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  1. This just about made me cry! I'm soooo pleased to hear that she has perked him up so much! You wanted intelligence and outgoing... :P Hope it's ok to pop a couple of 6 month old photos of Nada in here so that people can see Hailey's sister - Nada is known as Naughty Nada, but I think she's the tame one in comparison to her sister!
  2. And by "cheeky little rat bag" you mean "perfect little angel", right? We only breed well behaved, angelic pups *cough* *splutter*
  3. We've had a recent litter of 9 pups and 6 of them have been flown interstate - they all cope pretty well (I'm sure they cope better than I do - worried grandma, all the time!). With the crate, you would normally have the option of a hire crate or outright purchase of the crate when the travel is organised - but it will depend on who is organising the transport and through which company. If you want to purchase a crate to keep and your breeder is arranging the transport, then make sure that they know to organise transport with a purchase crate instead of a hire crate. If you are going with the hire crate option, then you will remove your puppy and any toy/bedding that belongs to him from the crate and leave the crate at the freight location where you pickup the pup - you won't take it with you at all Location will depend on who is flying the pup - Virgin or Qantas - each will have their own freight depots at the airport where you will pickup the pup. Once the flight lands, the pup will be unloaded with the rest of the cargo and then delivered over to the appropriate freight depot for collection by you Yes, when your puppy is home along and in his pen, setup a toilet area in the pen for him - if he's used to pee pads, then I would (at least initially) stick to doing the same thing. He might not always get it right to start with, but if he's already trained to pee pads, then you should find that he will mostly toilet in his little pee pad toilet area that you make for him
  4. Allerzeit


    Oh no Teebs! I'm so, so sorry to hear this RIP Kaos, you will have many DOL friends waiting to greet you at the bridge, sweet girl xxx
  5. Pain about the c-section, but great that all is well! :D
  6. Now's there's a prefix from the past for me I knew Deborah back in the late 80's and 90's when we were both still living in SA and sharing the showring Fingers crossed for a lovely smooth whelping for you! It will be nice to share the thread with another sleep deprived breeder :P :D
  7. Never has a truer word been spoken! :D
  8. Right on time! 9 rottweiler pups born 1/4/18 (Foolish Easter Puppies!!) - 7 boys and 2 girls. Photos to follow when I find where I left my brain
  9. Count us in! Rottweiler litter due 1st April (yes, April fools day!) - she's looking well and truly in whelp, so expecting a good sized litter
  10. So sorry to hear this, T Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts Trouble's way xxx
  11. Oh no I'm so sorry Deb RIP gorgeous girl! xxx
  12. A few photos The boys are huge - weighing in this morning at 650 grams (blue) and 740 grams (green)! How's everyone else and their babies doing?
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