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  1. Yes, it does. The same collar for both tests and the run. No swapping of collars or harnesses. M
  2. All five Victorian ET's have their schedules available for viewing on the "Endurance Test ANKC" Facebook site. Happy entering!
  3. Hi, most ET's are open to all breeds. You are more than welcome to enter with an Aussie Shepherd. Requirements are that the dog is registered with the VCA, and you and any handler are a member of the VCA. Make direct contact with the club for entry details or see the schedule on the Facebook "Endurance Test ANKC" group site.
  4. Oh dear! LOL. It's at Springers. Yours truly has been invited to judge! :)
  5. An update on ET's happening this year... Victoria: 30/5/15 Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria 06/06/15 Rottweiler Club of Victoria 20/06/15 German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria 12/07/15 American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria 15/08/15 American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria NSW: 12/07/15 Grafton Dog Club 09/08/15 Dogs NSW Please send through details if you know of any more (Australia wide). Club Secretaries are welcome to publish their Club's ET schedules and details on the "ENDURANCE TEST ANKC" Facebook page. Facebook search "Endurance Test ANKC" to find it and join
  6. Great to hear! There is an Endurance Test group on Facebook now which is gaining momentum. Facebook search "Endurance Test ANKC" to find it and join. Also, delighted to announce that the Rottweiler Club of Victoria is hosting their first ET in June, and have invited me to judge! M
  7. So if I'm doing ET next Sunday is it ok for me to do the vet check during the week next week? E+H we must be doing the same one? Laidely? Although I'm not doing it with my girl my OH is lol Yes it is. The vet check must be within the two weeks prior to the date of the test. Do Not overtrain. Rest your dog for the two days prior to the test. Good luck, M
  8. Fantastic news! Congratulations! Next ET is the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria on August 2. Good luck to all entered. M
  9. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are OK to do the test. Enjoy the day! M
  10. No, I don't think that at all! :) I understand exactly what you are saying. I guess it is just part of the vetting process and unfortunately the rules state that a bitch in season cannot compete. Very true about the public. One aspect of which we have no control. M
  11. ET's are not different. It is just that the vetting process is an ongoing process during the event, not like obedience where it is a once off check prior to participating. i felt terrible having to disqualify that entrant, but I have to follow the rules. What would happen if the bitch in season DID distract another dog that consequently failed? It's a tough call. That entrant, and another that was disqualified due to her dog's pad becoming torn and bleeding both showed true sportsmanship in accepting my decision/ruling and both stayed to the end to see the successful entrants be awarded.
  12. They did appear to enjoy themselves. And they did work so well for you. Well done! M
  13. Good luck to all entered in the GSDCV ET next Saturday. Weather says "Melbourne area. Areas of morning fog about the outer suburbs. A partly cloudy day. Winds north to northwesterly and light increasing to 20 to 30 km/h during the day." Partly cloudy. Max 16. Looks promising. It will be great day. M
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