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  1. Sydney Pet Expo 8/9 Feb

    Yes, was poorly advertised and not as busy as previous years however I found it much easier with the kids to get around and properly meet all the breeds as well as practice my photography : )
  2. I grew up in Marsfield, my mum who still lives there uses a mobile vet who is very good and reasonably priced. I can get details if u like? As for puppy school we went to Ku Ring Gai Vet on bobbin head rd North turrramuura which not far from Nth Ryde. They were good.
  3. Dog Then Cat Or

    one strike of the claw from from our cat to Zoe when she was a pup was enough to show who was boss. I think if it was the other way round a kitten dealing with a new home and a highly active young dog would have been highly stressful and would spend most of its time hiding and avoiding any place the dog was. doesnt mean it cant be done just my experience : )
  4. Canon 1100d

    good value and does its job.
  5. Flickr What The Hell?

    I had lots of probs a week ago with McAfee with all sorts of messgages and sometimes not letting me on internet at all ( was a known prob with McAfee site adviser)so uninstalled and reinstalled, now all good.
  6. Good Dog Beach To Visit In Sydney

    Agree I always say " the crazies don't get up early " I tend to do this no matter what park I go to.
  7. Good Dog Beach To Visit In Sydney

    Bayview is the best :) but like others have mentioned you need to go mid week to really enjoy, summertime on weekend can be manic. Nice dog friendly cafe couple of hundred mtrs away to right of the boat ramp.
  8. Why Would A Dog

    A few weeks ago had delivery of garden soil to top up the garden beds. The mix consisted of nice big chucks of horse manure. Zoe went nuts trying to scoff them down. Had to get out the pick and break them up into the soil so she would leave it alone. I probably should of learnt my lesson from a few years back when I spread "rooster booster" on the lawn and she made herself ill hoovering it up.
  9. Inside Dogs And Geographical Location

    A bit of both, but never inside alone. Too much temptation for a lab to get up to mischief.
  10. Imac Rival?

    yeh that makes sense, I just thought there might be like different plugins and such for lightroom and photoshop mac users only
  11. Imac Rival?

    That looks really nice , looking to upgrade to an all in one type for space reasons. I am curious? for those that have an imac what is it about an Imac thats better for editing if you are using lightroom or photoshop? or is it more the case that if you want to use mac software like iphoto for your editing because its much better? As far as know lightroom is the same on mac or pc or isnt it?
  12. Snow Day Photos

    Love pictures of dogs in the snow! Looks like its somewhere on the beautiful south island of new zealand.
  13. Nikon People

    I dont think Nikon will admit any issues ( if there are ) best to borrow or hire one to make up your own mind.
  14. Nikon People

    I guess having huge white lenses has a lot to do with getting noticed, but at this particular event they were all Canon. A lot of them probably had the 1D rather than the 5D though. ;) The 5D II is renowned for its below average auto focus system. Well there you go, I learnt something new today, had a look at some of my F1 mags and snook is correct most are using 1D Mark IV. Camera is $5k a pop , chump change I suppose when photographing a sport that can cost a team $200 million a year just to run!