfully’ kept gun dogs in an apartment. Well good on you, maybe your definition of success and a happy dog and mine are different. All my dogs have gone to wonderful homes and it is because of the love and care I have put into the selection process I can confidently say this. Thank you all for commenting on this issue. We all have different opinions and this is one of the things that make our world interesting. The dog may have had a decent life but in the end I made a judgment call with all of the information at my disposal. Dog ownership is a big responsibility that comes with huge rewards. I stand by my decision and whilst I feel for the couple, I make no apologies. Dogs, bringing people together.
  3. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/lifestyle/the-...6-1225984101102 Worth a read!
  4. Wow! indeed. Thanks so much for taking the time to read, contemplate, vote and reply. You've offered some very compelling considerations both ways. However, there are so many risks and "what ifs" attached to placing a dog with these guys. Like all of you I love my dogs (probably too much!). As I read Rottsup's comments about the Labrador ("get me out of here, I just want to be out side in the fresh air and with the people") my own boy started some neurotic behavior because he hadn’t yet been on a walk today (he has now, a long one!). As Marinapoint says, what about the off lead areas? I work nearby where these guys live and there is no way they could achieve it daily. My dogs like lounging around and snooze with the best of them, but they have the opportunity to chase a bird or a fly or poo without guilt behind some bush and snoop and bark at the people passing the front and back gates. All in between snoozes of course! I guiltily admit I miss days walking my dogs. I get sick. I get stuck at work. But I know in the back of my mind that on the occasions this happens they’ve at least had a run in the yard, pooing and barking and snooping! If I was in an apartment I wouldn’t have this luxury. Even if I saw where they live it wouldn't matter, and the buildings do have restrictions. It's not about them, it is about the dog. Maybe they can move to a suitable property with a yard, and then I would be happy to help them find a new puppy. I think they are very genuine - and I do feel for them - but the potential for a very unhappy dog is all too great for mine. It really is a shame because they would love the dog no doubt, but given the responses here, my gut feeling and all advice received I have become even more resolute. I will help them any way I can, now or in the future but to (once again) quote thank you, “no way”. I can’t do it. It makes me sad. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys, I have eight beautiful pointer pups, four weeks old. Five have selected (!) new owners and I am confident the three remaining will find new homes in the coming weeks due to the level of interest. I have a problem though. I had a query from a lovely Colombian couple living in an apartment in Melbourne. I met them but after consulting the web, my vet, other breeders, dog owners and apartment dwellers I informed them that I couldn't abide one of my dogs living in an apartment all day, unstimulated and potentially going crazy. They are devastated and are urging me to reconsider. I still feel quite strongly about it, but thought this community could lend some advice........... Thanks guys. PS - THIS IS PART OF AN EMAIL I RECEIVED TONIGHT Please do not do this to us (Re: puppy)‏ Hi, Just wanted to ask you to reconsider your decision. We are devastated since yesterday when we received the bad news from you. I promise your dog will have the best life any other dog could have. You can come and visit when ever you want, we can take the dog to you when ever you want so you can see that he is progressing well , we can send you photos, etc. My wife works close to home so she would be able to come and check on the dogs and taking them for a walk, in fact we were thinking about that before you gave us the bad news. We'll put him on a puppy school. I understand your concerns, but once again, I can assure that the dog will be fine. i've read that dogs get use to their owners lifestyle. But no in a miserable way, they are happy dogs. Just like our Jack Russell, one of the most active breeds. At the beginning, he chew many things (cables, shoes, furniture, etc) but progressively, he got use to his lifestyle and now he spends most of the time between the leaving room, the balcony or our room sleeping or just chilling (not crying or barking desperately). As I told you before, He's got three walks a day where he runs and quite often play with other dogs, it's very friendly and sociable. I'm pretty sure him and Lucio (your puppy) will get along very well. Well this is just a note to tell you how much we want one of your dogs. I look forward to hearing form you (hopefully good news). Regards, UPDATE - For anyone that is interested this issue attracted significant interest at http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...mp;hl=apartment
  6. Obi & Rose had such a great time, we can't wait to go back, especially for a swim!
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