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  1. Just updating and hoping someone might come up with a recommendation?
  2. Further research - it CAN be done Please see this website http://www.mungos.org/search?s=pets&go.x=0&go.y=0 and in particular this comment: 57 of St Mungo's 98 hostels or housing projects allow residents to live with their pets. In 2009, around three per cent of the charity's residents had dogs which represents about 40 people.
  3. Dear All - thank you so much for your responses - all spot on observations of this awful situation. To 'carlins' mum' - have a look at this website for elderly homeless in Melbourne - http://www.wintringham.org.au/ - maybe someone in your state may be inspired to replicate. Ams - there is no way in the world she will consider foster care - or a shelter Yes - the public housing situation is in a shambles and will be a long time before it's sorted - I doubt this lady is ever going to qualify and therefore needs to find an alternative. Yesterday I had a long talk to "M" and was able to put together a story for a homeless support service who focus on people like "M". So fingers crossed - however - they emphasised that the dog narrowed the choices dramatically. Why is this so? - did anyone see this story - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/homeless...1220-192hr.html and particularly the quote: "He’s my whole life ... I used to be addicted to drugs. Ever since I’ve had this dog, he keeps me not on drugs." In the meantime I will continue to support "M" as best I can whenever I can find her.
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone knows of shelters or accommodation for homeless people in Melbourne where they can also take their pets? I've googled and also spoken to a couple of homeless services but no luck - does anyone know of any accommodation for homeless people where they can also take their pet?
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